474 Taking a Risk 3

    Without any source of light, Auron could not see at all in this dark room. On the other hand, the demonic monster could see well in this darkness. It was proved by how the demonic monster could perceive where Auron at and attack him correctly.

    In the darkness, Auron could do nothing at all. He had tried to swing his dagger, but his dagger only slashed wind.

    Auron chanted his [Fire Bolt]. When Auron summoned the [Fire Bolt], the room lit up for a brief moment. He could see his surrounding. However, most of the room was still dark.

    Auron could not see any demonic monster's location. He looked around him carefully. Auron was still at the entrance of the room, at the opposite side of the room was still dark.

    With a small [Fire Bolt] above his hand, Auron began to walk to the middle of the room. However, how could the demonic monster let this happened?

    When Auron took a step forward, he could hear a movement from the darkness. Auron tensed up and tried to be more focused. Auron still could not deduce the exact location of the demonic monster's leader.

    Auron took another step. No sound was heard.

    When Auron took the third step, a shadow sprung to him from within the darkness. Auron threw the [Fire Bolt] towards the incoming shadow reflexively.

    The shadow was the demonic monster's leader. When the [Fire Bolt] coming towards it, the demonic monster's leader deflected it using its right arms. Then, with its left arm, it choked Auron and pushed him to the wall behind Auron.

    Auron was held to the wall and could not move. It was dark, and he could not even see the demonic monster's leader right in front of him. However, he still could feel the choke at his neck.

    Auron chanted [Fire Ball]. A ball of fire formed in his hand. Then, it threw it in front of him. In such close range, the demonic monster's could not dodge it and received the [Fire Ball] right on its stomach.

    Auron could smell the smell of a burned flesh. The demonic monster's leader cried in pain. It released Auron and held its stomach.

    Auron coughed. However, he quickly regained his composure back. Auron still could not see in the dark. However, since the demonic monster's leader was close to him, he could somehow sense the target.

    Auron quickly darted towards the demonic monster's leader. Using his dagger, Auron slashed in front of him. He didn't care whether his dagger missed the target or not.

    The demonic monster's leader saw this and it quickly jumped backward and moved away while holding the pain. Auron lost his target once more.

    At the cave's entrance, the three founders had arrived. However, they didn't go inside. Instead, all three of them were fighting against Julia and the soldiers around her.

    Meanwhile, the strongest demonic monster was on the way to the cave. Along the way, several attacks were aimed at it. However, the demonic monster ignored it and bravely took the attack.

    Because of that, the strongest demonic monster could arrive quicker at the cave even though there was quite a distance between the demonic monster and the cave.

    As soon as the strongest demonic monster arrived at the cave's entrance, it immediately went inside the cave and directly went to the room.

    Inside the room, Auron was still tried his best to defend against the demonic monster's leader's attacks.

    Learning from the previous lesson, the demonic monster's leader did a hit and run attack inside the darkness. This way Auron could do nothing to counter-attack.

    Auron frowned and gritted his teeth. He thought that it would be an easy feat since the demonic monster's leader was weaker than him. However, the demonic monster's leader had used the darkness to torture him.

    In this darkness, Auron could not deduce where he was at. Even he had lost the position of the room's door. So, even he wanted to escape, Auron didn't know which direction he should go.

    Bang... When Auron was frowning and thinking about what to do, the door to the room had been blasted away. The light had shone from the outside. However, since this was deep inside the cave, only a small portion of the light could illuminate the room's entrance.

    At the room's entrance, there was a black silhouette. It was the strongest demonic monster that had arrived inside the cave.

    Auron's heart throbbed fast. He was doomed.

    Auron had difficulty fighting against the demonic monster's leader. And, now, the strongest among them all had come. How could Auron not panic?

    However, in this situation, Auron tried to calm his mind. He knew if he could persist from these two demonic monsters, he could escape.

    Because the strongest demonic monster had barged inside the room, Auron could know where the entrance as well as the exit from this place.

    The strongest demonic monster moved and approached its leader. Auron saw that the strongest demonic monster didn't move in his directions. He thought, "A chance!"

    Auron also dashed towards the exit as fast as he could. He even used his swordsman movement skill.

    Meanwhile, the strongest demonic monster had arrived beside the leader and made sure everything was okay. The demonic monster's leader roared and commanded to attack Auron. With that, the strongest demonic monster disappeared from the leader's side.

    Currently, Auron was close to the exit. A few more steps and he could exit the room. Auron could see a glimpse of hope. He could survive from this.

    However, when Auron one step away from exiting the room, from behind, a shadow leaped and punched at him from behind.

    Auron was pushed forward and slammed the opposite wall. That shadow was obviously the strongest demonic monster.

    The strongest demonic monster charged towards Auron and punched at Auron's head. Sensing the danger, Auron moved his head to the side.

    The demonic monster's punch missed Auron's head and met with the wall. A crack was formed on the wall.
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