428 Internal Fighting 1

    "You..." Auron became furious.

    Auron was furious not because the tanky swordsman tried to hide the herbs. Instead, he was mad because the tanky swordsman neglected his responsibility. His first responsibility was to win this match. But, he ignored it because of the herbs.

    "Where did you get this?" Auron began his interrogation.

    "Uhmm... I... We... I..." The tanky swordsman was nervous.

    Actually, the tanky swordsman was a timid person. He chose to become a tanky swordsman because he was afraid of dying. By increasing his vitality, he felt that he was unbeatable.

    As time passed by, the tanky swordsman became more courageous. But, it was only at the outer. Inside, he was still a timid person. That was why, when he was pressured hard, his shy personality resurfaced. Furthermore, if the tanky swordsman made a mistake and didn't want the other person to know, he would become afraid if his mistake were known.

    "We??? Come on, tell the truth!!!" Auron seemed suspicious. He knew that the other person who the swordsman referred to was the thief. It was because both of them were the only people who acted weird today.

    "No... I can't... I..." The swordsman still didn't want to tell the truth. He blabbered nonsense as his stress level increased.

    However, Auron kept on pestering the swordsman. In the end, the swordsman could not hold any longer and told the stories from the beginning.

    As the swordsman told the story from the beginning, Auron became angrier. However, he tried to hold it since the swordsman had told the truth.

    "That is all! I swear that is all! I was only coaxed." The tanky swordsman blamed everything to the thief.

    The tanky swordsman glanced at Auron. Auron's expression was so dark. Without saying anything, Auron collected all the herbs and dragged the tanky swordsman with him. He pulled the swordsman all the way back to the gold mine.

    Auron wanted to expose these two's behavior. What made Auron more furious was the fact that they could win the second tournament, but they had to lose because of these two. Moreover, they pretended and covered this matter.

    However, he could not do anything even though he was the leader. He would leave it to Uncle Wang and let him do what he wanted.

    Along the way, the tanky swordsman pleaded at Auron to let him go. He would even give everything to Auron in the hope that Auron would release him. However, Auron ignored the pleading swordsman.

    The tanky swordsman kept on pleading. However, Auron just kept on ignoring what the tanky swordsman had said and kept on dragging him along.

    In midway back, the tanky swordsman gritted his teeth and tried to break free. However, Auron would not do the swordsman do as he pleased.

    Auron chased the swordsman, and a battle was inevitable. The swordsman took out his sword and used [Wind Slash] at Auron.

    Meanwhile, Auron also took out his sword and did the same as the tanky swordsman. Two [Wind Slash] met in the middle and created a loud boom.

    After the tanky swordsman unleashed his skill, he didn't care about the result and ran away. Behind him, Auron was chasing after him. As Auron had a higher movement speed, in no time, Auron had come close to him.

    The tanky swordsman could not ignore Auron, who was chasing behind him. He turned around, and a battle erupted once again.

    Not long after, one of the referees came as he heard the commotion. He looked them from far away since he could not interfere with them. As he watched the two participants fought, he realized that they were both teammates.

    "An internal fight! Interesting!" The referee felt excited, and he watched them silently.

    All of his life, the tanky swordsman relied on his high endurance, so he never spends that much effort to dodge. This was why the swordsman had difficulty avoiding Auron's attack and could only accept the attack.

    Although Auron's damage was not that high because of the tanky swordsman's defense, as time passed, the damage accumulated. On the other hand, tanky swordsman's attack rarely hit Auron, which made this seemed like a one-sided battle.

    The tanky swordsman's health kept on decreasing until it was almost depleted. Cold sweat already formed on the tanky swordsman's forehead. Death was close to him.

    In the end, the tanky swordsman almost died. Auron threatened him, "Followed me quietly and confessed to everyone!"

    "No... no... please... no..." The tanky swordsman cried out loudly.

    The referee approached them, "Whoa... whoa... Slow down... What the two of you doing by fighting among yourself?"

    "Don't meddle yourself in our affairs!" Auron shouted angrily.

    "I don't want to meddle in your affair as long as you both don't kill each other." The referee explained.

    "Fine. But, I have to drag him back with him!" Auron said.

    The referee only shrugged his shoulder and kept on watching the tanky swordsman disappeared as he was dragged by Auron. The referee followed behind their back for several minutes before leaving them when they were close to the gold mine.

    The tanky swordsman was in a messy state because he was dragged by Auron. However, Auron didn't care about the swordsman pleading and appearance as he kept on pulling the swordsman.

    Meanwhile, at the gold mine, the people there were cheering loudly since one of the Hunter Village's representatives submitted another monster with a red mark.

    The Hunter Village paved his position in the first place with 20 points. Following behind them was the player village with 15 points. Meanwhile, Convid Village's position was in the last position as they didn't increase their score.

    As Auron had arrived at the location, he immediately dragged everyone's attention, including his own teammates and Uncle Wang. Everyone was confused about why Auron would pull his own teammates.

    Auron ignored everyone's gaze as he kept on dragging the swordsman and approached his teammates. Then, he whispered something on Uncle Wang's ear. After that, Uncle Wang whispered something on the head referee's ear and left the area along with his team.
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