477 Turn Around 2

    After deflecting Julia's spell, the cult's leader glanced at the soldier who attacked him. He brandished his sword towards the soldier.

    The soldier blocked the cult's leader attack. However, the cult's leader had two swords. Using the other sword, the cult's leader swept his other sword from the bottom diagonally upward.

    The soldier was not prepared for this attack. Moreover, the cult's leader's strength was not a joke. The soldier tried to move back for a bit. However, he was too late to react.

    The tip of the cult's leader's sword grazed his body. Not only that, but the soldier also lost his sword. His sword flung away before landing a meter behind him.

    The cult's leader changed his posture and stabbed both of his swords to the soldier's chest. However, before the stab could reach the soldier, Auron's [Fire Bolt] from the side hit the sword's blade. It changed the course of the attack and missed the soldier's chest.

    The soldier quickly retreated back. However, cold sweat already filled his forehead and all over his body. He was only a step before death. Fortunately, Auron saved him.

    The cult's leader gritted his teeth. He was disappointed to not be able to kill the soldier. However, he quickly dispersed that thought as he looked over at Auron and attacked him.

    Auron summoned an [Earth Wall]. The cult's leader's attack met with the [Earth Wall]. However, the [Earth Wall] got pierced through by the sheer power.

    Auron already anticipated this to happen. As soon as he summoned the [Earth Wall], he quickly jumped back. So, when the cult's leader's sword pierced through the wall, Auron already far from the sword's reach.

    Meanwhile, Alice, along with two elite soldiers, were pressuring the demonic monster. Their goal was to deplete the demonic monster's health slowly while maintaining their safety.

    The three of them actually were weaker than the demonic monster. However, each of them got a private cleric to support them. Moreover, there was also archer's support from behind them.

    Time passed by. There were several casualties on the soldier's side. Meanwhile, the demonic monster's health was already decreasing over time.

    Currently, the demonic monster only had 30% of its health left. It was such a slow and long process to reach this point. The cult's founders also felt more pressure as the demonic monster's health reduced to this point.

    The cult's founders knew that when the demonic monster died, then all of these soldiers in front of them would pour out at them and captured them at ease. Moreover, their resources had already low.

    After this long battle, the cult's founders almost out of their potions. The same thing also happened to Auron's side. However, Auron still could occasionally provide the soldiers with potions through his so-called 'cheat'.

    The cult's leader racked his brain on how to escape this situation. While fighting, he occasionally glanced at his two teammates. However, his two teammates' situation also not good.

    Another five minutes passed by. The demonic monster's health was reduced to 28%. It was such a slow and steady process.

    Alice looked at the overall situation. And, everything went on as her expectation. It would be difficult to stop the cult's founder since they had the support of the cleric. However, it was not the case for the demonic monster. The demonic monster would die sooner or later.

    When the demonic monster died, it was the time to deal with the three cult's founders. Alice smiled at the current situation.

    However, it was not the case for the three cult's founders. As time passed by, the three cult's founders' expressions sunk.

    The cult's leader gritted his teeth. Then, he unleashed his two area skills using his two swords. After releasing those skills, he didn't follow up with another skill. Instead, he shouted at his two teammates, "Follow me!!!"

    The cult's leader quickly moved and broke through forcefully at the soldier's barricade. The thief and cleric followed him closely from behind.

    The soldiers saw that the three founders tried to break through their encirclement, so they quickly filled the empty spot.

    However, the three founders moved quickly that the soldiers didn't manage to stop them from escaping.

    Meanwhile, the demonic monster also saw this, and it could not react in time. Moreover, with Alice and the elite soldiers around, it could not respond quickly.

    The demonic monster was left by the three founders. However, the three founders never thought of escaping along with the demonic monsters, to begin with. They had left the demonic monster to divide the enemies' attention while they were escaping. This was proved by the three founders that didn't communicate with the demonic monster at all. Moreover, when the three founders escaped, they never looked back once.

    "Chase them!!!" Alice shouted.

    Alice could not let the three cult's founders escape. They had reached this point. If they allowed the cult's founders to escape, it would be a massive loss for them.

    Following Alice's order, Auron, Julia, and husband and wife pairs and several soldiers chased the three founders.

    Meanwhile, Alice and the rest of the soldiers stayed here and fought against the demonic monster about meeting their end.

    The demonic monster who was left alone was so furious that it went berserk. The demonic monster's attack power and speed increased by 50%.

    However, the demonic monster's defense was also reduced by half. Not only that, but its mind had been clouded with attacking. They would only attack the enemy and disregard any incoming attack.

    Alice and the elite soldiers who were fighting against the demonic monster was shocked by this change. However, they quickly changed and adapted to the demonic monster.

    With the demonic monster's defense reduced, the demonic monster's health began to drop rapidly. In no time, the demonic monster had only 5% of its health left.

    After another minute, the demonic monster's health dropped to zero. The demonic monster roared and glanced at its leader with teary eyes before falling to the ground, dead.
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