479 Asyaka Cults Leader 1

    The cult's leader blocked the [Wind Slash], but he was pushed back several meters. Because of the husband's attacks, the cult's leader had to stop fleeing.

    Like what he did previously with the cleric, the thief only glanced back and kept fleeing, ignoring the cult's leader. In a dire situation, the desire to live was strong enough to sacrifice a comrade. Moreover, the three cult's founders only got together for their own benefits.

    Seeing this, the husband kept on moving and chased the thief. Meanwhile, Auron was left to fight against the cult's leader. Several soldiers also stopped and helped Auron while the rest of the soldiers were chasing the thief and the husband.

    Of course, the wife followed the husband on chasing the thief. However, there was already a cleric assigned to Auron's group.

    As soon as the cult's leader was stopped, Auron quickly attacked the cult's leader, along with two soldiers. He had to keep the pressure on the cult's leader, or the cult's leader could escape once again.

    Auron, along with 10 soldiers, began surrounding the cult's leader. They could not let the cult's leader escaped.

    Auron began the first attack. Auron's attack was followed by another attack from a soldier behind the cult's leader.

    The cult's leader had no choice but to retaliate. With a sword in each of his hands, the cult's leader began moving. He charged towards Auron.

    Auron's dagger met with the cult's leader sword. Then, the cult's leader used the other sword to attack Auron.

    On his last character, Auron had once experienced fighting against a swordsman with a two-swords style. Sadly, he was fighting against an NPC as no player had obtained the skill.

    It was when he was on a world expedition to the other world, Regalia. At that time, Gaia had sent a separate team to the Bridge World to attack one of the enemy's bases. And Auron was included in the group.

    That expedition resulted in a big failure since there was a traitor among the players. That player had leaked out the expedition's info to the Regalia. Because of that, the regalia sent an elite team and annihilated Gaia's expedition team.

    Although Auron was experiencing failure, he also experienced fighting against a swordsman using two swords. Yes, the NPC that Auron faced was among the Regalia's ranks.

    Unfortunately, Auron could not get much feeling when fighting against that NPC. It was because he was panicked. After Gaia's team got ambushed, the Gaia's team's formation was disordered.

    Everything was chaotic at that time. Auron also became panicked. He tried to calm the crowd, but it was futile. The enemy had used the right timing and attacked Gaia's team at the right moment.

    Because of that, everyone, especially the Gaia's players, was looking for a way to survive. Many of them were fleeing. Auron, who could see there was no hope, also tried to escape.

    When Auron was looking for a way to escape, he spotted the enemy's commander in command. That said commander was the one that used two swords.

    Using his two swords, that enemy's commander had massacred quite many Gaia's soldiers and players.

    Then, the commander spotted Auron and directly attacked him. Auron, who was about to flee, had no choice but to block the attack.

    At first, Auron managed to follow the commander's attack. However, after several seconds of fighting, Auron started to feel overwhelmed by the commander's wild forays. Moreover, Auron had to deal with the enemy's soldiers' attacks. In the end, the commander managed to reap Auron's life.

    It was such a pity that Auron only managed to fight against that commander for a short time. Although Auron had learned something, there were many things that he didn't manage to learn.

    Fortunately, another chance came. It was when the cult's leader had taken out his other sword. Auron was fighting against a swordsman with two swords once again.

    This time, Auron had learned a lot compared to the previous encounter. It was a brutal fight. However, Auron knew that the cult's leader could not be compared to the Regalia's commander that he fought previously.

    With this experience, Auron felt more ready to fight the cult's leader. So, when the cult's leader had come to him and attack him, Auron not only observing the incoming attack but also the cult's leader's other sword.

    That was why, when the cult's leader had launched a stab to Auron's body, he managed to react. Auron blocked the incoming stab using a [Fire Bolt]. The [Fire Bolt] was not mean to stop or block the attack, but it was just to change the attack's course.

    Of course, the battle didn't stop right there. After Auron deflected the stab with his spell, he retaliated and launched a slash with his dagger.

    The cult's leader also reacted in time and blocked the attack once again. However, this time, he didn't use the sword to attack Auron. Instead, the cult's leader had swung the other swords behind him and attack the incoming soldier.

    After that, the cult's leader stepped back and charged at the soldiers. The cult's leader knew that although the soldiers surrounding him were weaker than him, they could not be underestimated. They were trained soldiers.

    These soldiers would be able to injure him. Even if it was a small injury, it would hinder the cult's leader's movement if there were many of them. Moreover, the soldiers had a cleric backing up them. On the other hand, the cult's leader didn't have any support at all.

    If the battle was dragged on, the soldiers that dealt against the demonic monster would arrive. In the end, he would be the one that lost the battle.

    The cult's leader attacked the soldier that came to him. Not only that, but he already used his full power.

    With his power, the cult's leader cleared his path. However, the soldiers also didn't afraid. After getting thrown away, they immediately got up and filled the empty spot.
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