434 Missing Person Case 1

    Actually, General Aston didn't just call once. Instead, he called 5 times. It was just a short and quick call. In each call, General Aston only said one or two words before disconnecting the call and call another number. So, it didn't take a long time for the five calls.

    Auron waited inside General Aston's office. However, it only took 5 minutes before the first person came in. It was a woman about 23 years old. She wore thick glasses and had a ponytail on her head.

    Behind her, there was a bulky man who only wore a sleeveless shirt. His face was wild and always looked angry. His eyes were sharp, and it gave him ferocious aura.

    The man should be almost 40 years old. However, from the man's appearance, he only looked like 25 years old.

    Not long after that, two men and another woman came. When Auron saw the woman, he recognized her. The newly arrived woman was Alice.

    Alice had already resigned at the academy's teacher. She was assigned to become a teacher because of her stress and unrestrained behaviors. The behavior was as a result of his father, General Aston, missing.

    Since General Aston had come back, her behavior started to get better and better. With her recovery, she was assigned back to the military. Alice was a strong combatant, and it would be a huge loss for that strong combatant to become a teacher forever.

    Before General Aston started to brief the quest, he introduced everyone to each other. More precisely, he introduced everyone to Auron since only Auron was the newbie here, and the other had known each other.

    Auron was the only newbie here not only in the intelligence department but also in the military.

    During the introduction, Auron was quite shocked. It was because the first woman and man were actually husband and wife. They had been married for 3 years. However, the difference in age made Auron wondered did the woman married the man for his wealth.

    However, Auron didn't dare to ask and just kept the question for himself. After the introduction finished, it was time for General Aston to explain the mission.

    "I will now explain the mission's detail. Take a seat. It will be a long explanation."

    Everyone took on their own seat. And, just like what General Aston had said, it was a long and detailed explanation. It took 2 hours for General Aston to explain the detail of the mission. Then, the other began to ask some questions about the information, and with some debates, it took another hour.

    The mission was started as a small case of a missing person. At first, at some remote village, there was reported a missing child case. An investigation had commenced by the local authority. However, they found nothing. They could not find the missing child's body and a clue at all.

    Then, from one missing child case, it grew to many instances. The area even began wider. Some villages nearby also reported this missing child case.

    After two weeks passed, the missing child cases kept on growing. However, it didn't stop there. The cases' severity increased. An old man had been reported missing. Then, two old men and just like the lost child cases, the number multiplied.

    The military had dispatched a team to investigate the matter. However, when the military was involved, the number of cases died down. There was no new case for two weeks when the military was investigating this case.

    Without any clue and new cases, the military had no choice but to stop the investigation. As soon as the investigation had stopped, a new case was reported. A middle-aged woman was missing.

    The area even grew wider. From just a single village, it impacted more than 10 villages. There were even cases reported from several towns around the area.

    Another military investigation was conducted. This time, they were more careful and secretly dispatched an investigation team.

    The investigation team was dispatched to one of the villages. At first, the investigation team was careful enough. Cases kept on popping out from the nearby village. A clue was found, and the investigation moved a step forward.

    The team found information related to this case. The report said that it was done by a group of people and it was on a big scale. Two days passed by since the first clue was found. The investigation team found a broke through.

    During these two days, the number of cases still on a stable level. It didn't increase nor decrease. These things led to the investigation team found one of the kidnappers.

    The investigation team created a plan to capture the kidnapper. They carefully made a plan and followed the kidnapper.

    And, just like what they had thought, the person they followed was related to this big case. In the end, they managed to capture that person secretly.

    The investigation team dragged the person to a secret place prepared by the military. They intended to interrogate this person. However, before they could question the person, the person suddenly died. He was poisoned to death.

    The investigation team gritted their teeth. They thought that it was an unfortunate event, and they intended to look for another case in another village. However, miraculously, after the kidnapper died, all of the cases stopped occurring, even in the other villages.

    Just like that, the second investigation was stopped. Instead, the military dispatched more personnel to strengthen the security of the impacted area.

    Two weeks passed by without new cases. The military had thought that the group was afraid and hide. However, two days ago, a new case appeared. A guard dispatched from the military was reported missing from his duty.

    Two similar cases were reported the next day. And, today, a group of merchants was reported missing as well.

    The military had decided to send another investigation team. And, this team was the one that was going to be sent. Auron was joining the third investigation team.
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