456 Blitz Attack 1

    Auron immediately knocked on the door. No, more precisely, he hurriedly banged the door. The situation was dire. After slamming the door three times, the door opened.

    A woman opened the door with an angry tone, "Why are you so noisy!!! Can you knock more politely?!!"

    Auron looked at the woman. He wanted to apologize and tried to explain the situation. However, he was shocked when he saw the woman. The woman was Julia.

    "You!" Julia also recognized Auron as they were coming from the same group.

    However, before Julia could ask further, she heard the commotion. As this village was small, what happened at the entrance could be heard in all villages.

    Julia asked Auron, "What happened? Who is that?"

    "Quick! Help me! He wanted to kill me!" Auron explained quickly.

    "What? Why?" Julia was confused.

    "No time, where is the other?" Auron asked.

    What Alice had given to Auron was the location of the decoy group that the military had sent. When separated, Auron was given the decoy group's place while Alice went to the rest of the group members.

    "Everyone has left investigating, only I am left here alone for the moment," Julia said.

    This village was the first village where the missing person case occurred. That was why the decoy group was stationed here and used this village as their base operation.

    Julia quickly prepared to battle. Not long after, after killing the guards, the cloaked man had chased Auron to the house.

    The cloaked man had known that Auron came here must be looking for reinforcement. When he saw that Auron's helper was another woman, the cloaked man felt worried. As he had fought against Alice, he didn't dare to underestimate this woman.

    The cloaked man attacked Auron. However, he was still wary of Julia's presence.

    Julia quickly chanted her [Wind Bolt]. The cloaked man blocked the incoming spell. Now, the cloaked man knew that Julia was also a mage. However, he could deduce that Julia was weaker than Alice.

    Knowing Julia's strength, the cloaked man's confidence rose. He unleashed his several attacks.

    Julia was also a close combat mage. However, she was still not proficient in a close combat fight. She preferred more to attack from far away.

    That was why when the cloaked man attacked, Auron moved to the front and blocked the attack for her. Meanwhile, Julia also took several steps back and used her spell to attack.

    Although this was the first time the two of them cooperated, they seemed had to know each other for a long time.

    Since his shield had been destroyed, the cloaked man was fighting more carefully. When Auron or Julia launch an attack, he had tried to dodge or block the attack instead of facing it with his body.

    With the cooperation between Julia and Auron, they managed to push the cloaked man into a corner. The cloaked man's health began to decrease.

    However, the cloaked man still tried his best to preserve. He unleashed [Wind Slash] to block Julia's [Wind Spear]. Then, he retrieved his sword as quickly as he could to stop Auron's dagger. Not only that, he tried to kick Auron to make him flinched. It was to prevent Auron from aiming his spell correctly.

    Sometimes this method works, but sometimes it didn't. Five minutes into the battle, the commotion started to gain the village's resident attention.

    "Kyaaahh...!" A horrified scream was heard. It was a teenage girl who was screaming when she saw the guards' corpse. People began to look at the corpse and also saw the battle.

    Mothers started to grab their children and locked themselves inside. Meanwhile, fathers frowned and started to take any tools that they could to use as a weapon.

    With half afraid, the fathers began to approach closer to the battle scene. However, Auron quickly stopped them, "Stop! You are no match and will only hinder us. Just protect your family and report this to the military to ask for help! Quick!"

    Auron knew that even though more than ten fathers here wanted to help, they could surely not do anything in this battle. Moreover, all of them didn't have any military experience. They would be just a burden for Auron and Julia. So, Auron told them to report this to the military and asked for help.

    The cloaked man surely would not let the people do this. He began to shift his attention to the crowd, who was dispersing because of Auron.

    Auron saw this. So, when the cloaked man began to move back to start a massacre, Auron had chased behind him to stop him. Julia also didn't want to be left behind, she also moved closer to them.

    The cloaked man and Auron engaged in battle while moving closer to the village's entrance. Meanwhile, Julia followed the two of them closely and still gave her support for Auron.

    The cloaked man used his [Bash]. However, Auron blocked the attack. Unfortunately, the cloaked man had prepared for his kick to Auron's stomach.

    Auron could not dodge this one. So, he moved several steps back while clutching his stomach. The cloaked man faced Auron.

    Then, the cloaked man seemed to remember his goal coming here and focused back on Auron. He immediately charged to Auron.

    Meanwhile, Julia already launched her [Wind Bolt]. The cloaked man dodged the spell while still charging towards Auron.

    Auron already prepared. He raised his dagger to block the attack. However, suddenly, the charging cloaked man vanished from his front.

    In a split of a second, Auron lost his mind. However, he quickly realized something. He looked behind him-the cloaked man already behind him and in front of Julia.

    The cloaked man already chopped his sword towards Julia, who was defenseless. Julia was surprised. She didn't expect the cloaked man would suddenly appear in front of her.

    Julia tried her best to dodge the chop by moving back. However, her reaction was late. The tip of the cloaked man's sword had grazed her body.
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