431 Debt 1

    It was already past dinner time when Auron got out of his house. Then, he immediately rushed out and called a taxi. He didn't forget to rush the taxi driver. Usually, it would take almost 1 hour for Auron to arrive at his friend's house. However, right now, it took only 30 minutes for Auron to arrive at his friend's house.

    Auron paid the taxi driver and rushed out of the taxi. Then, he rang Roan's house's bell and knocked at his door while shouting at Roan's name.

    Not long after, the door opened. It was Roan who opened the door. He looked dejected. Roan didn't say anything and sighed before turning and went inside, indicating Auron should follow behind him. Auron closed the door and slowly followed behind Roan without asking anything.

    While going inside the house, Auron could hear some conversation going on. "What should I tell him?" Auron could listen to this sentence was said with a gloomy tone.

    "Do you really need to do it? I mean, we can just help him pay the debt and come clean. We still have some savings."

    "I didn't want to do it neither. But you are very clear about our current situation. Actually, I am going to do what you say. But, I believe he still has the right to know about this, right?"

    "He is here," Roan said low spiritedly.

    Auron could see that the conversation he heard previously was coming from Roan's parents. Roan's father and mother, with a bleak expression, sat on the sofa and conversing with each other.

    The atmosphere was gloomy when Auron saw them. When Roan's parents saw Auron coming, they tried to cheer the situation and wore a forced smile.

    "Come sit here," Roan's mother approached Auron and escorted him to the sofa.

    Auron became awkward in this situation even more after he heard the conversation from before. After Auron took a seat, silent permeated the house for a few seconds before Roan's mother stood up and offered, "Do you want some snacks? Let me heat some snacks first from the fridge."

    Roan's mom stood up and eyed to Roan's father before going to the fridge.

    "Ehem..." Roan's father awkwardly coughed.

    Auron looked at the Roan's father. However, before Roan's father could say anything, Auron asked first, "What happened? You can just say it to me, frankly."

    Auron had already known that the issue somehow related to him. If not, he would not be called here.

    Although Auron had said that, but Roan's father still could not wash away his awkwardness, so he said carefully, "It is like this... How to say it... You know about your debt, right?"

    "The company had just convened a board meeting, and they decided to annul your compensation. They had given you one week to pay all of your debt."

    After Roan's father said all of that in one go, he stopped for a moment. At the moment, Auron's mind was chaotic. He never expected that everything turned like this.

    Since Auron got 10 years, Auron had tried to accommodate his character first to make it stronger before starting to save up. With his experience, 10 years was more than enough for him to pay his debt.

    Auron never expected this to happen. It was not even 1 year from Auron starting to start over. He wanted to say something; however, Roan's father interrupted first, "You don't have to worry about that. I still have some savings and could pay your debt. I just want to inform you so that you know and pay them again."

    Although Roan's father comforted him, Aaron knew it was not as simple as he said. If everything that Roan's father had said was true, then they would not make such face.

    Roan's family's assets were ample, and Auron knew that what Roan's father had said about he could pay off his debt was true. However, Auron knew that much money was still significant for them. Auron was afraid that Roan's family could not live after they paid his debt.

    Auron was in a dilemma. He had only a little bit of money left on him enough to buy the nutrient supplies. He could cash out some in-game cash. However, it would hinder his character's progress.

    Auron didn't want to use his money if he could. However, in the end, this was his debt. Auron sighed, he had to sacrifice, "I..."

    "Stop!" Roan's father shook his head. "I have promised you could pay it in the next 10 years. I will keep my promise to you. So, just hold your money."

    Auron forced a smile, he still felt uncomfortable, "Thank you, but..."

    "No... no... no... Just focus on your work so you can pay off in 10 years."

    "Snacks are coming!" Roan's mother knew that Auron would insist on helping, so she helped her husband to change the topic.

    With Roan's mother joined the conversation, the topic started to change to discuss Auron's condition. Roan's mother also asked if Auron had a girlfriend yet. Obviously, Auron shook his head.

    Roan's mother smiled and began to tell a list of her friend's daughter. She tried to implicitly tell Auron that the debt issue was over.

    Roan's father and Roan also joined the conversation. They teased Auron about his single status. Of course, Roan also could not escape from this girlfriend's talks.

    Time passed. It was a one hour visit for Auron before he said his farewell to Roan's family. Roan escorted Auron outside of his house.

    Of course, Auron could not give up just right there. He tried to dig more information from his best friend. There should be a trigger that made all of this issue rose.

    However, Roan's parents had briefed Roan to keep secret. Roan only forced a smile and shook his head.

    Auron persuaded Roan for 10 minutes. But it was futile. In the end, Auron went back to his house. However, he would visit them tomorrow at lunchtime to ask once more.
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