425 Group Figh

    The tanky swordsman and the thief looked dejected. They apologized to their teammate. The other teammates who didn't know the truth, felt slightly dejected because they thought that they would not receive another bonus.

    But life must go on. They accepted the result. The cleric tried to cheer up the situation by making a joke. Meanwhile, Auron didn't have any reaction to this matter.

    Auron knew that this team focus was on the one on one duel and group fight. So, it was no wonder that they lose this herb gathering match. Moreover, the winner of this herb gathering tournament was as predicted.

    The winner of the herb gathering tournament was Hunter Village. It was the village that consisted only of 5 archers and the one who admitted defeat against Auron on his first match.

    In the second place was the player village. Although they had superior equipment, they still could not defeat the Hunter Village, which specialized in this type of match.

    At night time, Uncle Wang invited the groups once again to a banquet. He told them that this banquet was to cheer them up despite their loss.

    The other teammate gladly accepted this banquet. The thief promised Uncle Wang that they would win the group fight and gave another portion of profit to him.

    Listening to the thief's promise, Uncle Wang smiled, and he glanced at Auron to see his reaction. Auron kept on eating his food without commenting at all. He didn't want to promise something he could not do it.

    From the practice before, Auron knew there was only a low chance for them to win the group fight. Although their teamwork was not that bad, however, the opponent they had to face was too strong.

    The next day came, it was the third day of this competition. The third day's theme was the group fight.

    For this group fight, all of the members would go on stage and fight. Another critical thing to note in this 5 on 5 battle was they could not use any potion at all. They could only rely on their skill and equipment.

    There would be a time limit of 2 hours for each battle in the group fight. If there were no winner after the time limit had passed, then the team with the most member on stage would win the battle and advanced to the next round.

    Auron, as the team leader, went up to the stage to pick the drawing for their opponents. After taking the number, Auron's team would go in the first match. Meanwhile, the player village would go for the last match.

    Auron's team went on the stage. Before the battle had started, Auron didn't forget to brief them once more and reminded them about the strategy they had practice.

    Auron's team went into formation. The tanky swordsman was at the front. Behind him, was Auron who would act as secondary support. Meanwhile, the cleric and the mage would support from behind. As for the thief, his job was to roam around the stage and attack the enemy's weak spot.

    Auron's team's opponent was the player village's first opponent in the one on one tournament. What fortunate was that village was the weakest out of them all. On the previous day, the said village had ranked the last.

    As it was the weakest team, Auron's team crushed their enemy entirely with ease. Auron's team advanced to the next round. What's fortunate for Auron's team was they had gone for the first match.

    By going for the first match, they directly advanced to the final stage. It was really fortunate for them that they had met with the weakest village.

    As for the player village, their first round's enemy was the Hunter Village. In less than 30 seconds after the match had started, the Hunter Village had admitted defeat and ended the match.

    Auron thought inside his head, "It seems the Hunter Village really focused out on the Herb Collecting and the Monster Hunting match. They don't want to spend any energy at all in the one on one and group fight match."

    The player village had advanced to the next round and met with another NPC village. The player village was the most famous village among the 6 of them. They were also the strongest village in terms of fighting.

    The player village who advanced to the semifinal crushed their enemy once more. It took only 5 minutes for them to eliminate their opponent.

    The player village advanced to the final and met with Auron's team. And, the result was as expected. Auron's team was also crushed miserably by the player village.

    In the first minute, the player village already blew away the tanky swordsman and destroyed Auron, who act as secondary support. With no more shield in front of them, the cleric and mage could only surrender.

    Auron gritted his teeth. He was very furious. Actually, he had already known the result of the match since the opponent's equipment was more superior to them. What he could not accept was the fact that Auron's opponent in the one on one duel asked one of his teammates, and both of them played Auron with their advantages.

    As Auron knew no matter how hard he struggled, he would not win, he didn't unleash his full power. However, he never knew that his previous opponent would hold a grudge at him and played him.

    Auron's team got the second place at the group fight tournament. Although the second place was a good result, in this tournament, second means nothing. It was either the first or the loser.

    The player village left the area to rest. Before they left, Auron's opponent looked at Auron and scoffed at him. He felt satisfied after he took revenge against Auron.

    And that was the end of the third day. Tomorrow would be the last day. It was also the last opportunity for every village to gain another portion of the profit from the gold mine.
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