452 Searching Asyaka Cult 2

    The situation turned intense. The newly arrived cloaked man turned his head and looked at the executor. He knew what the bartender meant by looking at this man in front of him.

    "Are you the one in charge?" The cloaked man frowned and asked.

    The executor had never thought that he would be put in this kind of situation. He didn't know how the headquarter could get the news about this.

    Sweat already formed behind his back. He became nervous. He raked his brain hard to think for an excuse. However, no matter how hard he thought for a reason, he knew he could not escape from this situation.

    "Why don't you answer my question? Are you the one in charge?" The cloaked man pressed further.

    Cornered, the executor launched an attack at the cloaked man. Then, it tried to run. However, the cloaked man already predicted this and blocked the attack. He moved in front of the executor to stop him from running away.

    This commotion garnered everyone's attention, including Alice and Auron. They had already focus on the executor from the first time they arrived here. Then, when the cloaked man entered the restaurant, they knew this man was also from the cult.

    Because of this commotion, the other customers were scared and quickly ran away from the restaurant. Alice never expected this situation to happen, as well. She promptly grabbed Auron's hand and tried to run away.

    Alice decided to abandon the executor. Even though she knew, by doing this, she would lose her lead to the cult, but at least, their identity was safe.

    Unfortunately, the executor saw Alice and Auron were getting away. He didn't want to let them escape unscathed. The executor shouted while looking at Alice and Auron, "Hey, help me! We are friends!"

    The cloaked man turned around to see who the executor shouted at. Inside the crowd, the cloaked man identified two figures who were acting strangely. The cloaked man immediately left the executor and attacked these two figures.

    Alice and Auron were spotted. Quickly, they turned around and blocked the incoming attack. A fight could not be avoided.

    Soon, everyone had left the restaurant. Inside it, only a few people left, the bartender, the cloaked man, the executor, Alice, Auron, and four staff from the restaurant. However, Alice and Auron knew these four staff should also be the cult's members.

    These four staff and the bartender surrounded the executor, so he didn't run away. Meanwhile, Alice and Auron were faced with the cloaked man.

    One of the staff moved and closed the door to the restaurant. He also locked the door. Auron and Alice had nowhere to escape.

    Meanwhile, the executor felt today, his luck had gone. Misfortunes kept coming at him. Surrounded by three staff and the bartender, the executor gave up. He was tired. He knelt down on the ground with both of his hands up in the air.

    Alice looked at Auron. Then, she nodded at Auron.

    Alice charged at the cloaked man. Meanwhile, Auron separated himself and moved towards the kneeling executor.

    The cloaked man aware of Alice's attack and faced her. Meanwhile, the four staff and the bartender had prepared themselves to receive Auron's attack. However, midways, Auron suddenly turned and charged at the cloaked man.

    Auron and Alice knew that this cloaked man should be the strongest among these people. If they could take down this man, it would be easy to subdue the rest of them.

    The cloaked man who was looking at Alice sensed the attack from Auron. However, the cloaked man kept on looking at Alice and ignore Auron's attack. Auron, who saw this, frowned. Did he just been underestimated?

    Alice unleashed her [Fire Bolt]. She chose to use this weak spell because it was quick to chant, and also, in a head-on clash like this, it would be easier for the enemy to dodge the spell.

    Just like what she had thought, the cloaked man moved zig-zag and dodge the [Fire Bolt]. Then, from under the cloak, a silvery sword swept horizontally towards Alice's stomach.

    Alice changed her dagger to block the incoming sword. Clash... both weapons collided. The cloaked man's eyes grew a little bit bigger. He thought that the woman in front of him was weak. He never thought that she could block his attack.

    Auron stabbed his dagger towards the cloaked man's right arm. However, before the dagger could reach the arm, it suddenly stopped and could not move further. It was like there was some sort of transparent barrier between the dagger and the man's clothes.

    Seeing his attack failed, Auron also used his [Fire Bolt]. However, the same thing happened. The [Fire Bolt] hit a hidden layer before it could connect with the man's body and disappeared just like that.

    "What happened?" This was what surfaced on Auron and Alice's mind.

    Meanwhile, the four staff had charged at Auron. They intended to capture Auron. The cloaked man kept on looking at Alice despite the fact there was Auron beside him.

    The cloaked man brandished his sword once more. Alice blocked the attack once more with her dagger. Then, below the cloaked man, a flame burst. It was Alice's [Fire Pillar].

    However, to Alice's surprise, the cloaked man didn't seem disturbed with the flame. It was like he didn't know there was flame underneath him.

    Both Alice and Auron were astonished by this situation. Did this man didn't take damage at all?

    Auron wanted to attack once more, but the other cult members had arrived before him and attack him.

    Alice was so confused about this situation. A thought of despair began to creep inside her mind. However, she quickly shook it, "No! It was impossible for him to not get any damage. There should be some sort of barrier protecting him right now!"

    "If there is some kind of barrier protecting him, I just need to destroy it!" Alice made up her mind and began to intensify her attack.
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