464 Enemys Base 2

    Alice didn't know whether this number was enough or not to raid the enemy's base. However, she could not wait longer.

    A few minutes later, a group of people went out from the military branch in batch. It was done this way so as not to take too much attention. Although it was still dawn, it was better to be more careful.

    Alice led the soldiers and arrived at the spot where they stopped before. Several meters in front of them, there were several tents and semi-permanent houses built. Although the enemy's base was out in an open field like this, it was difficult to find this place.

    First thing first, nobody would ever think that there was a cult based in this place. Second, people rarely passed by this area because there was nothing here. Lastly, several cult members were stationed here in disguise as a traveler. These people would drive away the passerby using a soft method like spreading a rumor or acted sick.

    Alice then spread the soldiers to cover the entire area. She didn't want any enemy escape. Five minutes later, every soldier was in position. They were ready to ambush the enemy's base.

    Auron, Julia, and the husband and wife pair were joined in the leading group. This leading group was led by Alice personally, and it would act as a vanguard for the other groups.

    When Alice was about to give the order to attack, a person got out of one of the semi-permanent houses. Alice knew that someone who got out of this semi-permanent house should be had a higher rank.

    Alice halted the attack. She waited until the person got out of the place. Alice gave two people orders to follow the person when the person had moved far away from the base.

    Then, Alice gave the order to raid. As soon as she gave the order, every soldier who was stationed immediately attack the base.

    The cult's members were not ready. Some of them even were still sleeping when the attack happened.

    When the attack happened, the enemies were panic. Some of them tried to fight back. However, of course, with fewer numbers, the resistance was quickly defused.

    Some of them also tried to escape. However, Alice's net trap was proved to be working. The enemies who ran away was quickly apprehended.

    This ambushed was a big success. There were around 100 enemies in the base. 10% of them tried to fight back and killed, while the rest gave up any thought of running away and surrender.

    No death occurred on Alice's side. There were only some soldiers that got light injuries.

    This big success was contributed to two things, the surprise attack at dawn and the advantages of the number. It was really fortunate that the enemy's number was around 100. Also, there was no demonic monsters' present here.

    If there were demonic monsters present here, Alice was sure that there would be a death toll. Alice was afraid that at least half of the soldiers would be killed.

    When the base's situation was almost sorted out, Alice took Auron and the others and some soldiers. This was not over yet. Even though this was the cult's base, only a few members had a higher rank in the cult. Moreover, the three founders were not yet to be found.

    Alice and the other followed the trace where the previous person went out. Not long after, they met with one of the soldiers who were tasked to follow the person.

    "Report! There was another base near here. And, the person had already got inside." The soldier reported to Alice.

    Alice nodded. Then, she told the soldier to go back to the enemy's base to call for reinforcements.

    Since they found another base, they had to take until the root to eliminate this cult. Alice and the others went forward.

    Not long after, behind a bush, they met with the other soldier tasked to follow the person. The soldier saluted to Alice, and he began to explain everything.

    Up ahead, there was a shallow river. There were many trees and bushes around here. After crossing the river, one could find a path that was going uphill.

    If one followed the path going uphill for another five kilometers, they could find quite a big city at their front. It was one of the busiest cities in the northern territory.

    However, from what the soldier had said, the person didn't go uphill. Instead, the person had followed the river and got out right after walking several meters forward. It was a place right beside the path going uphill.

    When the soldier followed the person, he found a cave covered naturally with trees and thick bushes around the area. However, the soldier decided not to explore the cave. He asked his teammate to report it back while he watched the cave for any movement.

    "Is this the true cult's base?" Auron had thought inside his head. This place was more fit to be called as a base instead of the last site.

    These questions also popped out inside the others' minds. Then, suddenly, Auron got enlightened, "No, this must be the demonic monster's lair!"

    Auron, who was very sure about this sudden enlightenment, shared his thought to the others. The others pondered for a bit. In the end, they had agreed to what Auron had said. The probability for this to be the demonic monster's lair was high.

    If this was the demonic monster's lair, this number of people would not be enough. Alice asked the soldier to call the other and moved quickly. Alice wanted to use the fact that it was still almost 5 in the morning to raid the lairs.

    Meanwhile, Alice and the others replaced the soldier's place to observe the cave. While waiting they create a strategy on how they would raid the lair. Of course, they had to take note of every situation. Not long after, the soldier had come back with 300 soldiers behind him.
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