470 Cults Founders 2

    Two out of four soldiers who helped Auron and Julia had died. However, there was no time for grief as the cult's leader attacked Auron, who just stood up.

    Auron moved to the side to dodge the attack. Then, he slashed his dagger. A [Fire Bolt] also followed the dagger's slash.

    The cult's leader deflected the dagger's slash with his sword. Then, he raised his hand and grabbed the incoming [Fire Bolt]. It was such a barbaric move. Moreover, the pain the cult's leader had to bear was unimaginable.

    Although it was a barbaric move, it proved to be effective. Auron had never thought that the leader would use this kind of move when he could dodge the attack.

    Auron was unprepared when the cult's leader's sword slash coming at him. However, Auron still tried to dodge the attack. The sword slashed Auron's right shoulder.

    Two heals enveloped Auron and brought his health to full once again. The same situation also happened to the cult's leader. A heal enveloped him as well and increased his health.

    In this kind of war, a cleric was a crucial class. It could change the tide of battle with its support. What was fortunate, there were more clerics on Auron's side rather than on the three founders' side.

    Although the cleric on Auron's side was weaker than one of the three founders, numbers could cover its lack of power.

    Julia was helping the two soldiers to fight against the thief. Everyone knew the one who eliminated the cleric first would hold the tide of the battle. That was why Julia tried to get rid of the thief who blocked the soldiers' path to attack the cleric.

    Julia used her [Wind Cutter] and aimed at the thief's body. At the same time, the two soldiers each used their skills on the thief.

    The thief had to face three attacks at the same time. The thief used his dagger to block one of the soldier's attack. Then, he turned his body to dodge the other attack. At that time, the [Wind Cutter] had arrived. The thief used [Blur].

    The thief's body faded for a second, and the [Wind Cutter] went through past his body. After a second passed, his body materialized back, and he quickly used [Aim Back] to teleport to one of the soldiers' back.

    When the thief arrived at the soldier's back, he used [Back Stab] and combo it with [Deathly Stab].

    Two stabs went through the soldier from its back. One pierced through the soldier's heart while the other one stabbed the soldier's nape.

    The targeted soldier experienced an immediate death. The other soldier reacted. He swung his sword and tried to slash the thief. However, the thief had already jumped back and made some distance.

    The sword missed the target. However, the thief didn't stop right there. As soon as he landed on the ground, he immediately dashed forward and slashed up the soldier's neck.

    Fortunately, the soldier could react well. He raised his sword in a hurry. The thief's dagger met with the soldier's sword.

    When the soldier thought that he was safe, the thief grabbed the soldier's arm, held the sword, and pulled the soldier hard. The soldier was not ready with this pull. He limped forward.

    When the soldier was limping forward, the thief already pulled his dagger back and gave another stab to the soldier's neck. This time, the soldier could not react appropriately when the dagger arrived and pierce his side neck. The thief pulled out the dagger, blood gushes out of the wound, and quickly the soldier's body slumped down to the ground.

    Julia was taken back by how quickly the thief killed the two soldiers. She had tried to help the last soldier using her [Wind Bolt]. However, before the [Wind Bolt] could arrive at the thief, the thief already stabbed the soldier's neck.

    The thief ignored the [Wind Bolt] and received it like it was a breeze of wind. A second after that, a heal came out on top of the thief and brought his health back to full. The thief stood up straight and gazed at Julia.

    Julia shuddered by the thief's gaze. She knew she had been marked by the thief. However, of course, it would not be easy for the thief to move to her since many soldiers around them were aiming to kill the cleric behind him.

    Just like now, another three soldiers already came up to him and replaced the two dead soldiers' place.

    On Auron's side, he also got help from another three soldiers. The cult's leader had to face against four people, Auron, and three soldiers.

    Auron had known the cult's leader's strategy. He would dwindle down the number of soldiers first since they were easier to kill. That was why, this time, Auron chose to act as a support. He would run help when the cult's leader tried to kill the soldiers.

    Auron's strategy was proved to be successful in preventing the soldier's death. After 5 minutes, there were no casualties from the three soldiers. However, the swordsman's attack also got fiercer and fiercer. He knew he had to quickly kill these soldiers or, sooner or later, he would be overwhelmed.

    Another two soldiers joined the fray and helped Auron. The swordsman started to lag behind in his attacks. Some attacks were connected to his body. Fortunately, the cleric was ready. Heal would be poured out when he was in a critical situation. It was difficult for the cleric to support two people at the same time.

    The thief tried to help the swordsman. However, he was blocked by the soldiers and also Julia. The swordsman could not take this anymore. He had to do something. He put his hand inside his cloak.

    The swordsman took out another sword from inside his cloak. The swordsman had changed to use a two-sword style. Just like a mage who could use [Walking Chanting], a two-sword style swordsman was rare.
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