429 Internal Fighting 2

    All the spectator's eyes were on the Convid Village's team, who left the scene. Not long after Uncle Wang disappeared from the view, the head referee shouted, "Convid Village had resigned from the monster hunting tournament."

    After the head referee announced that, on the scoreboard, the Convid Village's name greyed out. Whispered and murmured, followed speculating on why the Convid Village resigned. However, it didn't last long before it died down.

    Auron dragged the tanky swordsman to an empty area near the gold mine. He was followed by his teammate, and at the most back was Uncle Wang.

    Auron threw the tanky swordsman on the ground. He kept on staring at the tanky swordsman with an angry expression. Meanwhile, Auron's teammate, who followed both of them, still didn't know what this was about, so they wore a confused look.

    Deep inside, the thief's heartbeat throbbed quicker. Cold sweat slowly formed on his forehead. However, he still pretended that he didn't know anything.

    "Leader, what is this about?" The cleric asked Auron.

    However, Auron didn't answer and kept on staring at the tanky swordsman. Uncle Wang took the initiative and asked the tanky swordsman, "Why did you do it?"

    The tanky swordsman said while pointing at the thief, "I didn't want to do it, but that thief persuaded me!"

    The thief, who was pointed by the tanky swordsman, gasped, "What are you talking about? How dare you accuse me?"

    The thief tried to act innocent. Auron, who heard that turned over and glanced at the thief. Now, everything made sense of why the thief acted like that. Auron wanted to pester the thief, but Uncle Wang continued to ask the tanky swordsman.

    "But, in the end, you agreed to him, right?" Uncle Wang asked calmly, ignoring the thief.

    Auron halted his step and looked back at the tanky swordsman and Uncle Wang. He was so embarrassed. As a leader of the team, he should prevent this kind of thing from happening, but he didn't know anything until now.

    "What? What happened?" The mage and cleric who was still didn't know kept on asking.

    The tanky swordsman looked down. He was so embarrassed to look at his teammate, especially Uncle Wang. At first, he didn't want to do it. However, greed took over him. And, just like what Uncle Wang had said, in the end, he still did it.

    Guilt took over the tanky swordsman. He was so sad that he didn't know what to do. "So... Sorry..." The tanky swordsman apologized.

    With that apologize, Auron still furious, but a little portion of it had gone with that apologize. Then, Uncle Wang looked over at the thief. He approached the thief.

    However, the cleric cut his path. Then, she asked, "Can you tell us what this is about? We are still confused about what this matter about."

    Uncle Wang stopped in his track. Auron took the initiative and explained everything to the mage and cleric.

    The mage and cleric who heard the story shocked. When they saw the herbs, they knew why Auron was so furious. With all of these herbs, they knew that they could with the herb gathering tournament. However, the result was they lost. The mage and cleric felt disgusted.

    After the mage and cleric knew the detail of the story, they stepped out and didn't bother Uncle Wang anymore.

    Uncle Wang continued his step and faced the thief.

    Before Uncle Wang could say anything, the thief shouted, "What? Do you believe in him? I didn't know anything."

    "Really?" Uncle Wang stared at the thief.

    Silent permeated the place. The thief and Uncle Wang were staring at each other. Auron, the mage, and the cleric was on the side and silently looking at what happened.

    5 minutes later, the thief gave up. "Fine!! It was me who persuaded him. But, he still did it! What are you gonna do?"

    The thief acted arrogantly and continued, "You can take those herbs as my apology. See ya!"

    After admitted his mistake, the thief walked away without any guilt. However, when the thief walked past Uncle Wang, his path was blocked by Uncle Wang.

    The thief frowned, "What?!! I already apologize!! You can sell those herbs if you want. Now, get the f*** out of my face!"

    Now, it was Uncle Wang's turn who frowned. Auron, who heard the thief, became furious and stepped over. As the leader, Auron felt a little bit responsible for this matter.

    "Look at yourself! You have done the wrong thing, but you don't look apologetic at all. Don't you still know how big is your mistake?"

    "And, now, when you are confronted by it, you get angry? Look what you did to an elder. Don't you have any manner at all?"

    The thief felt annoyed by Auron, "What? What are you gonna do? Don't you know who my backup is? Do you want to fight against an entire organization behind me?"

    Auron gritted his teeth. Although Auron didn't know how big the thief's backer, but he was not afraid of them. What Auron afraid of was that the thief's backer would implicate Uncle Wang.

    A split second after the thief said that sentence, Auron was pushed to the side from behind. It was Uncle Wang who pushed him.

    Auron's body swayed a bit, and when he blinked, a splash of water sprayed out at his face. Auron touched the water and saw that it was red and thick. It turned out that it was blood.

    Auron glanced at the thief. A red line on the thief's neck was seen. From the wound, blood coming out from the thief's neck. A burst of blood sprayed out from the injury and splattered on Auron's face.

    Auron was flabbergasted. He looked behind him. At that moment, he saw Uncle Wang still with his calm and innocent face.

    Auron glanced below and could see that Uncle Wang had a small dagger on his right hand. Fresh blood kept on dripping from the dagger's end.
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