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    The shadow that leaped over Auron was, of course, Alice. With her quick speed, she had come to each of the enemies and stabbed them once.

    Patrick and three others managed to dodge the incoming stab by rolling their body. However, it was not the case for the two others.

    Alice's intention was not to kill them instead to maim them. So, Alice's stab was aimed at their non-vital part like legs, shoulders, hands, other parts. She wanted to capture as many people as she could, so she had more information. Sadly, for these two people, seeing Alice tried to attack them, they reacted.

    Unfortunately, one of them's reaction brought them to demise. He was targetted at his right hand. However, the target turned his body over, and the place where the right hand was supposed to be was replaced with his heart. A stab to the heart brought him an immediate death.

    One death, one injured, and 4 others got a burned scar. Although it was difficult, the four others quickly restored their posture and prepared to flee.

    However, how could Alice let them went away? Several stabs and a [Fire Bolt] were launched to bring them down. Not only that, but Auron also didn't stand idle. He helped Alice to keep the enemies from running away.

    The battle was short. In just five minutes, everything was settled. Alice had to kill two other people to keep them running away.

    Auron was binding the other 3 people with a rope. Those three people had blood all over their bodies because Alice tried to maim them. After they failed to run away, they gave up with their head down facing the floor.

    Among those three that still alive, Patrick was among them. Alice had a unique dagger in her hand. It was her custom weapon that she ordered. The dagger's blade was long, and it was almost could be considered as a short sword.

    Alice pressed her dagger to Patrick's chin and lifted his head to face her. "Who are you?"

    With a hand tied behind his back, Patrick, who faced Alice, kept his silence. He didn't want to answer the question.

    Getting a silent as an answer, Alice smacked Patrick's cheek with the back of her dagger. Patrick fell down to the ground. Alice ignored Patrick and moved to the other person.

    Alice did the same as what she did with Patrick to this person. The person wavered a bit, but, in the end, he kept his silence just like Patrick. Alice punched this man's face then moved to the last person.

    Before Alice could do anything, the man immediately said, "I will talk! I will talk! But you have to let me go!"

    Alice halted her steps. She smiled warmly, then she scoured the man's face with the back of her dagger's blade gently, "Relax... I promise you. If what you are about to say is true and important, I will let you go!"

    The man was petrified with Alice, "Okay... you have promised. I will tell you everything that I know..."

    "You...!" Both the other man and Patrick looked at this scared man furiously. Sadly, they could do nothing as Auron stuffed their mouth with clothes and tied it tightly.

    The man began to tell everything that he knew. It seemed that the man was experienced in a situation like this since his story was precise. He didn't tell everything in detail and just said the essential element without missing anything. It was actually a long story and took more than 15 minutes for the man to tell his story.

    It turned out that among the five people beside him was coming from an organization. It was more precise to call it a cult rather than an organization. The cult was started from small villages, and they kidnapped people in secret.

    At one of the villages, this cult asked help from external. Hence, he who was a slave trader came in. He helped the cult to kidnap or did some miscellaneous work for them. For example, he was the one who hired the thief to rob Alice. The cult's intention was to probe Alice's strength.

    Unfortunately, the thief they hired was so weak that they could not probe Alice's strength at all and this situation came out.

    Back to the story, the cult wanted to expand their area of work. That was why the cult sent these five people to operate in this town. Since the man was had work with them long enough, the cult decided to hire them in this town as well.

    Patrick was selected as the cult's front face in this town. Meanwhile, the other would work with Patrick behind the shadow.

    For almost two months, they were here, they had only managed to kidnap two children. Hence, when yesterday Patrick met with Auron, he had decided to kidnap Auron.

    However, he had to probe Auron first or at least his wife so he could make his wife a hostage. They planned to execute the kidnapping at this dinnertime. Unfortunately, everything failed.

    "Since I am not their member, I only know that much. I don't know what they did with the people they kidnapped and only know this much. Please let me go! You have promised to let me go!" The man said.

    However, Alice didn't answer the man. Instead, she asked another question. "What about the group of merchants that gone missing? Was it also your doing?"

    "No... That was definitely not our doing. However, I am sure that it was also the cult's work that made them gone."

    "How can you be sure?" Alice inquired.

    "Him!! He asked me to investigate them, and I was also the one who recommended the merchant's group the place to hire the bodyguard." The man pointed at Patrick.

    "I told him all the story, including how many bodyguards that they hired and when they would depart!"

    "Was it also you who commissioned him?"

    "No! Definitely not! I believed it was also his doing!" The man pointed at Patrick one more.
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