444 Asyaka Cult 3

    After lunchtime the next day, Auron went inside Patrick's house. He was coming back from finishing the task that Alice gave last night.

    Inside the house, Alice had been waiting for him along with the two hostages. Alice was in the middle of giving these two men food, and water.

    All of them were about to attend the meeting, and Alice didn't want the cult to find out about everything that happened because of the unenergized hostages.

    "Are you done?" Alice put the food on the table and asked Auron.

    "Here," Auron took out something and gave it to Alice.

    "Is it working perfectly?"

    Auron shooked, "It is working but not perfect. There is some flaw and could not reproduce the perfect sound."

    Last night, Alice had given Auron a tape recorder and had ordered Auron to take a device from the intelligent division. It was a voice changer device.

    This voice changer was more advanced than the one that was currently used inside an operation. It used the voice given and analyzed it. Then, the device would apply the same voice with the given voice. Sadly, it was still on the testing stage and wasn't perfect yet.

    Auron spent almost 1 day to go back and forth from the military base and this place. Fortunately, everything was swift, and no obstacle was found.

    During the way, Auron also tested the device by himself. He tried using a variety of features implemented at the device.

    Sadly, the device had some flaws in it. It could only record one voice and could not change to another voice. Not only that, but the lifetime of the device was also short. It could only work for 1 hour.

    Auron had brought 2 devices from the intelligence division. However, since he tested during the way back, one of the devices only had half time remaining. Both devices had Patrick's voice in it.

    This was Alice's plan, she would pretend to be Patrick. This plan should be work since the meeting was done in virtual.

    Although Patrick never said it, Alice had deduced it somehow. If every day, there would be a face to face meeting with someone above, then it would be a nuisance to travel here every day. Hence, the meeting should be a virtual one.

    And Alice's deduction was proven right when she searched Patrick's corpse. On the corpse, she found a device that should be the one used for the meeting. It was the kind of device to create some kind of conference call without a video feature.

    Alice activated the meeting device. A bustling sound immediately heard from the device. A lot of conversation took place. These people boasted their achievements to their friends. It was 5 minutes before the meeting had started.

    From the conversation, Alice and Auron could only get one information. There were many small groups like Patrick's group scattered across the area.

    5 minutes later, one heavy coughing sound was heard, "Ahem!"

    With that one cough, every conversation immediately died down. "Now, let us do our routine. Starting from..."

    The leader of this meeting called out a name one by one. Each the called name immediately gave their detailed reports like how many sacrifices they got, any suspicious activity from the military, or any impediment on their mission.

    "Now, let us hear from Patrick's side," After 10 names, it was Patrick's group's turn.

    "Ah... Erm... So, we delivered two yesterday, and we would like to take things slowly less the people got suspicious. Then,..." It was Patrick's subordinate who was the cult member who said this.

    Alice wanted to try to not use the device if she could. So, she let the man to said the report. Of course, the man was still tied, and she put her knife on the man's neck.

    "Stop! Who are you? Where's Patrick?" The meeting's leader cut off.

    "Erm... He..." The man nervously stuttered and looked at Alice.

    "Sorry, I am not feeling well. But, let me continued..." Auron used the device and pretended to be Patrick.

    Since the device was not perfect yet, the produced voice was weird. However, Auron tried to cover it as if he was sick.

    After Patrick, aka Auron, finished explaining, the leader asked, "What happened to you?"

    "You know where I get my source, right? The slum! Since they got two new slots yesterday, they were very grateful and threw me a party. Of course, I could not reject the offer lest they became suspicious."

    "I even went all out at the party. Sadly, my voice cracked, and I got a sore throat this morning." Auron made an excused.

    It seemed the leader didn't become suspicious of him since he continued the meeting and heard the reports from the other.

    After several more names, it concluded the report session. Then, it was time for the leader to give an announcement if there was any.

    "The progress for the past few days was quite amazing. However, kept vigilance. It should be the time where the military sends someone to investigate. I also got some news that the military had indeed sent a team to investigate. However, I still could not find any detail."

    "Let me update you all tomorrow. Just remember! Be careful and kept up your good work!"

    "Oh, one more thing! The leader had decided to give out a prize for the top 10 contributors by the end of this week!"

    With the news of a reward, the meeting immediately became noisy with cheering and giggled. This would make the members became more proactive in gathering sacrifices.

    After announcing that, the meeting was over. One by one, people began to disconnect from the session. Meanwhile, Auron's group was the last one to disconnect from the meeting.

    Auron and Alice frowned. The time was short. They needed to take action quickly.

    The essential things that they needed to know were the cult's base's location. Sadly, no one here knew the place.

    Auron began tying up the hostages once more while Alice was racking her brain.
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