467 Raid The Base 2

    However, the rain of spells was not enough to stop these three demonic monster's charge. Moreover, the three cult founders also took the lead with their shield activated. These three founders absorbed most of the damage.

    Bang... At the cave's entrance, a collision happened and created a shockwave. Several soldiers were flying away from inside the cave.

    The demonic monsters and the three founders had made their way out of the cave. However, they were quickly surrounded.

    In this expansive space, more soldiers could join the fight. Alice took the lead and watched the battle occurred.

    The 6 enemies were surrounded. Although the soldiers were no match against these 6 enemies, they could hold on with the help of their number and cleric supporting them.

    One of the cult founders was also a cleric. He kept on using his area heal spell. He also didn't forget to chew on the mana potion. This battle becomes a battle of attrition.

    The demonic monsters could not advance forward, but they could not back down as well. Meanwhile, the soldiers had used their number of advantages, according to Alice's strategy.

    After getting hit, the front line soldiers would back down, and the soldiers behind them would take their spot. Then, the previous front line soldiers would recover using health potion or anything necessary. This rotation made the enemies felt like there were endless soldiers, even though only half of the soldiers joined the fight.

    However, even though the current situation was pretty good for Alice's side, she didn't want to relax. She joined the fight along with Auron and the others.

    With Alice and the others joined the fight, the soldiers' burden lessens. On the other hand, the enemies' pressure increased.

    The battle already lasted for 10 minutes. The three founders who used up their invisible shield had tried their best to preserve the shield's health and killed as many as they could. However, the result was clearly not good for them.

    Each of the three founders' shield's health had gone down to below 20%. On the other hand, the total soldiers that they had killed only amounted to 50 people.

    Compared to 300 soldiers, 50 soldiers were only slightly above 10 percent. Moreover, they had sacrificed a lot in terms of their shield's health. This was thanks to Alice, Auron, Julia, and the husband and wife pairs. All of them, along with some soldiers, made the demonic monsters busy.

    Compared to the three founders, the demonic monsters' situation was better. As the three demonic monsters were stronger, they had killed around 30 soldiers. Not only that, but there was only little damage to them.

    Of course, if this situation continued, then the demonic monster's side would be the one who lost the battle. Moreover, the reinforcements from Alice's side were still on their way here.

    When everyone was focusing on their respective battle, a shadow leaped out from inside the cave. This shadow quickly helped the demonic monster who was fighting against Alice, Auron, and the others.

    This shadow was the strongest demonic monster here. Even the demonic monster's leader could not compare to its strength.

    The demonic monster didn't afraid that its subordinate would betray it when it was stronger. It was already programmed that its subordinate would forever become loyal to the leader. Even if the leader told them to kill themselves, they would not think twice before doing it.

    This strongest subordinate was supposed to be at the leader's side. However, the situation was not looking good to them. That was why the leader had ordered its subordinate to join the fight and open the way.

    Meanwhile, the leader was left alone inside the cave. It observed the battle but didn't join the fight. Its strength was the weakest here. It was even weaker compared to its youngest that Auron had killed previously. The demonic monster's leader's current strength was almost the same as an ordinary soldier's strength.

    As the strongest demonic monster joined the fight, the death toll on Alice's side increased significantly. In just a minute after it joined the fight, 10 soldiers could not be saved even with the help of clerics.

    Alice and the soldiers had to give extra effort to defend their life. But, the number advantage still helps a lot.

    All of the three founders' shields had been destroyed. With their shield destroyed, their instinct to survive kicked in. They fought more carefully and also slowly shifted their battlefield and approach the demonic monster's battlefield.

    On the demonic monster's side, most of the soldiers were concentrated here. Auron and Julia were the ones that led a fight against the shortest demonic monster here. It was a continued fight from the village.

    When the battle started, this shortest demonic monster had only 70% of its health left. And, after more than 10 minutes of fighting, Auron and Julia along with the soldiers managed to reduce its health to 15%.

    This was not only because of Auron and Julia's contribution, but there was Alice's contribution. Alice knew that she had to reduce the demonic monster's number. And, to achieve this, they had to focus on one demonic monster. However, if they do this, the other demonic monster would create havoc.

    In the end, Alice had decided to secretly send soldiers little by little to join Auron. And, she had to endure the responsibility of the soldiers that she sent over. It was not such an easy feat, but she forced herself.

    The shortest demonic monster also felt its death was near. However, when it tried to look for help, the other demonic monsters were also busy with their business.

    15... 14... 13... 12... As the health's percentage kept on going down, the shortest demonic monster could not help but cry for help.

    And, at that moment, the strongest demonic monster had joined the fight. Alice who saw this immediately took the lead to stop the strongest demonic monster.

    Auron also saw this and increased his firepower.
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