1489 The Super Ultralisk

    Jiang Fei waited patiently in the crater. Once the group of players got the hell out of the pirate base, he would be able to go home. Meanwhile, the players were starting to get worried. They had searched almost the entire base but there was still no sign of the Ultralisk egg!

    President, the players' leader was anxious. "Keep searching! There's no way that the rare coordinates I spent so much money on in the game store could be fake!"

    He was a real VIP player, but even he had to top up his game credits too. Money was no object. But the problem was, if he spent money without getting better equipment and stronger pets, would he feel any better?

    After all, this rare pet egg was the only one in a few hundred thousand light years. In other words, before the players mastered Phase Warp technology, this was the one and only unique super pet.

    It was definitely the symbol of a tycoon, as well as the embodiment of one's reputation. That was the reason President spent that much money on just one thing. At least in this early stage of the game, he would have even more advantages than the other players.

    But now, his credits were spent without anything to show for it. The longer they went without finding the egg, the more rage filled his heart.

    "Motherf*cker! Keep searching! If it's nowhere to be found, then I'll sue the game company for fraud!"

    As per President's orders, the players carefully searched the pirate base. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei was oblivious to all this. Although his goggles were advanced, they only functioned as super binoculars, and didn't allow him to look into the base.

    As he lay waiting in the crater, bored out of his mind, he felt the surrounding space suddenly starting to wobble!

    Trembling with fear, Jiang Fei wondered, "Holy sh*t! What's going on? Is space collapsing?"

    The collapsing of space wasn't a fun incident at all. No matter how strong or invulnerable one was, one still had to survive within space. Once it collapsed, even the most powerful person could break into fragments within it!


    The surrounding space shook violently again, shocking Jiang Fei even more.

    At the same time, in the pirate base, a player quickly ran over to President in a panic. "President, bad news! The Warp Suppressor we placed on the periphery of the sector was shattered by powerful spatial energies! The Phase Blocker is also almost done for!"

    "What's going on?!"

    Obviously, President didn't know what had transpired either. Back at the meteorite, a terrified Jiang Fei held his breath and burrowed even deeper into the crater to hide, not even daring to lift his head.


    "Son of a b*tch! What the f*ck is this?"

    Just after the second wave of space vibrations ended, a wormhole opened, crushing the Warp Suppressor set in place by the players. Not long after, a huge monster flew out of the wormhole. Although Jiang Fei had seen Ultralisks before, and even hitched a ride on the one Theon tamed, compared to this monster in front of him, the others were like underage chicks!

    When it first emerged through the wormhole, it was quite far away from Jiang Fei, which allowed him to see the whole creature. It looked more like a scorpion, but it's back was full of sharp steel bone spurs. The monster watched the flickering blue lights from afar.

    "Holy motherf*cker..."

    What amazed Jiang Fei was not the ferocious build of this Ultralisk, but its enormous bulk which stretched more than 3,000 kilometers. Not to mention, the arm span of its two giant pincers that also exceeded 2,000 kilometers!

    Unbidden, a grim thought rose in Jiang Fei's mind. "Whoever meets this thing will perish... not even a hundred fleets can stop it!"

    Braveheart may be more than 1,000 kilometers wide but it was not a warship. It was merely a colonial exploration ship which was built so huge in order to load instruments and carry civilians. If anything, it was more like a mobile city.

    Unlike warships, most ships required maneuverability, speed, and flexibility, so their bulk must not be too large. Otherwise people wouldn't be able to aim during battles or deflect attacks with ease!

    Similarly, a lot of countries on Earth could build 300,000 tons of oil tankers, but a country that could build 100,000 tons of aircraft carriers was another thing.

    Watching this Super Ultralisk enter his field of vision, Jiang Fei was really scared. Although the Space Lock was removed, which meant he could warp away, he didn't dare take his shuttle out.

    At this time, he just lay in the crater, afraid to even enter the atmosphere in case he startled the Super Ultralisk. In the face of such a fearsome creature, Jiang Fei asked himself whether or not he had the ability to escape. Even if he used the 10th Dimension, he couldn't guarantee his survival. So, currently, the safest thing to do would be to stay in this crater and pray that the Super Ultralisk doesn't find him.

    A creepy red light appeared in the creature's eyes. It swept through an asteroid belt that not only contained small, fist-sized pieces of gravel, but also huge asteroids with diameters of more than 100 kilometers. As the red light swept across them, something that made Jiang Fei tremble in fear happened.

    That asteroid belt actually exploded into a mass of powder!

    "What the..."

    Jiang Fei didn't know what to say anymore. He could no longer estimate the strength of this Ultralisk. Even a Hidden One like Theon wouldn't be able to run away from a beast like this! After running down the asteroid belt, the Super Ultralisk did not stop. It headed straight for the last-known location of its child-the pirate base.

    Upon seeing that the Super Ultralisk was not approaching him, Jiang Fei relaxed. "Phew..."

    Fortunately, he had spotted this unassuming little meteorite to hide in. Had he actually hidden in that asteroid belt, then the consequences...

    This time, Jiang Fei had survived out of pure luck, as well as thanks to the not-so-bright brains of Ultralisks. Their subpar intelligence meant that it was easy for them to ignore small meteorites or asteroids, focusing only on the huge ones. Solitary ones like the one Jiang Fei was hiding in, with a diameter of only slightly more than 1,000 meters, were especially easy to overlook.

    It was difficult to attract the Super Ultralisk's attention, and compared to Jiang Fei's hiding spot, the pirate base was much more eye-catching. Therefore, the creature's attention was immediately drawn to it. As it flew past him towards the pirate base, Jiang Fei bravely began to observe the Super Ultralisk via his goggles.

    Giant Iron Scorpion

    Combat level: 50-90 million

    Note: Extremely dangerous, please escape immediately if encountered, good luck! If you encounter a female Giant Scorpion, then don't run. Just pray for yourself because escape is impossible...

    Jiang Fei didn't dare to spy on the Super Ultralisk 's true strength, because an Ultralisk of this kind of class had amazing combat instincts. By directly spying on it, Jiang Fei could easily be discovered. Therefore, he just looked for information on it in his goggles' database, based on its appearance. Even so, what he found was more than enough to leave Jiang Fei feeling astonished.
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