465 Enemys Base 3

    Inside a dark room, there was quite a lot of presence here. More than 10 presences could be detected in this small and darkroom.

    Among those numbers, five of which were the demonic monsters, including the leader. The rest was the cult's higher-ups, including the three founders. These people were discussing how they would advance from the current condition.

    "How is your injury?" The leader asked the injured demonic monster.

    The mentioned demonic monster answered politely. It said that even though it had not fully recovered yet, but it was much better than before. Meanwhile, the other demonic monsters, who also got into a battle with Auron and the others, were fully recovered since their injury was not that severe.

    "How is the situation right now?" With its subordinates were safe, the demonic monster's leader turned to the three founders.

    The demonic monster had relied on the cult to progress in this world. It was because the cult had operated longer than the demonic monster. Of course, the last decision would still on the demonic monster's leader hand.

    "We have informed all of our members to go back. Although not all of the members had gathered back, 80% of them had come back."

    "And, from the information we received, it was the military's work who killed your youngest."

    Bam... The demonic monster's leader punched the room's wall. It was so furious.

    "Remember, you have to take revenge if you could!"

    "Rest assured! We will! One of our executives was also killed by the military." The leader of the cult assured the demonic monsters.

    "So, what is our plan now?" The demonic monster's leader asked.

    "We have to move our base's location. After the morning came, I will separate the people into several groups and dispatched them. Later, we will regroup at our new base's location. This was also why we seek your agreement to move." The cult's leader explained politely.

    The demonic monster's leader pondered, "Okay, but we will move in a group."

    What the demonic monster's leader means was that the demonic monster would go in one group. It didn't want to be separated as it was afraid that more victims would occur.

    "No problem! Let us all here move in one group!" The cult's leader said, which followed by the nodded of the cult's executives.

    In the current situation, the cult's leader knew that going with the demonic monsters was safer than going alone.

    "Okay. When do we move?" The demonic monster's leader asked.

    "After this, I have to get back to the camp first and to sort things first. After everything is sorted, we can start to move. I predict it will take around 1 hour from now."

    Knock... Knock... There was a knock on the door. Then, the door opened.

    A man came in, and he immediately knelt on the floor. The man that had just come in was the person from the camp that Auron and the others had seen.

    "Report! 90% of our members had gathered. As for the rest, I have held them to hide at their own respective place and wait for further notice."

    This man was tasked by the cult's leader to record the members' location and wait at the camp. After he finished arranging everything, this man was coming here to report the situation. And, that was when the man was followed by the soldiers.

    "Good! Moved to the side."

    Then, the meeting was continued for a bit with the cult's leader explaining the evacuation plan's detail.

    "Okay, that's all the plan. Now, please excuse me. I have to arrange for my members. After that, we can immediately depart."

    The demonic monster's leader didn't say anything. Instead, it raised its hand and ordered the shortest to escort the cult's leader. It was to show respect to the cult's leader as a partner.

    The shortest demonic monster went to the door and opened it for the cult's leader and its executives. The executives went outside of the room first one by one. When they passed the shortest demonic monster, they nodded their head to show some respect.

    Although the executives were stronger than the shortest the demonic monsters, they still showed some respect because they knew there were strongest demonic monsters behind them.

    The three founders were the last ones to go out of the room. When the cult's leader was passing the shortest demonic monster, he stopped. The leader frowned. After that, it approached the shortest demonic monster.

    This movement was seen by everyone, including the demonic monster's leader. When the cult's leader was close to the demonic monster, it asked for permission to look at the demonic monster's injury at the back.

    The shortest demonic monster glanced at its leader. The leader nodded its head, showing its agreement. It wanted to know what the cult's leader would do.

    The cult's leader touched the demonic monster's back injury. The demonic monster cringed a bit because of the pain.

    The cult's leader groped the injury. A few seconds later, the cult's leader took out a mini thing. The thing was the same size as an ant.

    The cult's leader took that thing in front of his eyes and observed carefully. Then, it showed it to everyone present.

    The demonic monster's leader stood up because of the discovery. It wanted to know what was that small thing.

    Even though the demonic monster's leader was confused with that thing, it was not for the other founders. They knew what that thing was.

    The cult's leader frowned and said, "This thing is a tracking device. This place is exposed! We have to get out right now!"

    The cult's leader didn't take long to decide. He knew that the enemy was going to prepare this place. However, he didn't know how the enemies' preparation's progress was. But, they had to get out right now.

    However, as soon as the cult's leader said that, a commotion was heard at the cave's entrance. Several spells hit the wall, followed with a scream from the executives that went first.
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