462 Reinforcements 3

    After moving a step forward, the tallest demonic monster looked to Auron's side to Alice's side. It seemed like choosing its destination.

    A second later, the tallest demonic monster vanished from its spot. It already dashed towards Alice's side.

    Alice had been ready to receive the attack. However, to her surprise, the tallest demonic monster attacked the team leader beside her.

    Even though the team leader had kept an eye on the demonic monster, he was not ready when the attack happened. He tried to raise his sword to block the stab. However, the stab went through before the sword could be appropriately raised.

    The demonic monster's claw made a hole on its middle chest right below the team leader's neck: one attack, one kill.

    The demonic monster pulled out its arm. Then, it spatted the blood on its claw. It glanced at Alice.

    Upon seeing the glance, Alice shuddered. She had already a difficult time defeating the middle demonic monster even with the team leader's help. However, now a stronger one had looked at her, she could not help but feel afraid.

    However, Alice still tried her best to fight. She raised up her dagger, indicating she was ready to fight. Inside, Alice had thought that she had to change her strategy.

    With that, Alice chanted her [Fire Wall]. Then, she turned back and ran to Auron's side. Her strategy was to kill the shortest demonic monster. Although she knew it was difficult, at least she had tried.

    Alice went to the shortest demonic monster who was still engaged in battle. With Alice's help, the battle immediately turned to Auron's advantage. The shortest demonic monster had never thought that Alice would come here.

    Meanwhile, Auron and the husband had been watching over the tallest demonic monster's movement. So, they already knew that the tallest demonic monster had killed Julia's team leader.

    Then, they saw that Alice had sprinted towards them. And, they tacitly understood what Alice wanted to do.

    Auron and the husband had coordinated with Alice and immediately went all-out attack to the shortest demonic monster. They hoped that they could at least made the shortest demonic monster had a sliver of its health left. It would be even better if they could kill it.

    As Alice joined the fight, the shortest demonic monster immediately overwhelmed. It tried to run away from the battle and joined its teammate. However, Auron's side would not let it happened.

    They immediately surrounded the shortest demonic monster-several hit connected with the shortest demonic monster's body. A chunk of its health was gone. However, it was not enough to kill the shortest demonic monster.

    When Auron and the others wanted to follow the attack, the other two demonic monsters arrived. Previously, when Alice had chanted the [Fire Wall] and turned around, the two immediately charged through the [Fire Wall] and chased Alice.

    It was fortunate for the demonic monster that they arrived before their teammate died. Meanwhile, Alice and the husband had received the attack from the two demonic monsters thrown away and crashed to the ground.

    Julia and Auron immediately chanted [Ice Wall] and created a separation between the two sides.

    Of course, these [Ice Wall]s could only hold for a few seconds before it was destroyed by the demonic monsters. Auron was the one at the front and had to face the two demonic monsters' attacks.

    Auron raised his dagger and blocked the tallest demonic monster attack, but the sheer power of the attack was enough to blow him away for several meters away.

    Meanwhile, the middle demonic monster who had lost its target changed the target to Julia. Before the attack could reach Julia, a [Fire Pillar] sprouted at its position and stopped its attack.

    It was Alice who chanted the [Fire Pillar]. With the demonic monster flinched because of the spell, Julia took this chance to push the demonic monster [Wind Cannon].

    Julia immediately moved away after she unleashed that spell and reunited with her teammate. The battle went to square one. However, it was apparent that Auron's side was on the losing side.

    The demonic monsters were furious. It had to stop playing. However, when the demonic monster wanted to attack, the sound of soldiers marching was heard outside the village.

    Of course, only the demonic monsters could hear the sound as the soldiers were still quite far away from the village. These soldiers were the real reinforcements that Auron had waited for. When the tallest demonic monster heard this sound, it knew they had to escape right now.

    It held its attack and immediately brought its two teammates to escape. Although they didn't know the level of the reinforcement but they knew the numbers were not small. And, it would be a nuisance to escape from that many people.

    Meanwhile, Auron and Alice had realized the demonic monsters tried to escape. They were confused about how the situation progressed like this.

    However, Auron felt relieved since he knew that they would be the loser if they continued battling like this. On the other hand, Alice had a different thought. She immediately got up and chased the demonic monster. She specifically aimed at the youngest demonic monster.

    From behind, she charged and attacked the demonic monster. The attack connected, and the youngest one was in pain. Then, the other two immediately helped and blasted Alice away once more.

    The demonic monsters didn't kill Alice as they had more important things to do, to escape. In the end, the three demonic monsters managed to escape safely.

    Not long after the demonic monsters escaped, Auron and the others heard the sound of the soldiers coming. And, now, they knew why the demonic monsters ran.

    The leader of the soldiers went over and saw the devastated look on the village. He also recognized Alice and immediately went over to report. Alice, who was in pain because she was thrown twice in a short time, took over the command to treat the wounded and checking the villager.
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