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    The next day came. In the morning, Auron and Alice did precisely the same as what they did yesterday.

    Auron and Alice went to the same restaurant to check the latest news. As it was the biggest and the most crowded restaurant in this town, they still had some hope in this restaurant.

    From that restaurant, they went in a separate direction. Alice went to the other shops that she had yet visited yesterday while Auron was lurking around the town, especially the downtown and area near the slum.

    However, gathering information was proofed to be complicated. During the morning and the afternoon, both of them could not get anything valuable.

    One notable thing that happened was, at noon, Alice was being robbed by some stranger. As soon as she was getting out of one of the expensive shops, a stranger came and grabbed Alice's belonging, including her bag.

    Alice was not hurt. Of course, how could a mere thief hurt Alice, who was a commander at the military?

    However, Alice still pretended to be hurt and fell down to the ground weakly. To kept her act, she had restrained her anger and will to hunt down the thief by herself.

    With Alice's sexiness and beauty, the man near the incident willingly help the beauty wholeheartedly. As soon as Alice shouted and fell down to the ground weakly, in the name of justice, three or four nearby men immediately chased down the thief.

    This chasing action took the guard's attention. In the end, less than 15 minutes, the thief had been captured. Alice, as the victim, went to the station to retrieve her bag and belonging.

    The petty thief cried out loud and apologized to Alice. He begged Alice pardon to release him. Unfortunately, the law must be enforced. One thing that piqued Alice's attention was the fact that the thief said he was hired to rob Alice.

    However, he didn't know who hired him as he was only told by an instruction inside an envelope sent to his hiding place yesterday night. Inside the envelope, there was some money, Alice's picture, and also a piece of paper.

    The piece of paper said that he was the woman's ex-husband. So, he wanted to hire the thief to rob the woman. Meanwhile, he said that the woman liked to shop around expensive shops and areas. Controlled by greed, the thief agreed to steal Alice. And, here was him now, captured by the town's guards.

    Alice had tried to know who hired the thief. Unfortunately, she could not get any name. In the end, she had to give up. But, she knew she was marked by someone. After the incident, Alice had stayed all day long inside the inns.

    Night came. It was time for Alice and Auron to go to Patrick's house. They were ready and already went to Patrick's house.

    Patrick's house was near the slum area. However, what notable from Patrick was that the house was not rented. Instead, Patrick had bought the house.

    Auron knocked at Patrick's house. Not long after, Patrick opened the door and welcomed them, "Please, come in!"

    Patrick's house was a two-floor house. It was not a really big house. However, it was considered big for a lone man to live here alone.

    Auron and Alice immediately went to the dinner table, where there were various foods served above the table. It was such a luxury service for the two of them.

    Patrick started the conversation with small talk, "So, this beauty must be your wife, right?"

    Alice acted shy and said, "Thank you for your compliment."

    The three of them continue the conversation for a few minutes, before Patrick saying, "It was already this late, let us eat first and continue the talk later."

    "Sure," Alice answered.

    Alice and Auron, as well as Patrick, started to get some food on their plate. Auron acted as a loyal, and kind husband got some food for Alice.

    Alice scooped the food, and when she was about to put the food inside her mouth, she quickly threw the spoon filled food to Patrick.

    This sudden incident alerted Auron, who immediately faced Patrick and kept his vigilance. He had already known about Alice's experience being robbed at broad daylight. There must be something wrong.

    Auron would never doubt Alice's behavior. She would not rashly act or do something to expose her identity. However, he could never guess there was something inside Patrick's house. The reason Alice threw the food was that there was poison inside the food.

    Patrick dodged the spoon that was thrown at him. Then, from the second floor, a smoke came by and filled the room. Also, several hurried steps came down to the first floor.

    5 other men came down from the second floor. Along with Patrick, there were six enemies in front of Auron and Alice.

    "Who are you?" Auron asked.

    "That should be my question! Who are you guys?" Patrick threw back the question.

    Both of them were at a stalemate and were wary of each other. Patrick had gathered by with the 5 men around him.

    As a man, Auron instinctively took the front while Alice was behind him. He glanced at the exit door.

    Patrick noticed this, and with a sign, he ordered his people around him to attack. The five men, as well as Patrick, attacked Auron, who was at the front.

    They had more numbers, and it should be an easy win against a man and a woman. Patrick thought, although the man was strong, the woman should not be that strong.

    However, Patrick forgot one crucial detail. The one who recognized the poison inside the food was the woman, Alice.

    As the six of them charged at Auron and Alice, a warning from behind Auron sounded, "Duck!!!"

    Auron immediately ducked down, and a [Flame Burst] shot out from behind him. The enemies were not ready and got hit by the burning flame. That was not all. A shadow flew above Auron and, with a quick speed, stab at each of the enemies once.
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