447 New Demonic Monster 1

    The demonic monster approached Alice, who was tied and still on the ground. Meanwhile, the executor had stepped back farther from Alice. All along the time, the executor was bowing, looking at the ground, didn't dare to look up.

    With its long leg, it didn't take long for the demonic monster to arrive at Alice's place. The demonic monster stood in front of Alice.

    Then, it tried to grab Alice, who was on the ground. However, before it could grab Alice, a [Fire Pillar] was showed below the demonic monster and tried to burn it.

    The demonic monster sensed danger and immediately stepped back. However, its reaction came a second late. The tip of its finger burned, but it was not a severe injury.

    Alice, who launched the [Fire Pillar], had freed herself from the rope binding her. She quickly stood up and took out her dagger. Then, with a quick attack, she charged through the [Fire Pillar] and slashed the demonic monster twice.

    The demonic monster was caught off guard by this sudden attack. It could not dodge the attack. Two knife's slash was connected on its arms. Then, it screamed painfully.

    The executor who was looking below him heard the demonic monster's crying. He immediately raised his head and realized the situation. "What!! Who are you?" The executor, confused with this sacrificed and furiously asked Alice's identity.

    The executor also took out his giant thorned mace. However, before he could attack, from behind, Auron already arrived at the scene. A [Fire Bolt] hit the executor's back and was followed with two knife stab to the executor's two arms.

    The executor's weapon fell, and he was screaming in pain. Auron kicked the executor's weapon away from him. Then, he also stepped the executor's two legs to maim him. He had a lot of questions to ask this executor.

    Meanwhile, the demonic monster kept on crying in pain as Alice overwhelmed the demonic monster.

    This demonic monster in front of him was so weak. Auron deduced that this demonic monster was still a cub and had had a low level. Auron felt that he even could fight the demonic monster in front of him by himself.

    The disparity of level between Alice and the demonic monster was seen. In no time, several more slash arrived at the demonic monster's body. Not only that, but some [Fire Bolt] wound also seen on the demonic monster.

    The demonic monster was swinging its long arms randomly. It tried to attack Alice; however, it was futile. None of the attacks hit Alice.

    The demonic monster was in a desperate situation. It kept on screaming loudly. Meanwhile, Alice was on the winning side, but she didn't want to kill this demonic monster. Her goal was to capture this demonic monster and bring it back to the military for investigation. So, she just dealt with some light and medium injuries.

    Meanwhile, Auron was capturing the executor. He had brought a rope with him. Auron dragged the injured executor to the nearest tree and tied him to the tree.

    Auron was about to help Alice when he heard a rustling sound from their east. He could not help but look at his right. From his right, the sound of falling trees suddenly heard. From far away, the tree fell one by one, and it was approaching his location. Not long after, a shadow emerged from the falling trees and went directly to Alice.

    Alice, who was still busy injuring the demonic monster, realized the shadow. She raised her dagger and blocked the shadow's attack. The shadow launched another kick that she stopped using her arm.

    With that kick, she had pushed away. Auron came to Alice's side and looked in front of them. The shadow was the same demonic monster. However, its body was taller, and its arms and legs were longer than the first one.

    "What are these? Were these the demonic monster everyone had saying." Although Alice had heard about the demonic monster, she never saw it in real. So, this was a new experience for her.

    "Yes, they are," Auron answered Alice's question. He had seen several kinds of demonic monsters.

    "So, are the parent came to rescue its children?" Alice frowned while asking. Since she could not differentiate the gender, she could only assume it is the parent.

    Auron looked closely at the demonic monster and answered, "I don't think so. The newcomer should be its blood brothers, I guess."

    The reason Auron said that was because the newcomer lacked that aura that only the parent had.

    A stalemate happened. The newcomer demonic monster glared furiously at Auron and Alice, while its little brother hid behind it. Meanwhile, Auron and Alice also frowned at this situation. They didn't like the situation.

    However, that stalemate didn't happen for too long as a new sound was heard from their west. Another demonic monster had arrived. However, it was not the main demonic monster since its body was between the first and second demonic monster.

    Three demonic monsters were facing two mages. This was an undesired situation for the two mages. Although the level's difference was not that much, it was still tricky for two mages. Moreover, as a demonic monster, it had higher physical strength than a normal monster.

    Auron glanced at Alice, "What should we do?"

    "Fight!!!" Alice knew it was useless to try to run away.

    From the previous encounter, Alice had deduced that the tallest demonic monster was almost on the same strength as her. She felt that the shortest demonic monster would be afraid to take action into the battle after her bullying.

    With that, if she fought against the tallest and the middle demonic monster, Auron could freely kill the shortest demonic monster.

    After the situation became two versus two, then they could try to capture them again. With that in mind, Alice said to Auron, "Kill the shortest as quickly as possible!!"

    Auron nodded. Then, Alice charged over to the three demonic monsters. Alice was charging, the three demonic monsters also didn't stay still and even charged to Alice.
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