466 Raid The Base 1

    Auron was waiting outside the cave across the river. Behind him, there were already 300 soldiers that surround the cave's entrance.

    All of them were waiting for Alice's sign to start the raid. It was only a matter of time before the plan was executed.

    All of these soldiers were approaching the cave slowly. Then, a few seconds later, Alice heard movements from inside the cave. And, the sound was slowly coming to them.

    Without waiting any further, Alice gave the sign to attack. All of these soldiers immediately went inside the cave with Alice as the lead. Of course, not all of the 300 soldiers could get inside the cave at once. The cave entrance was small, only two up to three soldiers could go inside at a time.

    Fortunately, the surprise attack was a success. Alice at the lead immediately launched her strongest spell to the enemies at the front. The enemies were not ready and took a clean hit.

    Then, several soldiers went passed Alice and gave another beating to the fallen enemies. In a swift, all of the cult's executives were captured. There were only the three founders left for the cult.

    Alice continued to lead the troops. She knew it was a disadvantage to fight in a cave, like this. That was why she used the element of surprise on her attack to defeat the enemies.

    Of course, the element of surprise could be used once in a battle. That was why, after defeating the executives, Alice could not use this anymore since the enemies already knew about their presence.

    Two soldiers advanced forward. They spotted a door. When the soldiers were trying to see what was inside, two heads flying and with a thump, the body slumped down to the ground lifeless.

    The other soldiers behind these two soldiers immediately raised their weapons. However, it was too late, another two heads were flying in the air.

    From inside the room, the three founders walked outside. They immediately launched another attack. However, this time, Alice had already gone forward and blocked the attack. She was pushed back several meters.

    Heal immediately poured over Alice. Alice's health was back to full again. The three founders kept on pushing Alice. Besides Alice, Auron, Julia, and the other soldiers also launched their attack on the three founders.

    These three founders were strong. They were on the same level as Alice. Moreover, when fighting together, they became a lot stronger than Alice. It was fortunate that Alice had a lot of soldiers behind her.

    The battle reached a stalemate, Alice and the soldiers could not advance forward, but the three founders could not push Alice back.

    In the middle of this push and pull, a hand grabbed at the door from inside the room. Alice was surprised to found out that there was another presence inside the room. She thought that it was just the three founders here since there was no sign of help.

    When she saw the hand, Alice was shocked and immediately shouted, "Back out!!!"

    Alice recognized the hand. It was the hand of the demonic monsters. She knew that she could not fight against the demonic monster. Moreover, the narrow place here was so small that her number advantage could not be used fully.

    Slowly, from the soldiers at the most back, they quickly come out of the cave. It was like an ant coming out from its home.

    And, just like what Alice had thought, the demonic monsters were really coming out of the room. It was not one but two of them came out of the room.

    Alice was nervous when she tried to escape. However, after several meters of moving back, she realized that the enemies didn't chase them. But, she didn't stop escaped until Alice arrived at the mouth of the cave.

    From the cave's mouth, Alice could saw the two demonic monsters and the three founders stood in front of her and stared at her.

    Not long after, the three founders went inside the room. However, the two demonic monsters still waited outside and stared at Alice.

    Alice didn't go inside to fight against the two demonic monsters. After seeing their presence and the three founders that came inside the room once again, she knew that there were more demonic monsters inside. Alice was so sure that the demonic monster's leader was inside that room.

    The battle of stare between Alice and the two demonic monsters was ongoing. However, neither of the groups wanted to move first. While staring Alice said lowly to the soldiers beside her.

    Alice was giving the soldiers several commands. When battling inside before, Alice had observed the situation. And, she found out that there was no backdoor. So, it would mean that these demonic monsters and the three founders would charge at them to escape.

    Alice was waiting while giving several commands. She had to prepare until the final battle began. She knew that with this many soldiers, it was not enough to stop the demonic monsters. But, they still could give the demonic monsters and the three founders some damage.

    However, giving them damage was not enough, Alice wanted to stop all of these right now.

    One hour passed by and there was still no movement from the demonic monsters. Orders had been passed and the captured executives had been delivered to the military base. Meanwhile, Alice's numbers had increased a little bit.

    It was still difficult to amass a lot of soldiers at once. Moreover, it took time for them to arrive here.

    A few minutes later, the three founders came out of the room once more. Behind them, there was another demonic monster that followed them. As soon as the three founders got out of the room, Alice quickly shouted, "Prepare for battle!!!"

    Before Alice's shout faded away, the three founders and the three demonic monster already charged at them.

    Alice, Julia, Auron, and several other mages in the soldiers quickly chanted their spells. Some of them used attack spells while the rest used their wall spells. It was not to damage the enemies but to stop their charge and bought some time.
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