478 Turn Around 3

    Alice walked past the demonic monster's corpse and went inside the cave. Although the demonic monster had passed away, its leader still alive.

    The demonic monster's leader was standing still and didn't move at all. Inside its mind, it thought about many things.

    The demonic monster's leader could not believe what happened these past hours. It had never thought that its clan would disappear today.

    The demonic monster's leader was still trying to find out at what point everything had gone wrong. Was it wrong to cooperate with the human? Or, was it wrong to spend all of his levels to create many subordinates at once? Or, was it wrong to pick this place as the hideout?

    When the demonic monster's leader was still thinking, Alice approached the leader slowly. She had to be careful, afraid that the leader would attack her.

    At this point, Alice was thinking about how to subdue this demonic monster's leader. She wanted to bring back this demonic monster to the military base for interrogation.

    All this time, the demonic monster's leader didn't move at all. Alice was closer and closer to the demonic monster's leader.

    When Alice was several steps away from the demonic monster's leader, the demonic monster's leader suddenly moved.

    This small move alerted Alice. She raised her dagger in front of her. The demonic monster's leader roared and laughed out loud like it had gone insane.

    Alice frowned. But, she still approached the demonic monster's leader slowly.

    Suddenly, the demonic monster's leader raised its limb and pierced through its brain using its claw.

    Yes, the demonic monster's leader had suicided. It had never been thought to retaliate against Alice because it knew that it was only a waste of effort.

    Alice also never had thought that the demonic monster's leader would go suicide. She had wanted to persuade the demonic monster's leader to help the military to eradicate the other demonic monsters. However, now, everything had gone with suicide.

    Alice sighed. However, she could not change the past. Alice ordered, "Isolate this place! Bring the corpse to the military! The rest follow me!"

    Alice had ordered to isolate this place. She hoped to find some clue about the demonic monster's characteristics from this place since it had been used as a demonic monster's hideout.

    Alice had to chase Auron and the other, who was still chasing the three cult's founders. She had lost the demonic monster, but she hoped she still could find some insights from the three cult's founders.

    Auron was chasing the three cult's founders. Auron was in the lead. Behind him, there were Julia, the husband and wife pairs, and the soldiers.

    Since the cleric had the lowest movement speed among the three, the cleric was the most back of their group.

    Auron had thrown some spell to the cleric while he was chasing. However, it was difficult to hit a moving target. Moreover, the distance between them was still quite far.

    The distance between them didn't shorten at all. Because of that, Auron had secretly used his swordsman's movement skill. He brought out a mana potion and disguised the movement skill as he was using a movement potion.

    Although it was easy to distinguish between the mana potion and the movement potion from close, there were currently on the chase. Also, the other would have a difficult time determining the potion from far away.

    Auron's speed increased thanks to the swordsman movement skill. He was approaching closer to the cleric. However, he still could not stop the chase.

    Auron kept chasing. When the movement skill had ended, he waited for the cooldown to end and used the same trick once again.

    After using this strategy twice, Auron was close enough with the cleric. He calculated and used an [Earth Spike].

    The [Earth Spike] missed the cleric's legs. However, surprisingly, the spell grazed the cleric's ankle.

    The cleric held the pain from his ankle. But, it still tried to run away. However, this attack was effective. The cleric's speed slowed down.

    The cult's leader and the thief realized this, and they saw that the cleric had slowed down. The cult's leader gritted his teeth. And faced back to the front, followed by the thief.

    The cult's leader and the thief had decided to leave the cleric alone. Their survival instinct had kicked in, and they could sacrifice anyone.

    Auron used another spell. And, it hit the cleric's leg once more. This time, the cleric could not run away anymore as he flopped down to the ground.

    Auron had managed to stop the cleric. However, he didn't slow down his movement speed and maintained his pace.

    In no time, Auron passed the cleric who was on the ground. Auron didn't slow down because he had trusted his teammate behind him would take care of the cleric.

    Julia and the husband and wife pair had done the same thing. Several soldiers surrounded the cleric and tied him up.

    The chase still continued. The husband had already chased Auron and was currently on the lead along with Auron.

    The husband looked at Auron. He was confused with Auron. He was a swordsman, and he had given some point to the agility attribute. Although he knew that Auron was a close combat mage and should have increased his agility, he was confused on how Auron's speed was almost the same as a swordsman.

    Actually, what the husband didn't know, Auron had slowed down a bit after hitting the cleric. That was why the husband could arrive beside Auron.

    Auron glanced at the husband and nodded. Then, he took the real movement speed that he had saved and gave it to the husband.

    The husband knew what Auron means by this and nodded. The husband quickly used the potion. Combined with the swordsman's movement skill, the husband's speed increased a lot.

    The husband dashed out and like a blink it arrived behind the cult's leader, the swordsman. The husband used his [Wind Slash]. The cult's leader could not help but turn around and blocked the attack.
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