480 Asyaka Cults Leader 2

    The cult's leader slowly moved away from his spot and tried to break through the place. He swung his swords to the left and right.

    It was tough. Without any cleric, the cult's leader's pressure improved twofold. However, he didn't give up, or rather he could not give up.

    On the other hand, although they were no match against the cult's leader alone, they somehow managed to fight on par with him on Auron's side. Moreover, there was one cleric assigned to this small team.

    Although there was only one cleric, it was enough to increase the cult's leader's burden exponentially.

    The cult's leader knew how vital this cleric's presence was. That was why he began to break through from this place. Although it seems the cult's leader walked aimlessly. However, in truth, he was setting up his strategy.

    When the cult's leader moved to the left, all of the soldiers surrounding him also moved to the left.

    The cult's leader's expression sunk. It was more difficult than he could imagine. The reason was because of Auron's presence.

    Throughout the place, Auron didn't act as the spearhead. Instead, he let the soldier move first and fill the gap made by their position. This way, when the cult's leader wanted to cut through the opening, he was stopped by Auron and have to face Auron.

    Auron didn't have to stop the cult's leader completely. It was enough for him to stall the cult's leader for a few seconds until all of the other soldiers adjusted.

    The cult's leader used his [Bash] and attacked the closes soldier to him. A gap was made between the soldiers. The cult's leader quickly used the opening to escape. However, just like the previous encounter, Auron suddenly appeared and filled the gap.

    The cult's leader had predicted this. He immediately brandished his sword.

    Auron raised his dagger and blocked the attack. Then, he quickly executed [Fire Bolt].

    The cult's leader deflected the [Fire Bolt] with his other sword. Then, he quickly attacked Auron once more before the other soldiers had adjusted their position.

    Auron moved to the side, and he stabbed the cult's leader using his dagger.

    Suddenly, the cult's leader had disappeared from his position. Auron's dagger missed the target.

    Auron quickly turned around and dashed towards his back. He quickly brandished his dagger forward.

    The cult's leader had used the [Blitz Attack]. He used the skill to approach the cleric who was behind Auron.

    After facing the cult's executive previously, Auron became more vigilant, especially when he was fighting against a swordsman.

    Auron's guess was correct. The cult's leader had used [Blitz Attack] to attack the cleric. He knew if he didn't kill the cleric, his chance of escape would be zero.

    Unfortunately, Auron had predicted all of this. Auron's dagger was aimed towards the cult's leader back.

    The cult's leader had two choices. He continued to attack the cleric, or he blocked Auron's attack.

    Each option had its own strengths and weaknesses. The cult's leader racked his brain on which options he would choose. He gritted his teeth.

    The cult's leader had chosen to continue his attack. His slash connected with the cleric who was not ready with this sudden encounter. A sword slash appeared on the cleric's chest.

    With the other sword, the cult's leader used [Bash]. It was fortunate that a stun mark appeared above the cleric's head. The cleric could not complete his heal spell.

    The cult's leader launched another attack. However, before the attack could arrive at the cleric, he felt pain in his back.

    Auron's had stabbed his back. The pain went through all over the cult's leader's body. However, he held the pain and continued the attack.

    The cult's leader's attack connected with the cleric once again. One more attack and he would reap the cleric's life. The cult's leader swung his sword once more.

    However, before he could complete his attack, a [Fire Bolt] arrived behind his back. The cult's leader still held the pain and continued his attack. However, the spell had delayed his attack for a second.

    And, this one second was enough to mess all of his efforts until this far. The cleric had woken up from his stun status and immediately used the instant heal.

    As soon as the cleric's health rose up because of the instant heal, the cult's leader's attack arrived at his body. Fortunately, the cleric had used the instant heal. Although the heal was not as strong as the chanting heal, it was enough to save his life.

    After getting attack once more, the cleric's health went down once more. He only had a sliver of his health left. The cleric jumped back.

    The other soldier quickly took his place and protect the cleric. Since his chance had gone away, the cult's leader gritted his teeth and chose to escape.

    The cult's leader bashed out the nearby soldiers and opened up a path in front of him. He directly used all of his movement speed.

    The cult's leader's speed was higher than the soldiers here including Auron, to begin with. Combined with all of his movement skills, the cult's leader's speed increased a lot. He blurred and disappeared from his place.

    All of the other soldiers saw this including Auron. They immediately used their movement skill as well and chased the cult's leader.

    However, the cult's leader's movement skill was faster than the soldiers and Auron. Moreover, the cult's leader had moved first. The distance between them became wider.

    The cult's leader was chased by 7 people including Auron. The cleric and two other soldiers were left behind because the cleric had to heal his health first before started chasing. The other two soldiers were left behind to protect the cleric.

    However, no matter how they chased, the distances between the cult's leader and the rest didn't go shorter.

    Seeing this, Auron was worried. He could not let the cult's leader escaped. Auron quickly took out the movement potion and used it.
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