1488 Breaching the Base

    After receiving their leader's command, the players' fleet suddenly accelerated and charged toward the pirate base. And Jiang Fei took it easy while hiding in a distant asteroid, watching the hustle and bustle.

    Buzz buzz...

    Boom boom boom...

    When the players' spacecrafts approached the pirate base, it immediately attacked them. Yes, the entire pirate fleet had been destroyed by the 5th Fleet, but in their haste to escape, they didn't have the time to demolish the defensive facilities on the pirate base.

    "President, Brother Three's ship has been bombarded!"

    The leader of the players shouted his reply, "Leave him be, keep attacking! We'll let Brother Three pick up a free ship from the system later. As for the artillery, thrusters, and other equipment, I'll set them aside for him from the guild bank when I get back!"

    The players of the Gamma Dimension had an unparalleled advantage over NPCs like Jiang Fei. The most prominent one was that they could not die. Once killed, they would just be respawned in this so-called game, only losing some equipment.

    As Jiang Fei knew exactly what advantages these players had, he didn't fight against them. Because no matter how he fought, neither winning nor losing would do him any good, and the players would suffer no losses.

    What he needed to do now was to just wait and see what happened next. On the basis of ensuring his own safety, he added some chaos to the players. His main purpose was to find opportunities to jump out of this game. Only when they were on an equal playing field would Jiang Fei be able to defeat his opponents. Until then, it was better for him to keep a low profile.

    This time, the players had some updated equipment, and their combat levels were also equivalent to moderate-power pirates. The small, broken ships in their hands were no longer at the level of armed merchant ships. With their new Police Patrol Vessels, they could fight, and if encountered, they would instantly wipe out a regular army.

    Therefore, although there were not many Orbital Defensive Weapons at the pirate base, the players were fighting abnormally hard. Their ships were being destroyed, leaving the players to wait to be respawned.

    But though they were facing heavy casualties, the players were still happy, exactly like in a popular game that Jiang Fei had played before. When the first entered a game called 'The Mine of Death', five ignorant little guys were being brutally destroyed. But the fun of playing a game was in the Progression process.

    So, even though all the equipment they destroyed at the time became red, they were still very happy, especially when destroying the sub-equipment of a Boss. Not to mention, that kind of joy was incomparable to those fast-food games.

    Now, the players from the Gamma Dimension were also enjoying the fun of the 'Pirate Base' game's Progression stage. However, it never occurred to them that even though they were experiencing the hardships of Progression, Jiang Fei had omitted the segment of opening loot boxes for them.

    The Ultralisk egg was now lying quietly in Jiang Fei's 10th Dimension. The efforts of this group of players were destined to be useless. And not only that, the raging mother Ultralisk was on the way.

    The players were happily fighting against the defensive facilities of the pirate base, unaware that the mother Ultralisk was already getting close to the Domini System!

    This particular Ultralisk was no ordinary monster. Even if she was one of the most powerful Ultralisks, the fact that she was one in the first place meant that her IQ was already not high. And now, having lost her child again, she went mad in an instant. Her big yet not-so-bright brain told her that only by killing everything in front of her would she have a chance to save her child.

    So, the bloody eyes of the mother Ultralisk exuded a light that creeped people out. All the sectors she passed, be it a paradise of Ultralisks or an area of human activity, they all became barren, scorched lands with a sweep of the red light in her eyes!

    'Wherever Ultralisks pass, barren lands will follow'. This statement was proved to be true today. On the journey of this mother Ultralisk, no one knew just how many fleets attempting to ward her off were annihilated.



    With a loud noise, the last Photon Battery was destroyed, and the pirate base was finally disarmed.

    The leader of the players shouted excitedly, "Charge inside, search every nook and cranny! Be sure to find that Ultralisk egg!"

    "Rest assured, President!"

    "Damn right! President, just wait and the Ultralisk egg will be yours soon!"


    Even in higher dimensional spaces, there was no shortage of flatterers. The other young players flattered their leader as they entered the pirate base and began their search.

    At the next moment, sporadic gunshots and explosions were heard inside the pirate base. After all, even if the outer defense system was breached, the inside of the pirate base was not completely safe, and several rash players were wiped out. But this could not hinder the players' passion in searching the pirate base.

    "Hahaha, a DR3 Propulsion Engine! I can use this on my ship!"

    "Holy sh*t, a Falcon-Class Photon Cannon, awesome! I can finally stop using that Civil Gatling Pulse Cannon! That thing was way better for scratching itches than fighting warships!"


    As they searched the base, the players' cries of excitement could be heard from time to time. Although Jiang Fei had taken the Ultralisk egg, he didn't have enough time to completely destroy the pirate base. This allowed the players to still reap a lot of benefits.

    Jiang Fei lay in the crater, watching from afar and muttering to himself, "Sigh, I didn't expect these players to come this quickly..."

    "Captain, don't think about it anymore. There are so many unsatisfactory things in life. No way everything can always be smooth-sailing," said 0541, trying to console him.

    Jiang Fei smiled cheekily. "Oh, you can say such philosophical stuff, it seems like your degree of evolution is getting higher and higher."

    0541 had obviously breached those prohibitions from the start, but Jiang Fei knew that he had nothing to worry about.

    On Earth, Jiang Fei had been worried about the rebellion of the robots. That was because Akatziris and the others had criminal records, and Planet Namek had also experienced this. But now, Jiang Fei's combat level was already close to ten million, and when the Umbral version took over, he had more than ten million.

    Plus, he had a great god like Theon as his master. Even if the robots became self-aware and reached their peak via pure technological means, it was still impossible for them to stop Theon from destroying the entire fleet's existence with a wave of his hand.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had been with 0541 for so long. He knew 0541's character very well, and could firmly trust in the fact that even if 0541 evolved further, he had no intention of conquering the world.
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