1491 The Ultralisk Blocking the Way


    The way-too-large Giant Iron Scorpion didn't manage to squeeze into the crack in space in time, but she did pierce it with the sharp tip of her giant pincer.


    Jiang Fei, who entered the Tenth Dimension, vomited blood on the spot. The size of what had managed to pierce the crack was absolutely miniscule. It was practically just like a hair on her pincer's tip.

    But let's not forget the sheer size of this Giant Iron Scorpion. A hair on her body was a lot thicker than even a pillar at the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City. Despite being caught in the crack of this indestructible space, it hadn't been pinched off!

    "Motherf*cker, this is where I'll die..."

    Blood spurting from his mouth, Jiang Fei tried his best to seal the entrance of the 10th Dimension, but to no avail. No matter what he tried, that tiny piece of the Giant Iron Scorpion that made it through could not be pinched off!

    Although the 10th Dimension was an extremely powerful space, Jiang Fei himself was not. The difference in strength between him and the mother Giant Iron Scorpion was just too great. His combat level was barely a fraction of the Ultralisk's, so how could they possibly be on the same level? Despite having a first-class skill like being able to call forth the 10th Dimension, Jiang Fei was still unable to do anything to this creature.

    Suddenly, a voice rang out, "Sigh, you're useless yet you still make a mess. In the end, I still have to cover your a*s!"

    The blood-spurting Jiang Fei started to change as a black fog swirled around his body.

    Umbral Jiang Fei sighed. "Sigh, I'm so lonely, there's not even a person here this time..."

    In the 10th Dimension, time had a tendency of becoming static, so electronic equipment like 0541 didn't work. Thus, Umbral Jiang Fei was completely alone, without even a single babbling person around him.

    He clicked his tongue. "Come on, this may not be a small incident, but it's not a life-or-death situation either."

    As a version of Jiang Fei himself, they shared a body. If Jiang Fei died, things would not turn out well for Umbral Jiang Fei either.

    As he prepared countermeasures, Umbral Jiang Fei kept muttering to himself and roasting Jiang Fei, "I really don't want to merge with scum like you but I don't have a choice. Who made you eh... I hope you can grow up after you merge with me, please don't make me look bad!"

    The more times Umbral Jiang Fei appeared, the quicker this evil substance would be depleted. His days of independence were growing fewer and fewer.


    After a brief preparation, he took the initiative to open up the 10th Dimension, because continuing to waste time wouldn't do him any good. Besides, if the Giant Iron Scorpion got even more pissed, it would violently tear down the whole space. And Jiang Fei would definitely die an ignominious death.


    The 10th Dimension disappeared, and Umbral Jiang Fei appeared in front of the Giant Iron Scorpion.

    "Holy sh*t, it sure is big enough!" he said.

    He clicked his tongue and faced the giant creature that was about the size of a moon. Even he felt a little stunned.


    The red light flashed in the mother Ultralisk's eyes, indicating that she was about to kill someone. After all, Umbral Jiang Fei had a combat level of about 15 million. Although his small size was negligible, his power was good enough to be considered as food for her. Besides, a prey of this level might threaten her child!

    Using his psychic power, Umbral Jiang Fei spoke directly to the Ultralisk, threatening, "Move me, and your child will die!"

    He may be stronger than Jiang Fei himself, but in the face of this Giant Iron Scorpion, even Theon's efforts would be a waste, just as Umbral Jiang Fei's would be. Right now, he could only rely on his brain.


    Almost as soon as Umbral Jiang Fei conveyed his message, the look on the Giant Iron Scorpion changed. Her murderous intent turned into concern and worry!

    Umbral Jiang Fei let out a breath. "Phew..."

    Upon witnessing the change in the Giant Iron Scorpion, he knew that his life would be spared. All mothers on Earth were the same. When it came to their children, there were none who would not worry. The Giant Iron Scorpion's IQ may not be high, but in terms of caring for her child, she was as strong as any mother.

    "Motherf*cker! Do you have any idea how much I paid in order to rescue your child? And you still wanna f*cking kill me! What the f*ck?! I must be an idiot!" yelled Umbral Jiang Fei, scolding the mother Ultralisk.

    Via his psychic powers, these messages were directly transmitted to her brain. Her intelligence may not be high, and she was unable to understand Umbral Jiang Fei's insulting words, but she still understood what he was trying to express. The person in front of her was claiming to have saved her child and had paid a lot to do so. Now, seeing that she wanted to kill him, he was incredibly angry.

    This insignificant human in front of her was flying into a rage and constantly roaring. As for the Giant Iron Scorpion, though she was famous for her brutality and still in her farrowing period, she now showed a gentle and apologetic look.

    Umbral Jiang Fei was still roaring, "I must be stupid for helping you save that egg!"

    Although there were many loopholes in his words, the Giant Iron Scorpion had no intelligence, as well as too much concern for her young cub. Therefore, she didn't even hear those loopholes, much less process them.

    Umbral Jiang Fei waved his hand and threw the Ultralisk egg out of the 10th Dimension. "Alright, consider myself a moron for doing something unnecessary!"

    Giving up the Ultralisk egg distressed Umbral Jiang Fei too. After all, this was a rare treasure that probably only came along once in ten thousand years. But no matter how precious an Ultralisk egg was, it was not worth trading his life for.

    And when it came to dealing with low-IQ Ultralisks, it was not a good idea to attempt a hostage negotiation. Because once these brutal creatures got angry, they would kill anyone standing in their way, no matter what!


    Upon leaving the 10th Dimension, the time seal on the Ultralisk egg was lifted, and it once again began to hatch.

    Patter... patter...

    Pieces of the eggshell peeled off, and soon, a little Giant Scorpion crawled out of it. Although this newborn was already more than 100 meters long, it really was negligibly small compared to its mother.

    Squeak squeak...

    The mother Ultralisk let out a soft call, and her look turned quiet and kind. And Jiang Fei became the first intelligent lifeform who was allowed to approach the Giant Iron Scorpion's child.

    Crunch crunch...

    After the little Giant Scorpion crawled out of its egg, it didn't go to its mother. Instead, it remained where it was, nibbling on the pieces of eggshell around it.

    Although it was unknown how big the baby Ultralisk was compared to Jiang Fei, he still found the little guy pretty cute. "Heh heh..."

    Soon, the baby finished eating its eggshell. As a result, the bone spurs on its back had obviously become much stronger and started to let out a metallic glow.

    "Alright! Keep on loving, you two! I'm outta here!"

    Umbral Jiang Fei may be bold, but he didn't want to risk staying with this Giant Iron Scorpion for too long. Therefore, he hurriedly tried to find a window of opportunity to escape.


    However, the unthinkable happened. The mother Giant Scorpion unexpectedly blocked his way with her giant pincer!
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