475 Survive

    Auron chanted [Fire Ball]. He was in almost the same situation as when he was with the demonic monster's leader. Auron hoped that the same solution could work.

    Unfortunately, Auron's hope was not happening. Before Auron could finish his chanting, the demonic monster's knee already arrived on his stomach. It hit Auron's stomach very hard that the wall behind Auron cracked.

    Auron coughed out blood. He slashed out his dagger, intending to distract the demonic monster.

    However, the demonic monster grabbed Auron's wrist easily. Then, it formed another fist and punched Auron on his face.

    Auron quickly slanted his head. The fist that was supposed to hit Auron's nose moved and hit Auron on his cheeks.

    Auron could feel the pain all over his body as well as his face. The demonic monster wanted to claw Auron using its sharp nail.

    Auron used [Earth Spike] and attacked the demonic monster's from behind while holding his pain.

    Auron's [Earth Spike] connected successfully to the demonic monster's back. However, it didn't stop the demonic monster from attacking. The demonic monster clawed Auron's chest. Three lines of wounds formed on Auron's chest. Blood seeped out from the injury.

    Auron was hopeless in this situation. These three attacks from the demonic monster had reaped more than half of Auron's health. Two or three more attacks and Auron would die.

    However, at that moment, from outside of the cave, a [Wind Cannon] passed the three cult's founders and hit the demonic monster from the side.

    It was Julia's spell. Although the [Wind Cannon] didn't do much damage, it made the demonic monster staggered and losing its balance.

    At this moment, Auron immediately escaped to the outside. He even used everything he could use. He had used all of his swordsman's movement skills. Auron didn't even care if his secret would be exposed.

    Auron zoomed out towards the exit. The demonic monster who had staggered had regained back its balance. Seeing Auron tried to escape, the demonic monster dashed and chased Auron.

    The demonic monster was faster than Auron. In no time, it was already behind Auron. It immediately threw a punch. Auron's back was punched by the demonic monster.

    Because of that punch, Auron lost his balance and blown forwards towards the exit. Auron didn't know whether he had to be happy or not for this situation. He got some speed boost from the punch.

    Auron flew towards the cave's exit. He only had around 20% of his health left. Auron, who had thought that he could exit the cave safely, had to rethink.

    What was waiting for Auron was not the empty ground. Instead, it was one of the cult's founders, the thief.

    When Auron was escaping, the commotion could not escape the three founders. They quickly readjusted their position. The swordsman took all of the soldiers while the thief moved back and received Auron.

    Auron had escaped from the tiger only to find that he was sent to another tiger. The thief used its skill and aimed at Auron, who was flying towards him.

    Auron could do nothing. He could only point out his dagger towards the thief. Obviously, the thief would not hit by such a naive attack.

    The thief side steps and moved to the side. Then, it slammed Auron from above. Auron, who was flying away, got hit by the thief's attack from above. He stopped abruptly and crashed on the ground hard. Auron's health was reduced to 10%.

    "Is this the end?" Auron thought. He was only about three or four more steps from exiting the cave.

    The thief would not let Auron laying down peacefully. He had adjusted his dagger and wanted to stab Auron from above.

    However, before the thief's dagger could hit Auron, a [Fire Bolt] had gone inside the cave and hit the thief from the side. Also, a heal for Auron followed up the [Fire Bolt].

    The thief flinched from the [Fire Bolt]. Auron got his hope back. He quickly stood up and dashed once again towards the exit.

    Finally, with that final sprint, Auron could escape from the cave. Since he was in a hurry, his balance was not perfect. When he came out of the cave, Auron rolled out on the ground several times before stopping.

    Auron looked ahead, and he could see Alice as well as the husband and wife pair. The [Fire Bolt] and heal that helped Auron were from Alice and the wife.

    Since Auron had employed the risky strategy, the battlefield had changed a lot. With the strongest demonic monster gone, the elite soldiers scattered around the battlefield. The two demonic monsters that left outside of the cave had died.

    Alice's demonic monster was the first victim. Alice was the strongest among everyone on Auron's side. With the elite soldiers' help, it quickly killed the demonic monster who could not focus on the battle because its leader was in danger.

    After killing that demonic monster, Alice and the soldiers quickly help the husband and wife pairs. Overwhelmed by the number, that demonic monster was eliminated rapidly as well.

    With all of the demonic monsters got eliminated, Alice and the others could help Julia, who was handling the three founders. When they arrived at the cave's entrance, they could see the commotion where Auron was chased by the strongest demonic monster.

    Alice and the husband and wife pair quickly helped him. And, here was the result, Auron survived even though only a sliver of his health left.

    Auron heaved a relieved sigh. Not only because he survived, but also because his strategy had worked. When he saw Alice, he knew everything went well, and the two demonic monsters had died.

    Auron stood up and moved back. A cleric came up to heal him. Alice tapped Auron's shoulder and said, "Good work!"

    After saying that, Alice went ahead and helped Julia faced the three cult's founder and the strongest demonic monster who had come out as well. Auron felt most of his burden lifted up.
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