423 One on One Duel 5

    [Wrath] was one of few spells that mage could use to buff themselves or their comrade. This skill could be categorized as an advanced spell. However, very few of mage would use this because of the repercussion after using this spell. If they could not use this spell, then they would not do so.

    The duration of this skill was limited. Meanwhile, after using this spell, they would be slowed down for quite some time.

    Auron had some time to buy some [Wrath]'s skill book and raised it to level 3. For a level 3 [Wrath], the spell would increase the targeted melee's damage by 3%. Meanwhile, the duration of the spell would be 30 seconds.

    Unfortunately, the repercussion also increased along with the raised skill level. After the spell duration ended, the targeted user's attack speed and movement speed would be reduced by 10% for 10 seconds.

    Although it would only reduce 10%, don't underestimate this 10 seconds, moreover, during an arena battle like this. This 10% could turn the direction of the fight.

    30 seconds was not a short time. However, it was also not a long time. In 30 seconds, Auron had to kill his opponent, who only had 10% of his health left, or at least, he had to reduce his opponent's health to under 3%.

    It was a difficult mission to achieve that. However, Auron didn't have any choice. Fortunately, he was inside his swordsman's character. As a swordsman who specialized in close combat battle, the [Wrath]'s 3% damage increase means a lot to him.

    As soon as the [Wrath]'s buff took effect, Auron immediately used everything he had. He used another [Weapon's aura]. Then, he used his [Charge] skill and rushed out to his opponent.

    Auron's opponent was aware of Auron's movement. Even though he was confident, the battle was in a crucial state. He would not want to make any more mistakes, so he had already monitored every Auron's movement.

    When Auron had charged to him, he also copied Auron's moved. As a strength type swordsman, this type of challenged was what he was like the most. Moreover, he had already seen that Auron's strength was not as high as him.

    Auron's opponent also used [Weapon's Aura] and [Charged]. Both Auron and his opponent charged at each other. Not long after, both of them met in the middle of the arena.

    The clash made the audience went wilder than before. The audience knew the winner of this clash would mostly win the battle. And, most of them believed that Auron's opponent was the one that would come out as the winner.

    However, to everyone's surprise, Auron didn't get blown away by the clash. Instead, Auron slightly overpowered his opponent.

    Holding his ax, Auron's opponent also got surprised by this result. His opponent kept on surprising him with his sudden increased strength, which he had no idea where it had come from. However, he could not think about it right now.

    Auron put more strength into his weapon and pushed his opponent's weapon more. His opponent still holding on. He knew that he could not keep on doing this. He only had 30 seconds before [Wrath]'s buff ended.

    Auron's opponent kept his best and put more strength into his weapon as well. He didn't want to lose out to Auron in terms of power. However, when he put more resistance and tried to push Auron back, Auron pulled out his weapon.

    Auron's opponent limped forward because of this. At this time, Auron already moved to his side and chopped his sword aiming at his opponent's arm.

    Even though Auron's opponent was losing his balance, but he was not a newbie. He swept his weapon to the side where Auron was located.

    Seeing this, Auron, who was moved faster, stopped his attack, then he ducked down. Auron's opponent's side slash missed the target, and this made him more unstable.

    From below, Auron thrust his sword above. With the enemy had an unstable posture, the sword drilled Auron's opponent's left arm.

    Auron quickly pulled out the sword and launched another thrust. Another thrust drilled his opponent's right arm.

    Auron's opponent was hanging on despite the severe injuries on both of his arms. However, Auron didn't his advantage gone away. Auron quickly moved to the opponent's back. Then, he used [Shining Cut] at the opponent's back.

    Auron kept on launching several more attacks. After three more strikes, Auron's opponent's health had reduced by 4%.

    With blood dripping from both of his arms, Auron's opponent tried his best to regain his position back. However, Auron couldn't let that happen. He kept on pressuring his enemy.

    4%... 3%... 2%... 1%...

    Finally, Auron's opponent could land a hit to Auron. However, Auron also landed an attack on his opponent. Auron got blown away by the attack, but that Auron's last strike had ended the match.

    Auron had bagged a win even though he got blown away at the last minute. Auron felt relieved. He stood up, and a feeling of weariness hit him. The [Wrath]'s buff had ended at that exact moment, and he had got slowed down.

    The healers that were already standing by beside the stage went on stage. One healer went to Auron, and the other one went to his opponent.

    The referee moved closer to Auron. He was amazed by Auron's tenaciousness. He could see that Auron was at odd against his enemy, but, in the end, he was the winner.

    The referee invited Auron to the middle of the stage to declare him as the winner. Unfortunately, Auron declined the invitation. Auron didn't want to show everyone that he was slowed down.

    The referee thought that Auron was too weary of moving, so he didn't think much about Auron's rejection. Then, the referee declared Auron as the winner of the tournament at that same spot.

    The audience went wilder and shouted more. With the match ended, it was also marked the end of the day one tournament.
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