453 Chase 1

    The cloaked man's position inside Asyaka Cult was relatively high. His position was directly under the three founders and directly reported to the three founders. He managed quite many areas on this big scale operation. When he got the news to pull out the troop and investigate the situation, he immediately departed.

    Although the demonic monster's leader could sense that its subordinate died, it could not deduce the exact location where it died. However, the leader knew which subordinate which died. That was why they could figure out the area.

    As the one who maintained the youngest demonic monster's area, the cloaked man was nervous. He knew if he didn't give a good explanation, he could be killed. He spent more effort in this place.

    As a preventive measure, the cult had decided not to use any communication device to inform sensitive information. Moreover, after the incident had happened, the use of such tools was forbidden. The cult didn't know whether the enemies had tapped on their meeting device or not.

    The cult had given three orders. The first was to stay low. Second, the affected area should spend all effort to investigate the matter. Third, to destroy the meeting device. Although the meeting device was not cheap, they could still buy a new one. Their secrecy was the top priority.

    Because of that, the cloaked man could only visit all his managed area one by one on foot. The cloaked man had five regions to manage. He had chosen this place first since this town was the closest to the youngest demonic monster's hiding place.

    However, how could he have guessed that his choice was correct? He directly founded the perpetrator on the first visit. Now, he had to capture this man and woman dead or alive.

    Just like what Alice had guessed, as a higher-up in the cult, the cult gave each of their executives a device. This device was a defensive tool.

    It was planted inside the body. And it could be activated or deactivated. When it was activated, it would form an invisible barrier around the owner. This barrier would reduce the incoming damage by 60%, and it would absorb the reduced damage up to twice the owner's health.

    When deactivated, it would recharge the barrier's health. However, the charging speed was slow. Also, the device could only be activated when 60% of the barrier's health left.

    Of course, there were only a few amounts of this impressive device. Apart from the three founders, these devices only give the executive who had the same position as him. And, inside the cult, there were 5 executives, including him.

    The cloaked man had used up the device and created the invisible barrier. When he was about to start the fight, he had seen Auron and Alice. From the two of them, he had deduced that Alice was the stronger one.

    Although the barrier was quite strong, it was still limited. Meanwhile, he didn't know whether his foes had reinforcements or not. That was why he intended to finish the battle quickly.

    As the stronger one, the cloaked man would focus on Alice first before dealing with Auron. That was why the cloaked man ignored Auron's attack. Moreover, there were his subordinates that could deal with Auron.

    However, to his surprise, Alice was stronger than he had thought. The cloaked man used his sword and slashed on Alice.

    The battle between Alice and the cloaked man was intense. Both of them avoid and counter-attack at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Auron, who wanted to help Alice had busy with the three staff who had been charging at him. The three staff was almost on the same level as Auron. They also cooperated wonderfully. Moreover, space around was not vast.

    Auron blocked an attack from one of the staff. When he was about to counter-attack, the other staff had attacked him as well. He had no choice but to block the incoming attack. This made Auron could only dodge during the battle.

    If this situation continued, Auron would absolutely lose the battle. He glanced at Alice's battle. Alice was still on tried her best to defeat the cloaked man. The situation didn't favor any of them.

    Time passed, 5 minutes after the start of the battle, a bang at the entrance door was heard. It was followed by a shout, "Town's guards! Open the door!! Quick! Open the door, or we will charge inside!"

    It was the town's guards. There was no way this commotion could escape the town's guards. After the incident, there was one of the customers reported it to the town's guards. The guards immediately gathered and went to the restaurant, and here they were.

    This bang made the cloaked man, and the bartender frowned. If the town's guard entered here, it could mess up the situation. On the other hand, Alice and Auron found this was a way of a breakthrough. They had to use this chance to escape.

    However, the cloaked man didn't let Alice went to the entrance door that easy. He kept blocking Alice.

    Meanwhile, from the outside, there was a countdown, "3... 2... 1... Charge!!!"

    It was the guards charging at the door. When the count down reached two, Alice had used her [Flame Cannon]. However, she didn't aim it at the cloaked man. Instead, she aimed at the executor who was still kneeling on the ground.

    Everything happened so quickly. The cloaked man, the bartender, and the executor had never thought this would happen. The executor could not block the attack and die from that spell. Alice didn't want the executor to tell the cult about them, so she had to kill him.

    Then, the countdown reached zero. A second later, the entrance door was opened, followed with a shout, "Don't move!!!!"

    After killing the executor, Alice immediately turned around and quickly charged through the guards who were charging inside. Auron followed behind her. Both of them didn't forget to create havoc by unleashing their spell and blasted the wall and floor.
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