1485 The Last Madness

    The pirates were a group of thugs who relied on plundering merchant ships. Although they were cruel, their equipment was not so great. Their fleet was mostly composed of armed merchant ships. Occasionally, they would even get hold of several police ships if one or two could be obtained. For the pirates, a retired frigate was like a pie in the sky.

    So, while they may frighten the merchants, once they were faced with a regular army, the pirates would immediately lose their nerve.

    Under Aurelia's command, the 5th Fleet's Bombardier Class Corvettes fired a salvo, and a dozen of the pirate fleet's armed merchant ships were blown into smithereens.

    A little pirate captain shouted, "Boss, the enemy's firepower too strong, we can't charge through!"

    "Keep charging through!" replied Germoff, shouting even louder than the captain.


    Faced with their leader's tyrannical abuse, although the little pirates clearly knew that they were on a suicide mission, they still gritted their teeth and continued to charge forward.

    Germoff's eyes showed a hint of madness. "Move further! Move further, or I'll let all of you die together!"

    At this time, on the 5th Fleet's flagship, the adjutant was also reporting to Aurelia, "Ma'am, the pirates are still charging, something's not quite right!"

    Aurelia nodded. "Hmm, this band of pirates must have cooked up a scheme! Otherwise, there's no way they would take the initiative to die!"

    She had been in the army for many years, and had countless experience in bandit-suppressing. When facing a regular army, it was still possible for the pirates to escape under certain circumstances. And this initiative to charge often meant that the pirates were desperate!

    Pirates were terrible when they were desperate. Because they robbed merchant ships all year round, it was quite possible for them to get their hands on some horrifying stuff. Once they fought together, although defeating the regular army was impossible, the pirates could still cause them some serious losses.

    "Issue a general order to the fleet-shut down the main engine, activate the reverse thrusters, and move the fleet in reverse. Grizzly Bear Class Hypercruisers, attack with full firepower. Bombardier Class Corvettes, load the cluster warheads and fire at will!"

    Aurelia made this decision to prevent the pirates from closing the distance between them. Instead, she allowed the 5th Fleet to retreat, keeping their current distance from the pirates, and used the firepower of their warships to destroy the pirate fleet without taking any damage.

    With the order issued by Aurelia, the 5th Fleet began to slowly retreat. While retreating, they wildly fired countless missiles and depleted uranium bombs at the pirate fleet, instantly causing them huge losses.

    "Boss, those guys have started to retreat! We can't catch up with them!" reported the little pirate.

    If things went on like this, the enemy would kill them all before they were able to even touch a single hair on their heads.

    Germoff slammed his chair violently. "Damn! These guys are too cunning!"

    If he didn't close the gap between them, he would have absolutely no way to play his trump card. In this case, he wasn't even qualified to let his opponent bury him!

    Seeing that his own fleet was suffering heavy losses, and that the business he was struggling to manage was about to be destroyed, Germoff wanted nothing more than to cause extreme pain to the Trade Federation forces in front of him!

    But his pure hatred wouldn't do him any good. By order of Aurelia, Jiang Fei's fleet was consistently keeping a certain distance from the pirates. Meanwhile, their raging artillery fire was destroying the pirates' spaceships one by one. In just twenty minutes, the pirate fleet had shrunk to almost a third of its original size.

    "All charge at full speed!"

    "Order the other ships to block the front!"

    "Everyone, deactivate shields and divert all power to your engines!"

    "Let your engines operate in overload. I don't care what you do, you must catch up to those guys!"

    Because his fleet was being eroded so quickly, Germoff was incredibly anxious. It was now or never. If he did not risk his life now, in a few minutes, he would no longer even be able to do so!

    "Okay, boss! We will be your brothers in the next life!"

    "Brother, we'll go ahead first!"

    "Boss! You must make those bastards suffer for us!"

    The little pirates also knew that they would die today. So, they all desperately fought to allow Germoff's ship to withstand the Trade Federation's firepower, in order to give their boss a chance to play his trump card and kill those damn bastards.

    "Brothers, you go on first, I will catch up later! Rest assured that even if we all die today, we'll still make sure those jerks don't feel good either!" said Germoff.

    He clenched both his fists, with his fingertips piercing the palm of his hands. Fresh blood flowed, dripping from his hands, but he didn't care.

    With all the pirate spaceships giving up their shields and diverting all power to the engines, their speed increased dramatically, and they quickly closed the gap between them and the 5th Fleet.

    It was logical that the 5th Fleet was a regular army. Even if it was only a transport fleet, their spaceships were all genuine warships, and their speed was definitely not comparable to that of the pirates' armed merchant ships.

    But the problem was that the 5th Fleet was not sailing forward, they were actually reversing!

    Previously, in order to ensure their firepower advantage, Aurelia just let the fleet shut down the main engine. Then, they used both the counterforce of the cannon fire and the reverse thrusters on the front of the spacecrafts to provide momentum for reverse, so their speed was not too fast.

    Now, the pirates were risking their lives by coming after them.

    "Ma'am, what should we do? The pirates are approaching," asked the adjutant.

    Aurelia gave her orders calmly, "Strengthen our firepower! Destroy them all before they get close!"

    Now that it was too late to order the fleet to turn around, they could only eliminate the incoming threat by completely wiping out their opponent's forces.

    As the gap between the two fleets narrowed, and the 5th Fleet increased their firepower, the pirate spaceships that formed a blockade in front of Germoff's vehicle were destroyed one by one. Soon, he would truly be alone.

    "Closer! Move even closer! Brothers, wait a while for me. I'm coming to accompany you all!"

    There was a look of madness on Germoff's face as he suddenly placed his bloody palms on a red button.

    "Come on, you bastards! Come and bury my brothers!"


    Once he pressed the button, a wave of energy radiated out. Then, a small hatch on his ship opened, and a cube with a diameter of about 100 meters was thrown out.

    Clack... clack...

    Several mechanical fasteners moved and the cube opened, allowing an oval sphere with a diameter of 40 to 50 meters to roll out.

    Jiang Fei also saw the ellipsoid through a porthole. "What's that?"

    "Haha! You're all gonna die!" said Germoff, laughing loudly just before the 5th Fleet crushed both him and his vehicle into slag.
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