426 Monster Hunting 1

    The last day came. This was the last chance for Auron to win another portion of the profit for Uncle Wang.

    Before they went to the tournament, Uncle Wang advised them, "Thank you for the first win. For this last tournament, please do your very best! I hope you can claim another win."

    Auron's teammate exclaimed spiritedly, "Count on us, sir!"

    Auron nodded at Uncle Wang. Although he knew that Uncle Wang only did all of this because of the Fourth Prince, he still would do the best.

    Not long after, Auron and his team arrived at the gold mine. Just like the second tournament, the gold mine would become the starting point for this tournament.

    The Hunter Village was the most popular for this tournament. Many of the audiences favor them to win this tournament.

    Following behind them was the player village. Although they had superior equipment, the Hunter Village, who filled with archers, was favorable in this tournament.

    This Monster Hunting tournament's rules were almost the same as the Herb Gathering. During this tournament, the referee had already prepared 75 monsters to be captured.

    These 75 monsters were a kind of agile and weak monsters. A level 50 character could kill that monster with a single hit, even more level 300 character.

    These 75 monsters were divided into two groups. The first group contained 25 monsters with a red mark. Meanwhile, the rest 50 monsters belonged to another group with a white mark.

    When the tournament started, these 75 monsters would be released. Then, 15 minutes later, the participants would begin the hunt.

    The participants needed to capture these 75 monsters who already scattered away. After obtaining the monster, they could kill it or let it alive. What they needed was to bring these monsters dead or alive back to the referee at the gold mine.

    After submitting the monster, the participant's village would get the point, depending on the monster they offer. The monster with a red mark would be valued with 2 points. Meanwhile, the monster with a white mark would be valued with 1 point. So, in total, there were 100 points for this tournament. And, the village who collected the most points would be the winner.

    Just like the herb gathering tournament, each village needed to send 2 representatives to participate in this tournament. Meanwhile, the time limit for this tournament was eight hours.

    In Auron's side, the thief and the tanky swordsman volunteered themselves once more. They said that they want to pay back for their loss in the second tournament.

    As the leader of the team, Auron was fair and wanted to give a chance for the mage and cleric. Although the mage and cleric declined the offer, the thief and tanky swordsman behaved differently.

    The thief and tanky swordsman didn't even give a chance for the mage and cleric to respond, but they already insisted on volunteering to join the match.

    This kind of act made Auron suspicious. He wanted to know why they acted like this. In the third tournament, their spirit was not as high as this. Moreover, when they met the player village in the final, they already gave up before the match had started.

    Auron was pondering for a while. Meanwhile, both of the thief and tanky swordsman kept on persuading Auron to send them. As Auron was the leader of the team, he had the right to choose who participates.

    In the end, Auron chose himself and the tanky swordsman to participate in this match. The thief, who was not chosen, frowned. He persuaded Auron for the last time. However, Auron stuck with his choices and ignored the thief's persuasion.

    Auron submitted the participant to the referee. Then, he went on to the checking session. All belonging were confiscated except the equipment and weapon.

    However, Auron was smart. He moved several things to his mage character and only kept a small portion of his things. After the checking, his mage character stored back the item to his inventory.

    But, still, although he had some consumable items to use, he would use it secretly. Auron didn't have to worry. In this vast area, he would have many chances to use the item without anyone noticing.

    Auron also stocked some potion, which increased the movement speed. This way, he could chase the monster faster.

    Not long after, the tournament began. The referee released the 75 monsters who immediately scattered in every direction they wanted.

    Auron and the other participants had to wait for 15 minutes before they could move. After 15 minutes passed, the referee sounded the bell, which indicated that they could start to move.

    As soon as the bell sounded, every participant moved in every direction. Auron and the tanky swordsman moved in one direction.

    After several meters from the gold mine, the tanky swordsman suggested, "Let's split up so we can catch more monster quicker."

    Auron agreed. Then, both of them split up. Auron kept moving forward while the tanky swordsman moved to the northeast direction.

    Auron was fortunate. Not long after, he separated with the tanky swordsman, Auron found two monsters at his front. One with a red mark and the other one with a white mark.

    Auron looked around, and there was no one around. Auron quickly used his movement skills.

    These two monsters were shocked by Auron's presence and immediately ran away. As the monsters used in this tournament was the agile one, their speed was not slow. Moreover, the monsters also had a movement skill to run away.

    Auron didn't want to miss this chance. He was already fortunate to meet two monsters at once, so he didn't want to let this chance go away. Auron used the movement potion and captured both of the monsters quickly.

    Auron didn't waste any more chance and killed the monster immediately. He didn't want to allow the monster to run away.

    A minute later, Auron had secured both of the monster's corpse. Now, he only needed to submit these monster's bodies to the referee, and he would get 3 points out of 100 points.
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