454 Chase 2

    Alice and Auron got out of the restaurant. The town's guards could only saw a shadow leaped over them. They tried to block these two people. However, Alice and Auron had already chanted spell over them.

    Although the spell was not deadly, it was enough to distract the town's guards. This way, Auron and Alice quickly got out of the crowd. They immediately went out of the town.

    As there was a delay in relaying the news from the restaurant to the town's gate, the guards at the gate were not ready to stop Alice and Auron. They managed to get away easily.

    However, Alice and Auron were still not safe. After the two of them ran away from the restaurant, the cloaked man followed behind them closely.

    While following behind Alice and Auron, the cloaked man took out a mini device. He pressed the mini device. There was a beeping red light emitting from the device. Then, the cloaked man put back the device inside his cloak while focusing on chasing Alice and Auron.

    Behind the three of them there were the town's guards who chased them. However, after some distance from the town, the town's guards decided not to pursue further and return to the town.

    Meanwhile, at the restaurant, the leader of the town's guards asked the bartender who was also the owner of this place, "What happened here? Who were those three?"

    Then, the bartender suddenly pleaded using a frightened tone. "Oh, leader, you have to hold justice for my restaurant."

    "This man here was a regular customer at this restaurant," The bartender pointed at the executor's corpse.

    "I never had any bad thought about this man here as he was kind and often visit us. You knew that our restaurant's revenue was quite great. Today, the man here was asking us for a security fee."

    "Of course, I thought it was a joke as he was our regular customer. However, he suddenly broke a chair," The bartender explained while pointing at a broken chair.

    "I was quite surprised by the sudden situation. I thought he was drunk. You knew our business thrived from the alcoholic drink. So, we quite often deal with a drunken man. To anticipate that, we have hired a bodyguard to keep our place safe and to deal with drunken men."

    "Our bodyguard, the cloaked man, had come and tried to escort the man outside. However, that man suddenly attacked our bodyguard. A fight was inevitable."

    "Our bodyguard overwhelm this man. However, we never knew that this man had accomplices. The pair of woman and man was this man's accomplice. The three of them locked down the restaurant and intended to kill us."

    "With the three on one situation, my staff and I had no choice but to help our bodyguard."

    "The situation was turning to our side. We managed to kill this one man. Moreover, you guys came at the right moment."

    "However, we never knew that those two had a trick. They used your arrival to escape and run away. My bodyguard had chased them. But, I am afraid they would escape successfully."

    "Regardless of what you said, we still have to conduct an investigation. Unfortunately, your restaurant will be closed for some time." The town's guards' leader said.

    Auron and Alice were escaping in the direction of the youngest demonic monster's hiding place. They chose that place because it was remote from the town and they had experience fighting there.

    After 5 minutes of moving at full speed, the three arrived in front of the cave. Auron and Alice stopped right in the cave's entrance and looked back at the cloaked man who had just come behind them.

    As soon as the cloaked man arrived, he immediately charged and launched an attack. However, this time, it was not aimed at Alice. Instead, Auron was the target.

    Because there was no one here that could help him fight, the cloaked man had to change his strategy. Previously, he had the help of the bartender and his staff. However, right now, he was alone. So, he had to reduce the enemy's number first.

    Auron took out his dagger and blocked the cloaked man's sword. Meanwhile, Alice already attacked the cloaked man from the side.

    Auron used [Sloth]. Then, he helped Alice to attack the cloaked man. The cloaked man didn't forget to utilize his barrier. His barrier still had 80% of its health left.

    The barrier really frustrated Alice and Auron as their attacks didn't reduce the cloaked man's health at all. Moreover, the cloaked man could still block or avoid their attack, making it more difficult to destroy the shield.

    However, two on one situation was also a difficult situation for the cloaked man. With Auron and Alice's teamwork, although the two of them still took some damage, it was still manageable with the help of potions.

    With Auron's health potions and the cloaked man's barrier, the battle had become a battle of attrition. However, the cloaked man was at a disadvantage since his barrier could not recover when used.

    10 minutes after the battle started this place, the cloaked man's barrier had reduced to 10%. He began to feel more pressure.

    Meanwhile, Alice and Auron had seen the cloaked man's expression. They knew that the situation was not good for the cloaked man. Their spirit rose.

    Auron and Alice began to intensify their attack. Auron used his [Fire Bolt]. Just like the previous attack, the [Fire Bolt] stopped before it hit the cloaked man and disappeared. However, this time, the disappearance of the [Fire Bolt] was followed with a shattering sound.

    Finally, the cloaked man's shield had destroyed. With his shield destroyed, the cloaked man didn't recklessly attack anymore. He moved several steps back.

    The cloaked man was in a dire situation. He wore a grim expression. However, suddenly, he smiled.

    From the east side, a rustling sound was heard. The cloaked man knew what this sound means. It was his reinforcement.
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