468 Raid The Base 3

    Although Alice got blown away because of the demonic monster, she dragged her body to block the demonic monster. It was fortunate that there were several clerics reserved to support her exclusively.

    Each time Alice was blown away, she managed to delay the strongest demonic monster for a few seconds.

    Meanwhile, on Auron's side, he and Julia were on steroids. They kept on focusing their strongest attacks on the shortest demonic monster. The soldiers beside them also pouring their attacks on the shortest demonic monster.

    The shortest demonic monster was overwhelmed with this many attacks. It tried its best to survive. However, attacks kept on connected to its body.

    10... 9... 8... 7... No matter what the shortest demonic monster did, it could not stop its health from going down.

    The distance between the strongest demonic monster and the shortest one was getting closer and closer. Several soldiers sacrificed their lives just to make the strongest demonic monster busy.

    However, in the end, all of these people including Alice could not stop the strongest demonic monster from arriving at the shortest demonic monster place.

    Meanwhile, the shortest demonic monster only had 2% of its health left. Auron was in hurry. Julia used [Wind Cannon] and attack the demonic monster. On the other hand, Auron approached the demonic monster and used [Fire Bolt]. The shortest demonic monster roared in pain.

    A little bit more and the strongest demonic monster would reach its destination. It wanted to attack Julia who was at the back. However, before it could launch an attack, Alice had come forward and used her body to block the attack trajectory. Not only that, but Alice also used [Fire Lance].

    However, Alice didn't aim for the strongest demonic monster. Instead, Alice's [Fire Lance] was launched at the shortest demonic monster who was desperate to block all of the attacks.

    Auron was approaching the shortest demonic monster. He dodged the demonic monster's left jab. Then, a [Fire Lance] hit the shortest demonic monster's chest and made it flinched.

    Auron quickly moved to the demonic monster's back. Although the demonic monster was the shortest one among all of the demonic monsters, it was still taller than Auron.

    After moving to the back of the demonic monster, Auron stabbed his dagger from behind its back right in the center of the demonic monster's back. He also used [Flame Cannon] and attack the same spot where his dagger pierced.

    With those attacks, the shortest demonic monster's health depleted. The shortest demonic monster slumped down and died.

    As soon as the demonic monster died, Auron leveled up. With his contribution, Auron managed to get 5 levels from this demonic monster. However, before he could allocate his attribute points, a body had flown and landed in front of him.

    A stream of heals immediately poured upon the landed body. It was Alice who had blocked the attack of the strongest demonic monster. She stood up and wiped the blood that trickled from her mouth.

    Although Alice was in pain, she was excited as their goal was achieved. They had managed to reduce the number of the demonic monster by one.

    Right now, the current situation of the battlefield was chaotic. On the enemy's side, the three founders were still alive and quite healthy. Even though Auron had managed to kill one demonic monster but there were still 4 demonic monsters including the leader. It was fortunate that the demonic monster's leader could not join the fight as it was too weak.

    On the other hand, Auron, Julia, Alice, and the husband and wife pairs had endured a lot. They used a lot of potions even though they had the support of clerics. Also, from the original 300 soldiers, there were around 160 soldiers left. Almost half of the soldiers had died.

    Auron and Julia quickly adjust to the current battlefield situation. They quickly moved and engaged battle with another demonic monster. Meanwhile, Alice had marked the strongest demonic monster.

    At the husband and wife pair, the battle was going balanced. The demonic monster who they fought had 70% of its health left. Meanwhile, the husband and wife pair had full health. It was thanks to the potion they had carried. Not only that, the demonic monster could not use any potion to recover. If the demonic monster could also drink potion like them, it would be a disaster.

    Although it had been more than 30 minutes and the demonic monster had only reduced by 30%, it was such an achievement. It was because the soldiers allocated to these two people were the least among everyone here.

    These husband and wife pair could achieve such a feat because of their teamwork. If the two of them fight alone, then their power was not that much. However, when they fought together, their power increased exponentially.

    After working together for such a long time, they only need to glance at their partner and they could know what their partner wanted to do. Because of this teamwork and the fact that the wife was a cleric, they could slowly dwindle the demonic monster's health.

    The three cult's founders had slowly joined the demonic monsters' battlefield. They could achieve this because some portion of the soldiers was allocated to kill the shortest demonic monster.

    However, as the shortest demonic monster had died, the three founders began to feel pressured once more. However, they had joined hands with the demonic monsters.

    The speed of the soldier's death increased. Slowly, the number of soldiers here also diminished.

    Alice had also realized the number of soldiers had slowly gone. However, she could not do anything because she had to keep up with the demonic monster or it would escape. She could only hope that the reinforcements would come quickly.

    Auron and Julia had shifted and faced the new demonic monster. This demonic monster was stronger than the previous one. However, they could not choose since the other options were worse.

    When Auron was about to start the battle, suddenly, a piece of good news had arrived, the reinforcements had come.
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