458 Double Trouble 1

    Auron and Julia were blasted because of the old man's self-destruction. Fortunately, they didn't die even though they had to consume a lot of health potion. What was more fortunate, there was no other enemy, so they didn't have to be wary to be killed because of the low health.

    Julia, who was still gulping a health potion, also looked weary. Although the battle was over, the previous battle had taught her a lot, especially the blitz attack that a swordsman had. It was really fortunate she had Auron protecting her.

    Julia knew although she had a higher level than Auron and better equipment, she was still lacking a lot compared to Auron in terms of fighting experience.

    Julia wanted to ask something about the situation. She approached Auron, who was relaxing his muscle and focusing on something.

    After the battle, Auron gained another 10 levels at once. It was thanks to the difference in level between Auron and the old man. Moreover, although Julia dealt more damage than Auron, the difference between them was not that much different. It was not like when he fought alongside Alice. The disparity damage between them was enormous.

    Meanwhile, Julia also gained around 8 levels. The reason she got less level was because of the level she had been now. So, even though she gained levels, she didn't that focus like Auron.

    Auron allocated his attributes point directly. He wanted to grow stronger to secure his life. During these recent days, Auron was experiencing a battle with a massive difference in power. Thankfully, all this time, he had a great teammate to help him. However, Auron knew he could never rely on external strength forever.

    Julia approached Auron and asked, "Who is that old man? Is he the source of these missing person cases?"

    Auron glanced at Julia. She owed an explanation from him. Auron invited Julia to go back to the village.

    Because of the old man trying to run away, the battleground had shifted to the outside of the village. Right now, Auron just wanted to relax and sat for a while inside the village peacefully.

    Along the way, Auron explained everything that happened to Julia. Of course, he would omit some detail like Julia's team was a decoy, and his team was the real spearhead for this operation.

    Auron also explained how he, along with Alice, met with Patrick and got in touch with the Asyaka Cult. Next, he explained the lure plan until Auron and Alice met with a new demonic monster. And how they killed all three of them.

    The story continued until Auron arrived at the bar with the executor and met with the old man. Then, he continued until he had to separate from Alice and came to this village.

    "And, that how I ended here," Auron ended his story. In front of him, there was a hot tea prepared by Julia.

    Auron and Julia had come back to the small house. It took Auron around 10 minutes to explain the story. Before Julia could ask further, a knock was heard at the door.

    Julia and Auron both glanced at the door. Then, Julia took the initiative to open the door and greeted the guest.

    The guest was the village's head. Behind him, there were several adults. Auron and Julia knew what these people's intentions to come here. Just like Julia, they wanted some explanation and knew whether their village was safe or not.

    Immediately, Auron and Julia took out their military badge. It was to calm the villager down that they were not their enemies. After that, Auron began to explain the story. Of course, he gave the village fewer detail compared to what he had told Julia.

    "Everything's under control. As you can see that we had also called for reinforcements from the military. The military would replace the dead guards. So, you all can relax but still kept vigilance." Auron assured everyone at the end of his story.

    However, as soon as Auron said that, a shout was heard from the village's entrance. "Run!!! Take cover!!!"

    Auron and Julia immediately went to the entrance, followed by the residents. The two of them had a bad feeling.

    "It is my team leader!" Julia, who recognized the coming person, had said to Auron, who was beside her.

    The said team leader's body was bloodied. There was blood all over his body. Auron and Julia frowned. "What happened?"

    However, before any of the two ask that question, they already got the answer. A shrill roar was heard from outside of the village. It was not close, but it was also not far from the village.

    Auron immediately thought of one thing, the demonic monster had come. He stopped running and shout to the people behind him, "Quick!! Go, evacuate!!!"

    These people didn't immediately disperse because of Auron's sentence and wanted an explanation. After all, Auron had just assured them that everything was safe, but now, he told them to evacuate. Thankfully, the village's head understood what Auron meant.

    The village's head stopped these villagers from asking and led everyone to evacuate. Meanwhile, Julia had come to aid her team leader.

    Julia took out some health potion and gave it to the team leader. She asked, "What happened? Is it that sound that did this to you? What happened to the other?"

    Before the team leader could answer all of Julia's questions, Auron had already cut her and said, "Prepare for battle!"

    Julia looked at Auron. Then, she looked to where Auron was looking, the village's entrance. From outside of the village, two tall silhouettes walked calmly to the village.

    Auron recognized the silhouettes. It was the demonic monsters. Just like the previous demonic monster he had faced, these two also had the same features. The difference was the height of these two.

    The demonic monster who was at the back had the same height as the tallest demonic monster Auron had faced with Alice. Meanwhile, the front demonic monster was taller than the previous one.
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