459 Double Trouble 2

    Based on Auron's previous experience facing this demonic monster, he knew the taller the demonic monster, the stronger it was. Meanwhile, the demonic monster at the front was stronger than the previous one.

    Auron knew that the three of them could not deal with these two demonic monsters.

    "Be careful! They are so strong!" Julia's team leader warned them.

    Although he didn't recognize who Auron was, he would come from the military since he was with Julia.

    "I know. I have fought against three of them previously along with Colonel Alice," Auron said while frowning.

    "And, I could not do much against them."

    "These demonic monster's strength could be seen by its height and long limb. The one at the back should have the same level as Colonel Alice. Meanwhile, the one at the front should be stronger than the previous one." Auron quickly told them what he knew.

    Hearing this, Julia and her team leader looked at Auron. Alice's strength was entirely known inside the military. Although she was just a Junior Colonel, to reach that rank, one should have sufficient strength.

    And, now, they even had to face one that was stronger than that level. Maybe, at the rank of Senior Colonel or even General level.

    "What should we do?" Julia began panicking. She had joined the military to train herself and tried to show her prowess to the world even though she didn't have big backing.

    All this time, Julia's decision proved to be correct. The level of the mission that the military provided had managed to stimulate her fighting skill. However, Julia still wasn't ready yet to face a strong opponent with a vast disparity between them.

    When facing a battle that she could not win, Julia's confidence began to crumble. However, Auron quickly assured the situation, "We have to hold until the reinforcements came."

    Auron had reminded Julia that they had called a back up previously when they fought against the old man.

    Julia's team leader looked confused. He didn't know about the old man that attacked the village before, so he didn't know about any reinforcements. However, he didn't ask anything and just believed with what Auron had said.

    The demonic monster's leader had sent these two to help the old man. The leader wanted to know who killed its subordinates and tortured the perpetrators.

    On the way to this village, these two demonic monsters found Julia's team leader and the rest of the group. These two demonic monsters would not let their prey go away. They immediately chased them.

    With only 4 of them, Julia's team members could do nothing against these two. So, they had intended to save the team leader so he, along with Julia, could evacuate the villager.

    However, the team leader never thought that the demonic monsters would follow them this quick.

    The two demonic monsters were at the village's entrance. These two looked around. And, they knew there was much food around them.

    The two demonic monsters spotted the team leader who escaped previously and saw the two people beside him. The two knew that the three people in front of them were the ones they had to defeat.

    Without further ado, the two demonic monsters immediately attacked Auron, Julia, and the team leader. The three of them immediately assumed a battle position.

    Auron and the team leader were at the front. Meanwhile, Julia was at the back of the two of them.

    The attack arrived. The team leader had received the taller demonic monster's attack while Auron blocked the attack from the other one.

    Although the two of them managed to block the attack, the two of them were pushed back by the demonic monsters' sheer strength.

    Julia and Auron immediately unleashed their chanted spell. Two spells aimed directly at the shorter demonic monster.

    Auron and Julia had the same thought. They had to quickly eliminate the weakest enemy first. That was why their attack aimed at the same monster even though they never communicated it before.

    The demonic monster saw the incoming spell. It tried to dodge both of the spells. But, it could only manage to dodge one of the spells.

    Even though it got attacked, it didn't bother the shorter demonic monster at all. It only flinched for a sec before attacking Auron once more.

    Meanwhile, the battle of the taller demonic monster against Julia's team leader also intense. The taller demonic monster was focusing on killing Julia's team leader. On the other hand, Julia's team leader tried his best to survive and bought some time until the reinforcements had come.

    Auron, Julia, and the team leader should be the winning side in these three versus two situations. However, in reality, what happened was the opposite.

    The battle had lasted for 5 minutes. However, the situation was bleak for Auron's side. Auron and the team leader had a difficult time maintaining their position. The two of them kept being pushed back by the demonic monsters.

    Even though Julia didn't stop supporting them, but it seemed that Julia's attack didn't bother the demonic monster. If the demonic monster could dodge it, they would dodge it. If it could not, then it didn't matter, and they took the attack calmly.

    Slash... Julia's team leader was clawed by the taller demonic monster. There was a deep wound across the team leader's body. He was on the critical end.

    Of course, the demonic monster didn't know about mercy. It immediately attacked the team leader who was lying on the ground.

    The lying team leader could not defend himself. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate. He only prayed that the other two people could survive and saved the villager.

    A few seconds later, the lying team leader still could feel pain. It means he didn't die yet. He opened his eyes. The taller demonic monster in front of him was furious.

    However, the demonic monster didn't saw him. It also didn't look at Auron or Julia. The demonic monster already turned around and looked behind.
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