445 Asyaka Cult 4

    The longer Auron and Alice took down the cult, the more victim would be. Not only that, but Auron also pretended to be sick because of the not yet perfect device. If every time he joined the meeting, he was ill, then it would arouse suspicion from the other.

    Moreover, from the previous meeting, Auron could see that the leader of the meeting was cautious in managing everything.

    After tying the hostages, Auron faced Alice, who was still thinking. She actually had a plan. If the plan was a success, they could infiltrate the cult secretly. However, the risk was too significant.

    The difficulty of making the plan was placed on the secrecy of the plan. They would need to infiltrate inside the cult at least for one day without getting exposed.

    Since she was still could not decide what plan to use, she decided to contact the military to report the progress as well as ask for advice. Meanwhile, Auron was ordered to collect for more information and also informed the other at the other village.

    Alice called up his father to ask for advice. As everyone busy with their task, the two hostages could only cry inside as they were ignored and could do nothing since they were tied.

    Meanwhile, Auron also called up the other member one by one to ask their findings as well as informed them about the cult's information.

    Two hours later, Auron went back inside the house. He had held some information that was quite useful from the other members.

    When Auron went back inside, it was the same time as Alice disconnect her call. Auron immediately reported his findings to Alice.

    After Auron finished explaining, he asked, "So, what's the plan?"

    Auron knew they were rushed by time. If they didn't act quickly, it would be a disaster. He was also afraid that the cult would hide.

    Alice's expression turned serious. She had consulted with his father about the plan. However, she still knew that the danger level was not low.

    The plan was to use a bait. One of them between Auron or Alice would become a bait. Then, they would pretend as Patrick and called the executor to bring the bait back.

    However, there were two things to keep in mind about this plan. The first thing was the bait would be in a dangerous situation. So, if the lure was not strong enough, then they would die. Not only that, but the bait would also be brought to the enemy's den, and it would be difficult to run away.

    Another thing was that there was a chance that the executor would not bring the bait to the cult's base and brought them somewhere.

    Considering these two things, Alice had decided to become the bait. Auron was not strong enough. If there was a dangerous situation, at least, Alice could still defend herself.

    While Alice became the bait, Auron would follow Alice and the executor from behind. He would act as a reinforcement when Alice was in a dangerous situation.

    Alice and Auron had decided to execute the plan tomorrow morning. Since the two of them would be gone, they had to prepare everything properly. If they act now, there would be little time to prepare for the plan.

    Moreover, soon, it would be night time. When the night came, it would be difficult for them to coordinate and act in the middle of the enemy's base.

    That was why tomorrow morning would be the best choice to act. Auron went outside and began to inform the other members about their plan. Meanwhile, Alice contacted the military to take care of the hostages.

    Although Alice had promised to set let them go, she never mentioned when or where she would let them free. So, Alice would set them free when the military people had come tomorrow morning.

    If they could escape from the military's personnel, then it would be their luck. However, if they could not, it would be their fault for the lack of skills.

    Time passed by, the morning came. The sun was shining so bright, and it was a great day to do something big.

    However, inside Patrick's house, Auron and Alice were discussing something serious. They were discussing the plan's detail for the last time when a knock came to their door.

    Auron opened the door and invited the guest inside. It was a group of five people. They were the people coming from the military to 'escort' the two hostages back to the military for further interrogation.

    The two hostages had given up escaping. They were so stressed about their situation and had given up in this hopeless situation. Inside their heart, they had decided to cooperate with the military to save their life. They would give everything they knew to the military.

    After the military people had come, Auron and Alice immediately went out of the house to execute the plan. The previous night, they had contacted the executor to take Alice, the sacrifice early in the morning.

    They also decided on the transaction place, which was outside the town. The meeting place was quite far from the town, and it was in the middle of the woods, so there would be not many witnesses.

    15 minutes later, Auron and Alice arrived at the place. Auron immediately tied Alice to a tree. He also covered Alice's mouth and put her head inside a black bag.

    Then, Auron went hiding. He took quite some distance away from Alice in case the executor would be aware of his presence.

    5 minutes later, the agreed time arrived. However, there was still no hint about the executor. Auron's heart throbbed. Did their plan got exposed?

    Fortunately, Auron worried didn't last long. 5 minutes past the agreed time, a man came slowly. He looked like still half-awake and was rushing to the meeting place. He seemed overslept and was running to this place.

    The executor saw a woman tied up to a tree. He quickly approached the woman.
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