1486 The Egg of an Ultralisk

    "What is that thing?" wondered Jiang Fei.

    The pirate fleet may have been completely destroyed, but Jiang Fei had still seen that ellipsoid. His heart was suddenly filled with a strong feeling of uneasiness.

    Without thinking twice, he sent a message, "Aurelia, order the fleet to retreat at full speed!"

    "Okay! Fei, I've already given your orders," said Aurelia, replying immediately after she received his message.

    In fact, Jiang Fei didn't even need to warn her at all. With her super strength, Aurelia's perception of danger was not as weak as Jiang Fei's.

    It was too late for the 5th Fleet's main spacecraft to turn around. With all of it's reverse thrusters activated, it used its reverse power to retreat as fast as possible, because no one knew what would happen next.

    Suddenly, the navigator who had been watching the ellipsoidal object shouted out, "That thing moved!"

    With a subtle sound, the ellipsoid cracked open slightly, creating a gap. It was like some kind of egg that was hatching!

    "Oh sh*t!" shouted Aurelia.

    Jiang Fei heard her exclamation through the communicator. "What's wrong?"

    "That's the egg of an Ultralisk and it's starting to hatch!"

    Aurelia could no longer stay calm, there was panic written all over her face. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei's eyes lit up at her revelation.

    "A hatching Ultralisk?!"

    It was just a baby. If his master Theon was present, he might tame it as another super pet. However, Jiang Fei obviously did not have this ability. Although he also possessed a fused Core of Will, his ability was the 10th Dimension, not Mind Control. So, even if this Ultralisk was just a baby, Jiang Fei couldn't control it.

    And anyway, it would be way better to slaughter it. Ultralisks were valuable, amongst other things. The Ultralisk flesh Jiang Fei obtained previously had caused the strength of his soldiers and girls to skyrocket. He was excited by the prospect of obtaining another one.

    "Fei, stop dreaming. Ultralisks have a telepathic bond with their eggs. The metal box it was in was used to suppress this kind of induction. Now that the box is open and the connection has been restored, the Ultralisk that birthed this egg will soon come all the way here!"

    Aurelia's words splashed over Jiang Fei like a pot of cold water, snapping him out of his fantasies.

    "Motherf*ckers! I knew those pirates weren't so kind. No way they would give me a gift right before they died! It turned out to be a bomb!"

    Even though this was the best opportunity for Jiang Fei to hunt this Ultralisk, there was no telling when the little guy's mother might show up. Jiang Fei had seen Galactic Specters' warp speed for himself. If they didn't leave now, there would be nowhere to run once the Ultralisk arrived.

    Aurelia issued an order, "Turn the fleet around, get ready to warp!"

    She couldn't care less about cleaning up the battlefield right now. From the start, she was unaware of Jiang Fei's true purpose here, of preventing the players from levelling up. And now, it was a matter of life or death. Even if she had known about the players, Aurelia probably wouldn't have cared that much.

    Just then, Jiang Fei stopped Aurelia from issuing an evacuation order, "Wait!"

    "Fei! If we don't get outta here now, it'll be too late! I admit that you're strong, but we're talking about an Ultralisk!"

    Aurelia was feeling anxious. Although Jiang Fei was her prince charming, he was not his master, Theon. In the face of an Ultralisk, Jiang Fei was not even qualified to resist. Moreover, Ultralisks could not judge situations as well as intelligent life. They wouldn't care about who was going against them. To these Ultralisks with low IQ, it wouldn't matter even if one's father was the Creator.

    And this time, it was a female Ultralisk that was coming, a mother no less. Animals had a natural instinct to protect their cubs, and would face any threat to them head-on. Once the mother Ultralisk arrived, she wouldn't rest until she killed the entire sector, not leaving even a single fragment behind.

    "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up later!" Jiang Fei said reluctantly.

    He couldn't just underestimate that group of players. God knew whether or not they had any means of subduing this Ultralisk cub. After all, this was their game, and it was quite possible to have VIP players. If they were to subdue and quickly train a baby Ultralisk, there would be no future for Jiang Fei to live in.

    Of course, Aurelia wasn't comfortable with leaving Jiang Fei alone. "But..."

    "Relax. Even in the face of an adult Ultralisk, I can guarantee my safety!" said Jiang Fei confidently.

    "Very well then. Be careful."

    Upon seeing Jing Fei's firm attitude, Aurelia no longer dissuaded him. Although she knew this would be very dangerous for him, the ice queen told herself that if she tried to stay with him, she would just be putting him at more risk.


    Jiang Fei left the meteorite in his luxury shuttle, and Aurelia started leading the fleet to begin the warp. She would lead them directly back to Turandot.

    "Since you're all gone, I have to get to work now!" said Jiang Fei.

    He knew that time was running out, the Ultralisk could arrive at any moment. The fact that she hadn't arrived yet only meant that she had a great distance to cross, otherwise the mother Ultralisk would be here by now.

    While driving his shuttle over to the Ultralisk egg, Jiang Fei thought of the pirate leader, pitying him from the bottom of his heart. Although his desperate counterattack had been well planned, fate had something else in mind. Who would have thought that the mother of this egg would be so far away from the Domini System?

    Germoff assumed that as soon as the suppression box was opened, the mother Ultralisk would immediately rush back and completely destroy Jiang Fei's fleet. But as a pirate leader, had he even seen an Ultralisk before?

    He thought that Ultralisks could freely teleport wherever they wanted without being affected by the restrictions of time and space, but this was not the case. Otherwise, Jiang Fei's master would have been able to convey to the whole universe that he was even more important and powerful than the VIP players.

    Half a minute later, Jiang Fei arrived near the Ultralisk egg. Coming out of his shuttle, he flew towards it and touched his palm to the shell of the egg.

    "Come on, you're mine now!"


    A silver light flashed in Jiang Fei's eyes. The next second, the egg disappeared.

    "What the f*ck?!"

    Jiang Fei felt weakened, and his face had turned extremely pale.

    "Damn, its power is so strong even before hatching!"

    Jiang Fei could feel that more than two thirds of the energy within the Core of Will had been consumed. This was already the same amount of power it took for him to drag that more-than-a-thousand-kilometers-long Codename Braveheart type battleship into the 10th Dimension in the first place.
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