450 New Demonic Monster 4

    In a place somewhere, three men entered a dark room. Inside the darkroom, there were only two sources of lights, which were two medium-sized candles that were stuck at the entrance door.

    The three men moved several steps forwards, then knelt down on the floor and said into the darkness, "I hear you call us?"

    Silence permeated for a few seconds. Then, from within the darkness, in front of these three men, two small red colors shone.

    A hoarse and heavy voice followed, "Yes!"

    "What is your order?" The leading figure out of the three men immediately said.

    "My youngest had been killed!" The voice stated.

    With that sentence, the three men shuddered. They immediately looked at each other scared. This sudden news was too impactful for them.

    Not long after, the voice screamed in an angry tone. "What the hell happened!!!! Another two had died!!"

    This sudden scream made the three men more scared. They didn't know how it could happen, but this situation was terrible.

    These three men were the founder of the Asyaka Cult. They were conversing with the demonic monster's leader that Auron and Alice had killed.

    In fact, Asyaka Cult had come to contact the demonic monster as soon as they learn about their presence.

    The three founders actually didn't have what they called about the hidden secret or strength. What their goal when creating this cult was to rebel. They wanted to bring down the current royalty and made their own country to rule over.

    Of course, to do that, they need a lot of manpower. That was why the three founders gathered people to do some bad things in the name of the secret method to improve strength.

    Unfortunately, they kept on meeting with obstacles when they did this. The military kept on interfering with their way of work and suppressed their growth. Soon, people left them, and only their loyal followers still stay.

    However, when the news of the demonic monster's presence spread, the cult saw a glimpse of hope. They had heard that the demonic monster had intelligence and could converse with a human.

    The three founders made a gamble. They wanted to work with the demonic monster. And their wager was paid off. The demonic monster they chose agreed to work with them. Of course, with some terms and conditions.

    Their agreement came into two phases, the first phase was the building phase, and the next step was the conquering phase.

    The building phase was where the cult helped the demonic monster to grow strong. Meanwhile, the conquering step was where the demonic monster cooperated with the cult to start attacking the city and the royal family.

    Currently, it was the building phase. The cult would help the demonic monster to grow. The method they chose was to kidnap some people and let the demonic monster kill it. That was why the cult needed to have their sacrifice alive to get some experience from that person.

    At first, the leader of the demonic monster reproduced and could create a subordinate. Then, it used this new subordinate to check the efficiency of this method.

    As the cult had many members, the subordinate grew quickly. The leader was delighted. So, to increase the speed of the building phase, it created several other subordinates until it had 7 subordinates, including the first one.

    However, by doing that, the leader noticeably grew weaker. But, the first subordinate was the one in charge of its safety.

    With these many subordinates to raise, the current area of operation was not wide enough. That was why the cult also increased the size of the operation and impacted several towns and villages.

    Everything went smoothly even though they had to operate carefully because of the military. However, today, the leader had received bad news. One of the youngest and also the weakest one had died. Not only that, 20 minutes after that, two more had died. How could it not furious because of this?

    Since only the cult knew the whereabouts of its subordinate, the leader had called these three founders here.

    "I... I don't know what happened. But I will check it now." The leader answered shakily.

    The three founders began to turn around and wanted to leave to check how this situation could happen.

    However, before they could go too far, the leader of the demonic monster said, "Wait!!!"

    The three founders immediately stopped. Cold sweats already formed on their backs and foreheads. They turned around slowly.

    The leader of the demonic monster continued, "Do this place safe?"

    It was a simple question. However, the three founders felt it was not. Their heartbeat thumped faster. "Ye... Yes, this place is very safe."

    "Only the three of us here that knew about this place, and we never tell it to others!"

    The demonic monster stared at the three of them for a few seconds. Then, it said, "Very well, then I will call everyone and stay here for the moments. Meanwhile, you have to find out what happens and report it to me!"

    "Now, get out!" The demonic monster's leader shouted furiously. However, it still tried to restrain itself to not kill the three men in front of it.

    The three founders immediately bowed and scrammed quickly. They were afraid that if they stayed a little longer, the demonic monster's leader would change its mind and kill them.

    A series of orders quickly sent out from the cult's founders. An operation suspension could not be avoided. They had to stay low at the moment. Not only that, the three founders dispatched some people to investigate the matter.

    The investigation would start from the area where the youngest demonic monster stayed. Of course, it took time, but everything had to be quickly finished if they didn't want to be massacred.

    Meanwhile, the demonic monster's leader also called all of his subordinates to where it stayed right now. They had to remain low until this matter investigated. But, grieves still resided inside its heart.
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