432 Debt 2

    During the night, Auron could not sleep. However, he forced himself to sleep. Auron woke up at 9 in the morning.

    Auron woke up just like the other morning. He took a bath and prepared himself to go to Roan's house. Although he came uninvited, he would not be kicked out of his best friend's house. After preparing everything, Auron immediately went to Roan's house.

    Auron arrived at Roan's house and knocked at Roan's house door. Roan's mother was the one who opened the door for Auron. She was shocked by Auron's arrival, but she still invited Auron inside.

    Auron went inside the house only to find that there was only Roan's mother, who was active. Roan's father had already gone to the company to settle everything. Meanwhile, Roan was still sleeping. However, it didn't last long before his mother woke him up to accompany Auron.

    With Auron came, Roan's mother began cooking for lunch. Roan, who was still half-awake, came and greeted Auron.

    "What are you doing here?" Roan asked while rubbing his right eye.

    "You must have a guess. I want to know the complete story about this." Auron frankly said.

    "Sorry, bro. My parents forbid me to tell you. You can ask them yourself."

    Auron nodded and asked Roan's mother, who was still cooking. Roan's mother took a sip to taste her cooking, answered Auron, "You don't have to worry about that anymore. My husband had gone to settle the issue today."

    "About the story, I don't know the complete story. You should ask my husband. I am afraid to tell you the wrong story." Roan's mother dodged the question.

    Auron knew he faced a wall. He could only wait for Roan's father to tell the story. Auron decided to wait for Roan's father, who should be back around 5 in the evening.

    Lunchtime came. Auron, Roan, and Roan's mother began to eat the food prepared by Roan's mother. Auron didn't forget to help wash the dishes while Roan was lying on the sofa with his stomach full.

    "I am back," Suddenly, there was a sound of a door opening followed by this sentence with a gloomy tone. The voice should have belonged to Roan's father.

    "Welcome back!" Roan's mother hurriedly approached his husband, who was weirdly coming early.

    When Roan's father wanted to say something, Roan's mother hinted that Auron was here. Roan's father held his speech and greeted Auron, "Hi, kid. You are here."

    It was such a rare occurrence for Roan's father to come home early. Moreover, with such a weary and gloomy expression. There must be something.

    Roan, like an innocent boy, asked his father, "Why you come back so early? Did something happened?"

    Roan's father glanced at Auron and had an uncomfortable expression. "It is okay. You should say it. The reason I come here was exactly to know what happened here." Auron spoke to Roan's father.

    "I am not a kid anymore. I know something is going on when the sudden debt's deadline is shortened."

    Roan's father looked at his wife, who shook her head. Roan's father stopped for a minute before sighing.

    "Come sit! I will tell you everything. I have paid your debt and settled the issue after all."

    With a worried expression, Roan's mother didn't want this to happen. However, she believed in her husband's choice. She said, "You look so exhausted. I will bring some snacks and drinks."

    Roan's father, Roan, and Auron sat together in the living room. Silent permeated once more since Roan's father's mind was still thinking whether his decision to tell Auron was correct.

    "So, it is like this..." Roan's father began to tell the story.

    "And, that is why your debt's deadline suddenly got shortened." Roan's father said with a low-spirited voice.

    As the founder of his company, Roan's father had tried to persuade some board directors to prolonged Auron's debt's deadline. Although his company's shares were not much, as the founder, he still had some acquaintance within the board directors.

    However, starting last week, there was some strange movement in the board members. They suddenly called a board meeting to discuss Auron's debt.

    Within the meeting, they asked Roan's father on why they should prolong the debt and forced him to cut off the promised. However, Roan's father insisted on saying that he had already gone with the SOP, and it had been approved by the majority of the board members.

    However, some of the board members, which Roan's father had asked previously, denied that. Since Roan's father only asked verbally, there was no proof. And, this was used for the reason on why Auron's debt's deadline suddenly shortened.

    "And, today, I have settled your debt. But, today... hah," Roan's father sighed once more and began to tell what happened today.

    The first thing that happened was the value of what Roan's father had to pay was surpassed by the supposed amount. Since the time was short, Roan's father could not liquidate his asset. So, Roan's father had used his assets: 2 lands and a building to pay for Auron's debt.

    If going by the market value, Roan's father had paid enough. However, some of the board members said that was not enough. A conflict happened. However, since the majority win, Roan's father could not help but forked another building and some cash to pay for Auron's debt.

    That was not all. After paying everything, one of his close friends approached him hiddenly and said that there would be another board meeting next week.

    The board meeting's agenda was to denounce Roan's Father as the CEO and forbade him to have any involvement in the company's management. Another agenda was to select a new CEO.

    With a lesson from the previous meeting, Roan's father knew that it most likely that he would be kicked out from his CEO position. Roan's father took an early leave to settle his mind. And, that was why he was looked so tired now.

    Auron frowned as the matter was bigger than what he thought.
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