430 Internal Fighting 3

    The thief grabbed his neck with his right hand while his left hand tried to reach Uncle Wang. However, it was futile. He slowly slumped down to the ground with his eyes and mouth open.

    This turn of events made the cleric and mage who saw it gasped. The tanky swordsman, who was still on the ground, was also shocked. Meanwhile, Auron's eyes widened.

    Auron looked at Uncle Wang and realized how ridiculous what he thought was. He was afraid that he would implicate Uncle Wang? What a joke.

    Uncle Wang's backer was the Fourth Prince. A mere mercenaries organization would be nothing in front of the royalty. Not only that, but Auron had also forgotten one thing. Uncle Wang was the Fourth Prince caretaker for several years.

    As the caretaker of a prince, he would not be an ordinary man. The royal family would not that stupid to appoint a caretaker who could not protect the prince. As the person who would be beside the prince at all times, the caretaker should have sufficient strength to protect the prince. At least, he should be able to hold the danger until reinforcement came.

    "You... You..." The cleric and mage were shocked by Uncle Wang's strength.

    All of Auron's teammates didn't know anything at all about Uncle Wang. They only knew that Uncle Wang was the Convid Village's head, and that's it. They had never thought that Uncle Wang was someone related to the Fourth Prince.

    Uncle Wang walked past Auron and approached the trembling tanky swordsman. Seeing this, the tanky swordsman trembled more, he pleaded, "Spare me please!"

    The tanky swordsman was afraid that Uncle Wang would kill him since he was an accomplice. However, to his surprise, Uncle Wang said, "I will not kill you. At least you have some conscience inside you. However, you still have to be punished for your wrongdoings!"

    "O... Okay... No problem, I will follow everything you tell me to do." The tanky swordsman didn't dare to refuse Uncle Wang.

    Uncle Wang turned over to the cleric and mage who flinched. They were afraid that Uncle Wang would try to find a mistake on them. After all, they didn't get really serious about this work.

    Uncle Wang handed them over a portion of the herbs collected by Auron, "Here take this as your payment and leave. I will not escort you!"

    After the death of the thief, the cleric and the mage didn't dare to ask for more. Moreover, with their effort in this work, this payment was more than enough to pay their level of energy.

    After that, Uncle Wang brought the tanky swordsman back to the Convid Village. He also didn't forget to invite Auron over who agreed with the invitation.

    When the three of them arrived at Convid Village, they immediately went to Uncle Wang's house. Uncle Wang quickly settled tanky swordsman's punishment. The swordsman needed to guard the village for 1 year without any payment for half of the year.

    The swordsman gritted his teeth and could not help but to accept the condition. He was afraid that Uncle Wang would kill him as soon as he refused the offer.

    After that settling the punishment, Uncle Wang told the swordsman to leave and prepare for everything necessary.

    After the swordsman left, there were only Auron and Uncle Wang inside the house. "I am sorry," Auron took the initiative to apologize. As the leader, he could not control his teammates and made the team suffered a loss.

    However, Uncle Wang dismissed the thought, "No need to apologize. It was all in the past. Please, have a seat. Let us talk."

    Uncle Wang and Auron conversed for an hour before Auron bade goodbye to Uncle Wang. Auron was felt grateful. During the 1 hour talk, they only talk about Auron's daily life and activities. Uncle Wang also shared his experience with Auron.

    During that talk, Uncle Wang never once mentioned anything about the gold mine competition or the Fourth Prince or the matter about the village. Because of that, Auron's guilty feeling could be washed away.

    When Auron left Uncle Wang's house, he was really grateful for Uncle Wang's kindness. Although he didn't want to become the village's head yet, if Uncle Wang needed help, Auron would definitely come to help.

    With Auron left Uncle Wang's house, this also means that his duty for the gold mine competition had ended. Although the result was somehow not cheerful, at least, Auron had managed to give Convid Village's some portion of the gold mine profit.

    Uncle Wang had also promised Auron to send the payment directly to Auron's bank account three days later.

    Now, it was time for Auron to continue doing his things. Auron tried to remember if there was anything that he needed to do. There was nothing urgent with his swordsman character and mage character. There was also no task yet from the military for his mage character.

    Auron smiled wrily. After experiencing hectic days, he felt empty when he didn't know what to do.

    Should he take a break? Should he go hunt and raise his level? Should he increase his alchemy level and make some money?

    These options surfaced at Auron's minds. Every option had its pros and cons, and Auron was pondering which options he should choose.

    Before Auron could make up his mind, he got a mail from his friend, Roan. This mail was sent by Roan from outside of the game.

    When Auron read the mail, he frowned and directly logged out from the game. The mail's content was short and precise.

    "Something bad happened. Need your help. Come to my house."

    When Auron read these three sentences, he knew that his best friend needed something. Moreover, Auron also knew that his best friend would not need his help for something small. So, if his friend sent something like this, it means that it was so bad.

    After logging out of the game, Auron quickly changed his clothes and bolted out to Roan's house.
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