442 Asyaka Cult 1

    Alice frowned because of the man's story. She was so surprised by the fact that there was a cult.

    Several questions popped out in her mind. What did this cult want to do? How many their member was? What did they do to the kidnapped person?

    With so many unanswered questions, Alice went back to Patrick, who was still lying on the ground. She stomped Patrick's body as she asked, "Where do you bring the kidnapped person? What did you do to them?"

    However, Patrick still kept quiet. He glared angrily at Alice.

    Alice ignored the glare and kept on stomping him as well as saying the questions. Sadly, Patrick was so persistent.

    Getting no answer from Patrick, Alice moved on to the other man. She kicked and stomped his body as well while asking the same question. But, just like Patrick, the man kept on quiet.

    Alice was raking her brain. She needed the information from these two people. However, if they kept silent, then she could do nothing.

    While thinking, a knock on the door was heard. Everyone looked at the door. Alice nodded at Auron, who immediately plastered everyone's mouth.

    Auron knew the sound of the battle would not be left unheard. The newcomer must be the town's guards.

    Auron went on to the door and opened it a bit. Then, he blocked the gap with his body to prevent the guest from seeing inside the house. Just like he had guessed, there were five guards at the door.

    "Hello, can I help you?" Auron innocently asked.

    "Oh, hey! You were the one who came yesterday! So, you have got a place to stay permanently!" It turned out the leader of these guards was the guard who checked Auron when he came here yesterday.

    "Hi, officer! Yeah, fortunately, I got this house cheap." Auron lied to them.

    "You are lucky! Well, we come here because there was a noise report from this house. So, we checked it! You don't mind if we check it, right?"

    "Um..." Auron hesitated.

    Seeing Auron hesitated, the guards become suspicious. However, at that time, an angry shout came, "Hey, you stupid!!! Why do you take so long at the door? You are so bold to have an affair at our front door! Do you want to die?"

    Alice had shouted from inside to help Auron. Hearing the shout, Auron became awkward. However, this voice also made the guards smiled wrily.

    It was not their right to meddle in other's affairs. "Sorry, officers!" Auron shyly nodded his head.

    "Oh, that's fine! I guess it was a false report! We will go back. Sorry for disturbing you at this hour!"

    The leader of the guard turned around and said, "Let us go back!"

    Before leaving, the leader faced Auron once again and cheered him, "I hope you will be alright!"

    Auron nodded firmly as he would go to war. Then, he closed the door with a confident face.

    Auron looked back at Alice and the hostages. He had averted the situation. Actually, he could just expose his identity as the intelligent department's member on a mission. However, he didn't want to do that and still kept his mission secret. Auron was afraid that one leak would lead to another leak.

    Since the situation was under control, Alice continued to torture the man and Patrick. He went back and forth between the two of them.

    After five minutes of torturing, Patrick's subordinate relented. "I will talk!!! Stop it!!" He said while tried to defend from Alice's stomping.

    Alice halted her foot in midair. She put her feet back on the ground and glared at the man. "Talk!"

    "You have to promise me that you will let me go!" The man tried to save his life.

    "I promise!"

    With Alice's promise, the man began to tell everything he knew. Although his position in the cult not as high as Patrick, he was still a true member of the cult. So, he knew more information compared to the external hire.

    The man said that the cult was founded long ago. It was almost 2 years long. There were three founders of the cult who were the current leader and its two vice leaders.

    There was a rumor that these three people had founded a way to get stronger through evil means. However, to get that power, they needed to give a blood sacrifice in a huge amount. Hence, the cult's goal was to search for many blood sacrifices.

    Because of the amount of blood sacrifice they needed was huge, they started to recruit other people. They robbed a merchant, pillage a village, kidnap people, and many other bad things. They camouflage themselves as a bandit group. Only a portion of the core member knew the reason why they did this.

    Of course, such massive activities could not escape from the military's radar. The military eradicated them. However, the military could only eliminate and capture the low-level member.

    The leaders and the core members were still free. However, after the military sweep, they always kept their profile low. After some time, they would surge again and formed a new group.

    This act was repeated continuously throughout two years. And, nobody knew whether the leaders had managed to get the said power or not.

    However, starting from four months ago, a sudden change happened within the cult. The cult still used the same strategy. However, now, they were more careful and went all out. Even the core member such himself and Patrick had to participate in the operation.

    Each people's contribution was recorded by the leader. The leader said that the more they contribute, the more they would get in return. However, they still didn't know what they would get.

    Their task, this time was more difficult. They needed to kidnap people alive. If it was a dead body, then it would not be counted. Other things like the target's treasure or belonging could be taken by each of the individuals without needing to report it to the cult.
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