433 Debt 3

    After paying Auron's debt, Roan's family condition was quite shaky. Although they didn't go bankrupt, it was enough to destroy their previous lifestyle. Fortunately, each of Roan's family members was not a spendthrift.

    Actually, what made Roan's father sad was not because of his financial condition. Roan's father still had some assets left. Instead, it was because of the fact that he was kicked out of his own company.

    Roan's father was the founder of the company, but he was kicked out of the company. Although it still didn't happen, it was most likely to happen. And, the thought of getting separated from his baby made him more dejected.

    Auron was curious about who were the next CEO candidates. So, he asked Roan's father, "Do you know who are the next CEO candidates?"

    Roan's father looked at Auron and sighed, "There are two candidates, Mr. Augusta and Mr. Scar."

    Auron frowned. As Roan's father's company was the main sponsor of Heaven, Auron knew some of the higher management. And, he knew these two names.

    Mr. Augusta was one of the wealthy families. He already owned a bunch of restaurants, buildings, and many businesses. He also already invested in several guilds. Sadly, it was incomparable to Heaven.

    Seeing Heaven guild was one of the famous guilds, he also expresses his interest in the guild. However, Auron declined the offer as the term was not favorable, and he didn't believe in Mr. Augusta.

    Mr. Augusta didn't give up. He approached Roan's father's company as the biggest supporter of the Heaven guild and Auron at that time. He poured out a tremendous amount of money and even made a loss. Although it was a loss, the deal agreed quickly, and he became one of the most significant shareholders in the company.

    Auron just knew about this Mr. Augusta joining Roan's father's company after the deal had been made. He could do nothing. However, after the agreement had been made, it seems that Mr. Augusta didn't involve anything in the management and just followed everything that Roan's father had decided.

    Throughout the year, Mr. Augusta was at the company, he had only requested one thing which allowed his daughter to join the Heaven guild. Auron thought that it was just a small request. Moreover, for all of this time, as one of the most significant shareholders, Mr. Augusta didn't do anything. So, Auron accepted the request.

    Then, Mr. Augusta's daughter joined the guild. And, after some time, the daughter excelled in her skills, and it proved helpful for the guild. In the end, Auron promoted Mr. Augusta's daughter to become the vice guild leader. Yes, Mr. Augusta's daughter was Cold Candle.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Scar was an old-timer. He was in the first batch of shareholders who joined the company.

    "Can't we support Mr. Scar?" Auron asked. He knew that Mr. Scar was an old-timer, and he should be close to Roan's father.

    However, Roan's father shook his head. "Mr. Augusta's influence in the company is about 30%. But, it is only in the surfaced. I know secretly that he had a lot more influence than that number. And, as far as I know, Mr. Scar was one of Mr. Augusta's devout followers."

    Auron's face darkened. So, all of this was a drama to set him up and controlled the company and the Heaven guild, which had changed its name.

    Knowing this, Auron's eagerness for revenge was increasing rapidly. However, he just kept on silent and didn't say anything. Roan was franker. When he heard about it, he shouted and cursed Mr. Augusta's family. Unfortunately, cursing could not change anything.

    Roan's mother was the savior. As the atmosphere tensed up, she brought the snack and cold drink to cool down the atmosphere. With the help of Roan's mother, the conversation slowly shifting to other issues outside of the work.

    Night came, Auron had to go back to his house. He bade his farewell to Roan's family. Along the way, Auron had promised that he would take revenge on Cold Candle.

    However, first thing first, Auron had to level up. He had already gone offline for almost two days. He had to chase these two days.

    As soon as Auron arrived at his home, Auron immediately went to his capsule and went inside the game.

    Auron was on his swordsman character as it was the last character he played. There was no new thing in his swordsman. Then, he went to his mage character to check the latest news.

    As soon as he went online in his mage character, he received a notification. A 10-minute countdown timer also started.

    [General Aston wants to meet you. Please go to him before the time limit ended. 00:09:59]

    In turned out that something was going on in the military. However, it was not from the general army. Instead, it was from the intelligence department.

    Auron smiled excitedly. This was what he needed. The last time he went on a mission for the intelligence department, he got quite a big benefit. He found the ancient ruin and also got close to the Fourth Prince.

    Auron was anticipating for this mission. He immediately went to General Aston's place.

    In front of General Aston's office, Auron knocked on the door twice. "Come in!" A voice calling him over was heard from inside the office.

    Auron turned the door's knob and opened the door. "Greetings, general! Are you looking for me?" Auron went inside the room and did a military salute at the general. Then, he stayed near the door until the general let him in.

    General Aston was sitting on his chair while reading a newspaper. He put both of his feet relaxedly on the desk. When Auron went inside, he put down the newspaper and talked to Auron, "Ah, you came! Come here, I have a mission for you!"

    "Before that, I have to make a call first." With that, the General took the phone near him and called the office.
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