469 Cults Founders 1

    There were 150 soldiers in the incoming reinforcements. Although the number only half of the original number, these soldiers were more elite than the previous soldiers. It was great fresh help for them.

    As soon as these 150 arrived here, they immediately found a position and fill the empty spot. When the enemies saw this reinforcement, they frowned.

    This was what they afraid of if they didn't get out of here immediately. There would be endless enemies coming to them. The strongest demonic monster roared. They had to change their strategy.

    With the three cult's founders' help, the enemies quickly rotated and found a new enemy for themselves.

    Auron and Julia, who was supposed to fight against a demonic monster, were now facing the three founders. Meanwhile, the demonic monster who was supposed to fight against Auron and Julia moved to fight against Alice. On the other hand, the strongest demonic monster had moved to block the reinforcements.

    Their enemy's strategy had changed to let the strongest demonic monster reduced the enemies' number. The strongest demonic monster immediately moved to face the reinforcements.

    Although these soldiers were elite, they were still weaker compared with the demonic monster. Moreover, not all of 150 soldiers could fight against the demonic monster immediately. Only around 10 soldiers that could fight against the demonic monster at once.

    Auron saw that the demonic monster who was supposed to be his enemy walked away. When he was about to chase the said demonic monster, three shadows came up to him and blocked him.

    The three founders' class were thief, swordsman, and cleric. And the swordsman was the leader among the three.

    The swordsman took the lead and directly used his [Blitz Attack]. He went passed Auron and went to Julia directly. Throughout the battle, the swordsman had observed the battlefield. There were only several individuals that were stood out among Auron's side. The leader had figured out that Julia and Auron were among those individuals.

    Although both Auron and Julia were mages, The cult's leader had chosen to kill Julia first. Auron was a close combat mage, and usually, to kill a close combat mage was more difficult than killing a non-close combat mage.

    Moreover, the leader had a companion that he could trust the thief. He knew that the thief could distract Auron for a bit while he killed Julia.

    Auron had also realized the swordsman was using a [Blitz Attack]. However, before he could turn back, the thief had used his [Quick Attack] and targeted Auron. He could not help but block the thief's attacks instead of helping Julia.

    Meanwhile, on Julia's side, she had learned her lesson. When she knew that she was dealing with a swordsman, she was ready to receive this kind of surprise attack.

    Julia flung her body to the side. A sword stab missed her body. Then, she directly used [Wind Bolt], the quickest spell to chant to retaliate.

    Not only that, but the nearby soldiers also help Julia. Two soldiers came and helped her. After launching the [Wind Bolt], Julia quickly maintained some distance and left the close combat to the two soldiers.

    The cult's leader was quickly surrounded by two soldiers, and another two were on their way. He knew the risk when he was doing this [Blitz Attack]. So, before the situation got worse, he turned back and attacked Auron from the back.

    Auron was getting a pincer attack from the front and the back. He sensed the attack from the back, but he was still busy dealing with the thief's attacks.

    Julia, who was already in a safe position, didn't let the swordsman did what he wishes. She created an [Ice Wall] between Auron and the swordsman.

    The swordsman's attack met with the [Ice Wall] and created a crack on the wall before destroying it. Although the [Ice Wall] could not contain the swordsman's attack, it was enough for Auron to dodge the attack.

    Auron moved to the side to dodge the swordsman's attack. Then, he moved to the back to join back with Julia and the other. When he was backing out, the soldiers around him already moved past him and helped him.

    However, the three founders didn't let them getting surrounded. The three of them had already divided their task. The thief was tasked to deal with the soldiers coming to them while the swordsman was tasked to deal with the strong individual. Meanwhile, the cleric was supporting the two of them.

    Auron and Julia, along with four soldiers, counterattacked. Auron led the four soldiers and charged at the swordsman.

    Clang... Auron's dagger met with the leader's sword. Then, the two soldiers beside Auron chopped at the leader. Meanwhile, the other two soldiers were trying to attack the cleric. However, they were blocked by the thief.

    Seeing there were attacks incoming to him, the cult's leader used his [Aura's barrier] and received the attack. He had to take this risk if he wanted to move forward. It was unfortunate that his shield had been destroyed, or he didn't have to worry about this attack.

    After taking the damage with his barrier, the leader used [Whirlwind Slash] to drove Auron and the two soldiers away. Auron and the two soldiers had pushed away.

    But, the leader didn't stop right there. He followed up on his skill. However, he didn't target Auron. Instead, he picked one of the soldiers first. A stabbed to the soldier's calf and followed with a slash to the soldier's forehead.

    The other soldier wanted to get up. However, the cult's leader stomped his foot and made the soldier could not get up. He pulled up his sword from the other soldiers and stabbed it into this soldier's chest twice.

    To ensure that both of the soldiers had died, the leader gave them a stab to their heart once.

    The incident was so quick that Auron, who was near the two soldiers, reacted late. He had just stood up when the leader had given a stab to the two soldiers' hearts.
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