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    [Dual Wielding] was the name of the skill needed to use two weapons on each hand. This skill could be learned by all classes. However, even someone had learned this skill, there was some exception like someone could not use two bows or use two-handed swords on each hand.

    However, this skill was still useful for archer or mage, or cleric, because they could use the dagger on each of their hand. Of course, to use it skillfully, one had to have an experience in close combat.

    There were two ways to learn a skill. The first one and the common one was through a skill book. People had to look for the skill book from the monster's drop or get from somewhere else.

    The second way was learning on their own like what Auron had done in [Walking Chanting]. Of course, the second way was very difficult. Auron was very fortunate that he could learn [Walking Chanting] on his own. Also, one thing to keep in mind, Auron got some knowledge from the military's library that helped him.

    Meanwhile, throughout the time Auron had played this game, there was no trace of this [Dual Wielding] skill books among the players' possession. Not only that, for all of this time, Auron only saw several high leveled NPC that had used this skill.

    Actually, one didn't need to have [Dual Wielding] skills to use two weapons on each hand. If Auron wanted, he could also use two swords right now. However, he didn't want to do that.

    When one dual wield weapons, there was a penalty on the second weapon without the skill. The second weapon would only do 10% of its damage. Moreover, the player needed to learn to divide his or her attention on both hands.

    However, all of that penalty gone when one learned the [Dual Wielding] skill. Unfortunately, there was no trace of the [Dual Wielding] skill books.

    Seeing the cult's leader use a two-swords style, Auron was confused. Why now?

    Did the opponent didn't have the skill and used it on his whim. However, by doing that, he should know the penalty.

    If the opponent had [Dual Wielding] skill, why he just use it right now?

    These questions surfaced on Auron's mind. However, he didn't have enough time to think about the answer. The cult's leader already used both of his swords to block and attack Auron and the four soldiers at the same time.

    Auron quickly raised his sword and blocked the attack. The same things happened with the four soldiers who also raised their weapons and stopped the attack.

    The cult's leader's attack was blocked. He quickly jumped back and used his skill [Wind Slash]. The skill came out from the leader's right weapon. At the same time, his left weapon also unleashed a purple aura.

    The leader had also used [Aura's slash] on his left weapon. He had used two skills at the same time. Both slashes went in different directions.

    When the leader had used these two different skills simultaneously, Auron knew that the leader had mastered the [Dual Wielding] skill. If one didn't learn the [Dual Wielding] skill, they could not do this.

    Of course, the leader didn't use the same skill on both of his weapons but because of the restriction. It was the cooldown restriction. When one had used a skill with one weapon, it immediately went cooldown. So, the other weapon could not use the same skill and had to use the other skills.

    This way, a swordsman could use multiple skills at the same time. It was similar to a mage [Dual Casting]. Of course, mana consumption would increase. However, everyone who had used [Dual Wielding] had known about this increased mana consumption for a long time.

    Auron faced the leader's [Aura Slash]. Meanwhile, the four soldiers faced the [Wind Slash].

    Bang... Auron received a significant impact from the attack. He was blown away several meters back. Auron was positively sure that the cult's leader had really mastered the [Dual Wielding] skill with this attack. The strength of this attack should be the normal strength of the cult's leader.

    Auron was blown away. The same thing happened to the four soldiers who face the [Wind Slash]. All of them could block the skill, but they were pushed back because of the skill's strength.

    When the fours soldier wanted to counter-attack, the cult's leader was already in front of them. The cult's leader chopped his right sword. The targeted soldier raised his sword horizontally to block the attack. However, because this was too sudden, the soldier could not use his full power. Fortunately, the soldier could hold the attack.

    When the soldier blocked the cult's leader attack, the cult's leader stabbed at the soldier's stomach twice using his left sword. Then, he kicked the soldier's stomach.

    The soldier was pushed back because of the kick and collided with another soldier at his back. When this happened, the cult's leader had gone to the next target, the soldier to the first soldier's right.

    The soldier attacked first. He trusted his sword. The cult's leader deflected the soldier's attack with one sword and struck with the other sword.

    The cult's leader cut the soldier's wrist. And, he didn't stop right there as he turned his body 180 degrees and did another chop to the soldier's head.

    After killing that soldier, the cult's leader turned back and crossed both of his swords to block an attack. It was Auron's attack.

    Auron had come to a stop the cult's leader. However, he was also surprised that the cult's leader had already killed two out of the four soldiers in such a short time. Auron had attacked as soon as possible but he still late and two soldiers were the victims.

    After the cult's leader had used two swords, his firepower immediately gone up. Auron felt pressured. He knew that this battle would not be an easy one even though they had more numbers on their end.
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