476 Turn Around 1

    Auron was waiting for the cleric to fully heal him. There was only one cleric that was assigned to him. Also, this cleric was the weakest among all of the clerics dispatched here.

    Alice was charging over to attack the enemy's cleric. Behind her, there was the husband from the husband and wife pair.

    However, before Alice could reach the cleric, the thief had already blocked her path. The strongest demonic monster also joined the fray.

    After losing Auron, the strongest demonic monster was so furious. It was a humiliation for him to not be able to kill a human beneath him.

    The cult's leader, the thief, and the strongest demonic monster blocked the cave's entrance. Behind them, there was the cleric that supported the two cult's founder. They utilized the small cave entrance to filter the number of opponents they could fight at once.

    Alice and all of the soldiers were having a difficult time breaking through this barricade. However, they knew this was only a matter of time before the enemy's resources were depleted.

    Alice's goal right now was to complete this conquest with as minimum death as possible. If this conquest ended with their victory, but they had to shoulder many soldiers' death, it could not be considered a win.

    Up to this point, there were already many casualties. However, the deaths could still be accepted since they had to eliminate two powers, the Asyaka Cult and the demonic monster.

    Alice moved back for a bit. Her position was replaced by the husband. The reason Alice moved back was to coordinate with the soldiers' commander.

    After five minutes, Alice was back. She had already finished delegating her orders to the other soldiers. At this moment, Auron had also finished healing. He was preparing to get back.

    Auron had already received Alice's command from before. He was assigned to fight against the swordsman, aka the cult's leader, along with Julia and the soldiers.

    Meanwhile, the husband and wife pair was exclusively targeting the thief. On the other hand, Alice, along with the elite soldiers, will fight against the strongest demonic monster.

    Alice's strategy was to grind the strongest demonic monster's health bit by bit. The reason Alice took this strategy was because of the fact that the cleric could not heal the demonic monster.

    If Alice focused out on the cult's leader and the thief, it would take some time since they could be healed. And, the demonic monster would be free to attack them.

    Moreover, even though the demonic monster could not be healed, but their natural regenerative ability was strong to begin with. It was thirty times stronger than a player when they were out of combat. When they were in combat their regenerative ability was ten times stronger than a player.

    That was why, if the demonic monster was left alone, they could be a nightmare and caused a lot of casualties.

    Before Auron joining the combat, he saw inside the cave. He could see the three cult's founder and the strongest demonic monster were blocking the entrance. Meanwhile, Auron vaguely noticed the demonic monster's leader was looking at him with a furious expression behind them.

    However, Auron didn't take it to his heart. He knew that the demonic monster's leader could do nothing in this battle. Previously, it could win against Auron because of its ability to see in darkness.

    If the two of them fought again outside the cave, Auron believed he would crush the demonic monster's leader.

    Auron ignored the demonic monster's gaze and moved to join the battle. He walked to the cult's leader's position.

    Auron glanced at Julia and nodded at her. Julia got the sign from Auron, and she began to use her strongest skill to distract the cult's leader.

    At the same time, as Julia unleashing her strongest spell, Auron was also charged to the cult's leader. He used Julia's spell to give a two-pronged attack to the cult's leader.

    Slash... The cult's leader just chopped one of the soldiers attacking him when he saw Julia's spell. He tightened the grip of both of his swords.

    Then, the leader used his [Aura's blast] to deflect Julia's spell. Meanwhile, his other sword was used to block the soldier to his right.

    Auron hid behind one of the soldiers. He wanted to launch a surprise attack. The cult's leader blasted the soldier to his right. Then, from behind that soldier, Auron jumped and wanted to chop the cult's leader.

    Unfortunately, the cult's leader had already aware of Auron's attack. So, calmly he raised his sword to block Auron's chop.

    Auron had already used his strength. However, a dagger was not mean to use for chopping. So, Auron's attack was blocked with ease.

    Although the cult's leader could block the attack easily, he could see that Auron's attack was not so simple. As a mage, the strength that Auron had shown was not the strength of an ordinary mage. Moreover, as a mage, they could only use a dagger.

    The cult's leader swept Auron away. Then, using the other sword, it stabbed Auron.

    Auron rolled his body on the ground to dodge the stab. Then, while laying on the ground, he threw [Fire Bolt] at the cult's leader.

    In such a close range, normal people would not be able to block this attack. However, the cult's leader was not a weak person.

    Using one of his swords, the cult's leader deflected the incoming [Fire Bolt]. Then, it tried to attack Auron once again.

    However, before he could launch his attack, the cult's leader had sensed other spells coming towards him.

    The cult's leader canceled his attack and moved to block Julia's spell. A soldier to his left attack the cult's leader body. However, the cult's leader ignored the attack and focused more on Julia's spell.

    The cult's leader successfully deflected Julia's spell. But, he also got attacked by the soldier on his left shoulder. A heal followed to the cult's leader's body afterward.
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