451 Searching Asyaka Cult 1

    Back at Auron and Alice. After they had killed the three demonic monsters, they went to the executor tied at the tree.

    When the executor saw Alice and Auron approached him, he was so scared. Previously, he was knocked unconscious and tied at the tree by Auron.

    When he woke up, the executor saw something unbelievable. Alice had killed the tallest demonic monster. Although he was confused about why there were two more demonic monsters here, he knew this was a serious matter.

    After the executor scanned the battlefield once more, he was stunned. The youngest demonic monster died. Then, not long after, the middle demonic monster died as well. What surprised him more was the fact that this was done by two people only.

    The executor never imagined there would be two people that could kill this demonic monster. What the executor didn't know was the fact that these three demonic monsters were not that strong for a high leveled player or high leveled person.

    Since the demonic monster's leader wanted to quickly raise its army, she prefers more quantity rather than quality. That was why even though there were 7 subordinates, only one of them had a high level to protect the leader.

    The executor was so scared since these two had managed to kill three demonic monsters. When he faced one demonic monster, the youngest, he was already so frightened that he didn't want to take this job. But, an order was still order. He took it in fear.

    "No... No... Please... Don't kill me!" The executor pleaded.

    Alice knew with these three demonic monsters died, their opponent would already know their presence. And, going by the experience, the probability for the cult to stay low would be high.

    In this big world, when someone really wanted to hide, it would be difficult to trace that person. So, Alice had to act quick. At least, she had to find the cult's base and eradicated it.

    Alice took advantage of the executor's fear and said, "If you cooperate well, I can let you live. I can even let you go. But do you want to cooperate?"

    "Cooperate! I will cooperate." As a human, fear of death was natural. Moreover, the executor was a scaredy-cat, to begin with.

    Alice directly asked where the cult's base was. However, just like she had thought, the executor didn't know. The cult's way of work was secure that the executor only knew the place he should know.

    The executor only knew three important things. The first one was this particular demonic monster's place. He didn't even know where the other demonic monster's location.

    The second thing was the person in charge of kidnapping the people around this area. There were five people that he knew, and one of them was Patrick.

    The third thing was a bar inside a town near the area. That bar was where the higher-ups would give a command to him. So, he had to be at that place at least once a day to check whether there was any new command or not. If he missed, the cult would assume that he was captured by the military and suspended every activity.

    Since the executor woke up late and hurriedly went to retrieve Alice, the executor hasn't gone to the bar today. However, there was still a lot of time left before he was deemed to be missing.

    And that was the first thing to do. Alice forced the executor to cooperate and worked with them. She told him to bring them to the bar and report just like there was nothing happened.

    The executor didn't want to do it. But, he had no choice but to do it. Before the three of them went to the location, Auron used a long-range communication device used by the military to tell the military and their respective members at the other village.

    Although Auron was a player and could tell the other player through an in-game message, he could not do it to the NPC.

    Not long after, the three of them arrived at the nearby town. It was a different town from where Patrick's live.

    Quickly, they passed the town's security check and went to the said bar. Along the way, Alice had briefed the executor on what to do or what to get.

    Not long after, the three of them arrived in front of the bar's location. Of course, the bar only opened at night. However, in the morning and afternoon, they would change to a casual restaurant. Although it was two different businesses, it was a similar business.

    The three of them entered the restaurant at the same time. While the executor at the front, Alice and Auron followed behind him closely. But after they entered, they split. Auron and Alice took a table while the executor went to a long table at the beer corner.

    Just like in the previous town, Alice and Auron assumed their husband and wife's identity. They ordered a menu and watched the executor closely.

    The bartender was cleaning the glass while he spotted the executor came. This bartender was also the owner of this place, as well as the cult's messenger.

    The bartender recognized the executor since he was also one of the cult's members. "How are you?" The bartender asked.

    He knew that the executor must come here for the daily routine. The executor naturally answered, "Fine. Any news?"

    The bartender shook his head, "Nothing new yet. How's your mission this morning?"

    The bartender was also the one who gave the executor information where to pick the sacrifice and every information provided by the bait.

    The executor began to nervous. However, he composed himself and answered, "It is done. After doing this several times, I am still scared."

    Then, after he said that, a new cloaked person entered the restaurant and directly went to the bartender. The cloaked person said in a low voice, "This place demonic monster had died! Is there any offering on going?"

    The bartender shuddered. Then, he slowly turned his head to look at the executor.
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