1483 Kill-Stealing

    A few hours later, the 5th Fleet was ready to depart at any time. Due to fears of Aurelia not being able to serve, Jiang Fei asked her to stay on the flagship's vessel bridge and give orders in his name, while he boarded Meteor.

    At this time, 0541 had already calculated the destination of the fleet of players.

    "Captain, they are advancing towards the T02 Asteroid Belt. There's a pirate base called the Giant Starshark there."

    Jiang Fei mentally scolded himself, "Son of a b*tch, just because I'm not available these days, this gang of players decided to farm their Experience Points!"

    Obviously, the players were once again on another leveling-up activity.

    "Captain, what shall we do? Do you want to kill them all?" asked 0541.

    Jiang Fei smiled. "What's the use of killing them? Fighting with them won't kill them completely, it'll just increase their Experience Points. What we have to do is take away their firewood from under the cauldron!"

    "What do you mean?" asked 0541, not understanding Jiang Fei's train of thought.

    Jiang Fei sent a signal to Aurelia. "Aurelia, order the fleet to make the jump immediately. Destination coordinates xxx, xxx, xxx!"

    "Okay, but what are you going to do at that pirate base?" Aurelia asked curiously.

    Although the pirate base was not small, using a fleet to encircle it would be overkill. That would simply be making a mountain out of a molehill, like using anti-aircraft guns to shoot down huge mosquitoes.

    "What else? Of course I'm going to suppress the bandits! I'm part of the Trade Federation military, it's my obligatory duty to clear the route of bandits."

    Jiang Fei spewed that nonsense without hesitation. It wasn't just Aurelia who didn't believe in that ridiculous excuse, not even Jiang Fei believed himself.

    Aurelia was puzzled. "Are there any rare minerals in that pirate base?"

    Due to not only this reason, there's a Star Guard already taking care of such a small pirate base. There's no way they could mobilize the right fleet. Besides, it's a whole fleet nevertheless!

    "I'll explain to you when I come back, let's go! By the way, tell the Logistics Transport Ship to carefully clean up the battlefield once the battle is over. Not a single screw can be left behind!" said Jiang Fei.

    The reason why Jiang Fei was being so active was because he wanted to interfere with the players' levelling-up activity. His idea was very simple: "Since I can't kill you completely, then why don't I just kill-steal?"

    "Looks like that pirate base really is precious" thought Aurelia.

    Because she didn't understand the nature of these mysterious intruders, it was impossible for her to figure out Jiang Fei's true objective. She could only judge based on the information she had, so she was convinced that her inner thoughts were right.

    Under Aurelia's adept command, the 5th Fleet quickly left the port and entered space-jump mode.

    Jiang Fei was so confident that he could kill-steal because the players' ships were too broken, and they did not possess the Long-Distance Jump ability. So, they were forced to constantly rely on their main engines in order to advance and slowly head to the pirate base.

    Jiang Fei directly jumped from his position and soon he reached the entrance of the pirate base. The 5th Fleet may be a mixed transport fleet, but using it to level a pirate base would still be a piece of cake.

    Once Jiang Fei slaughtered the pirates and then cleaned up the battlefield, the players' small, broken ships might not be able to arrive.

    While enjoying the convenience of space-jumping, Jiang Fei stood and spoke, "Heh heh, it seems that game companies are still sh*tty no matter what world they're from. Is the Golden Donkey really such a good thing to buy? We still need to walk in the early stage of the game!"
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