460 Reinforcements 1

    Julia's team leader knew what this means. The reinforcements that Auron said had come. He quickly stood up and made some distance with the demonic monster.

    Meanwhile, Auron and Julia also saw the incoming attack that stopped the taller demonic monster from killing Julia's team leader.

    Then, Auron looked at the village's entrance. He saw two silhouettes were there. It was Alice who came with a man, the bulky husband.

    When Alice and Auron separated, Auron had come to this village while Alice went to the husband and wife pair team. Actually, Alice was anxious about Auron's situation since she knew that the cloaked man was the one who chased him.

    Alice could hope that Auron managed to arrive at the village and got some help from Julia's team. Fortunately, midway to the husband and wife team, Alice met with the husband and wife team, who were out of their place to hold some investigation.

    Seeing Alice was chased, the two people immediately helped Alice to eliminate the two vice executives. After killing the two people who chase her, Alice didn't waste any time. She quickly explained the situation. Then, she told the wife to meet up with the other members and went to this village where Auron was.

    Meanwhile, Alice and the husband would go to this village first to see the situation here. Alice was surprised when she arrived here. She could not found the cloaked man here. Instead, she saw the demonic monster.

    Just like Auron, Alice immediately knew that the taller demonic monster was stronger than the demonic monster she had faced before.

    However, it didn't shrink her confidence. After attacking the taller demonic monster, she looked at the husband and nodded. The two of them immediately attack the demonic monster.

    Alice went to the taller demonic monster while the husband when to the shorter demonic monster. Auron was already overwhelmed by the demonic monster's attacks.

    Seeing another opponent came, the shorter demonic monster kicked and swept Auron with its long limbs. Auron was thrown away. However, he was not sad. Instead, he felt brightened since he knew that the reinforcement had come. His burden quickly lessened.

    However, of course, Auron still could not relax. He quickly stood up and wanted to help the other members.

    The battle situation had turned around. However, it was still not enough to secure the victory. Alice was still battling the taller demonic monster. As soon as she engaged in a battle against the taller demonic monster, she quickly felt the difference with the previous demonic monster.

    Alice had felt the pressure. She knew that she had lost in almost every aspect. However, it was still not easy to kill her despite all of the disadvantages.

    With the help of the husband, Auron's side started to get stable. Alice and Julia's team leader was facing the taller demonic monster two versus one. Meanwhile, the shorter demonic monster had to fight against three of them.

    Although the demonic monster was outnumbered, the demonic monster was still on the winning side. The fight became balanced after Alice, and the husband joined.

    Five minutes passed after Alice joining the battle. The situation still didn't change. If this situation continued, Alice knew that they would win.

    Alice had called the other members, and when they came here, the balance would be toppled to their side. So, now, they had to do their best to maintain the situation and not make any mistake. It would be great to bring the situation to their favor now, but it was not a mandatory right now.

    Meanwhile, the taller demonic monster became more wild and brutal in its attack. It knew they were at the enemy's place. Reinforcement could come anytime. If they didn't finish the battle quickly, they would be surrounded.

    Alice also got pushed back because of the demonic monster's intense and fierce attacks. At Auron's side, the shorter demonic monster also got fiercer.

    However, unlike the taller one, the shorter demonic monster's situation didn't look good. With the addition of the husband's strength, the situation got under control. Moreover, with less pressure, Julia was slowly getting calmer. Hence, her attacks became more deadly.

    Auron also didn't stay idle. Although Auron's damage was low compared to Julia and the husband, he supported the two.

    Cut wounds began to be seen on the shorter demonic monster's body. The taller demonic monster had seen the situation and wanted to help. However, Alice and Julia's team leader had blocked it from coming over.

    The shorter demonic monster's health slowly to go down. If this short demonic monster died, the situation would greatly favor Auron's side. However, the demonic monster could do nothing.

    Another 10 minutes passed. The shorter demonic monster's health was already depleted by half. Auron's side confidence was slowly rising up.

    Another 5 minutes passed, from the village's entrance, a group of three people had arrived. It was the wife and the other team members.

    The newcomer quickly saw the scene and knew what to do. The three of them immediately walked over and separated themselves into two groups. The wife went to Auron's side to deal with the shorter demonic monster while the rest two members went to Alice's side.

    With this addition of new members, the demonic monster's side would surely lose the battle. Auron's side's confidence was brimming.

    However, before the three of them could join the fight. A quick black shadow attacked them from behind. The shadow attacked the two members that went to help Alice.

    The two members quickly reacted. One of them blocked the attack. However, the other one had responded late. He got clawed by the shadow.

    The shadow didn't stop there. After clawing one of the members, it quickly thrust its long arm. The thrust was deadly. It quickly penetrated the member's stomach and made quite a big hole.

    Blood dripped from the hole while the attacked member tried his best to press the wound to stop the injury. However, it was futile.
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