1487 Players Coming Unexpectedly


    As soon as Jiang Fei put the Ultralisk egg away, a mournful roar could be heard in a distant system. An Ultralisk nearly the size of the moon was risking her life and rushing towards the Domini System.

    Needless to say, this colossal Ultralisk was the mother of that egg. All this time, she had been heartbroken by the loss of her egg. But today, she suddenly regained contact with her child, and not only was it alive, it was also hatching soon!

    This news made the mother Ultralisk extremely excited. She wished to appear by her child's side immediately, but unfortunately, the galaxy she resided in was too far away from the Domini System. Even at her amazing speed, it would still take her more than an hour to arrive.

    More than an hour's time sounded very short, but to a mother who lost her child, it felt even longer than millions of years. But this long journey was not her ultimate torment. After she resumed contact with her child for a mere ten minutes, their connection was cut off again!

    After all, Jiang Fei's 10th Dimension was completely separate from the current universe, and it could be tighter than any suppression box. So, at the moment Jiang Fei put away the egg, the connection with its mother was cut off too.

    In an instant, the mother Ultralisk went berserk. She wildly increased her speed and immediately rushed to the place where her child last appeared. Her warp speed itself was already extremely fast, but her speed was even more amazing.

    For example, it would take Theon's Ultralisk at least a day and a half to cross the distance between the galaxy the mother Ultralisk resided in and the Domini System, but she did it in only slightly more than an hour.

    Between the two, the winner was obvious. They were both Ultralisks, but the difference in their strength was like heaven and earth.

    Just like how Ultralisks that could survive in space with combat levels of higher than 5 million were similarly known as Star Beasts, the Star Beasts with combat levels of more than 20 million were all called Ultralisks. But could an Ultralisk with 20 million combat level be compared to those with combat levels of 30 or even 40 million?

    At this time, the mother Ultralisk could be considered as the best among the Ultralisks. Forget about Theon's Galactic Specter, even two of them combined would not be able to defeat this mother Ultralisk charging towards Jiang Fei.

    "Done! Gotta skedaddle!" said Jiang Fei.

    He was very clear about the situation he was in. Using the advantage of the 10th Dimension to take away the giant, unhatched egg was one thing, but facing its mother was another thing altogether. Jiang Fei didn't like doing things that he was unsure of, and he never liked risking his own life. Therefore, he chose to run away right now.

    Returning to the shuttle he previously threw aside, he buckled up the hatch and immediately started the ignition.

    "Captain, where are we going?" asked 0541.

    "Warp immediately and return to Turandot," ordered Jiang Fei.

    "Then should we just leave the pirates' remains here?"

    "It's too late now. We don't know when that raging Ultralisk will come. We better hurry and get out of this land of dispute!"

    Although the players had been prevented from becoming stronger, there were still questions about the life and death of the universe. But the problem was, if Jiang Fei died, then why would the universe's existence still be his business?

    Without talking nonsense either, 0541 immediately controlled the shuttle to enter warp mode. "Okay Captain, I'm ready to warp!"

    Soon, the shuttle that adjusted its direction turned off the main engine at its tail, and began to charge the phase engine. As a super first-class Morroas Mobile One-Man Shuttle, it usually took less than a second to charge for the same galaxy warp.

    But today, something strange happened. As if the energy link was blocked, the shuttle's phase engine couldn't be charged to full!

    "Oh sh*t! Captain, there's warp interference!" 0541 shouted.

    Although there was no detection equipment on this luxury shuttle, it was impossible for its engine to fail on its own, even under the circumstances of limited usage. The only explanation was that someone had released Warp Disruptor Equipment in this sector!

    Jiang Fei reacted in an instant. "Son of a b*tch! Those players are here!"

    It had to be the players who came to kill-steal. In order to prevent the pirates from escaping, they probably threw out Warp Disruptor Equipment before attacking.

    "0541, calculate. How long will it take for us to enter warp status?"

    Jiang Fei forced himself to calm down. Right now, the more flustered he was, the easier it would be to make mistakes. And the cost of mistakes was often linked to death.

    After calculating, 0541 replied, "At least four hours!"

    Jiang Fei slammed the armrests around him. "Son of a b*tch!"

    That raging mother Ultralisk aside, in four hours, even those players would have already turned his powerless shuttle into scrap metal!

    "Captain, what shall we do? Since they have put down the Warp Blocker, we'll soon appear on their radar," said 0541.

    Rubbing his chin, Jiang Fei calmed down. "Let's find a place to hide first. It's not easy to hide a fleet in the middle of nowhere, and finding a living person in the vast universe is much more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack!"

    Although he was surprised by the players' early arrival, their threat to him was extremely limited. At most, only his course reversal time would be delayed. After all, as he said, it was really difficult to find a less-than-two-meter-tall human being in a vast universe, in which distance was always calculated using light-seconds.

    After gathering his wits, Jiang Fei found an unremarkable asteroid about fifteen light-seconds away from the location of the pirate base, with a diameter of only about two kilometers. Since he was about to hide, naturally, Jiang Fei was unable to keep his shuttle anymore. After all, it was full of electronic devices which would all too easily be discovered by the players' radars.

    Putting away the shuttle, Jiang Fei settled into a crater on the asteroid. He sat in it and started to close his eyes to recuperate. Once the players had enough of killing, he would be able to go home.

    Jiang Fei concealed his body, and the fleet of players finally entered the sector where the pirate base was located.

    "Huh? Home come there are shipwrecks everywhere?"

    "And sporadic flashes of light as well. From the looks of it, the battle here probably just ended a while ago."

    "Bullsh*t! We're not gonna get attacked, are we?"

    "Hurry up and charge! I'm determined to get that Ultralisk egg," said the one who was obviously the leader of this group of players.

    If Jiang Fei could hear their conversation, he would be extremely thankful, since it turned out they were actually after the Ultralisk egg. Defeating the pirates and levelling up was never their main objective.
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