481 Asyaka Cults Leader 3

    Auron was chasing the cult's leader closely from behind. However, the other soldiers could not keep up with these two speeds.

    Auron and the cult's leader slowly leave the group of soldiers behind. They went through between trees inside the forest.

    In this full speed chasing, it only took several minutes for the two to leave the group completely. Slowly, Auron and the cult's leader was disappearing from everyone's sight.

    The leading soldier stopped followed by the other soldiers. He gritted his teeth and looking around. They had completely lost the direction where Auron and the cult's leader went.

    "Separate into two groups, you went that way and the rest follow me to go this way! Be very careful!"

    As they had lost the whereabouts of Auron and the cult's leader, the leading soldier didn't have any choice but to separate the group into two.

    Actually, based on the military rank, this soldier should be the leader even when there was Auron here. However, these soldiers didn't know that Auron had a lower rank compared to them. They only knew that Auron was close to Alice and they knew who Alice was. Hence, they had thought that Auron must have a high rank. Moreover, the speed that Auron had shown gave them more confidence that their guess was correct.

    The cult's leader ran with all of his might. He had created this chance by sacrificing some portion of his health. He didn't want to let this sacrifice in vain.

    Occasionally, the cult's leader had glanced behind his back to see his chaser. To his surprise, he could see Auron still chasing him.

    The cult's leader was surprised to see a mage could chase him. He thought inside his mind, "Do he poured all of his attributes to agility?"

    For the cult's leader, it didn't make any sense for that to happen. Moreover, he had seen that Auron's melee attack and spell power was not that weak.

    Inside his mind, the cult's leader was still trying to find out whether he should fight against Auron head-on or tried to lose him.

    Although the cult's leader had known that Auron was weaker than him in terms of strength, his current condition was not that ideal as well. His current health was around 43%. Not only that, he didn't have any potions left to use.

    On the other hand, Auron still had full health thanks to the cleric supporting him all this time. Moreover, there was still a variable to consider like Auron's strange power also how many Auron's potions left.

    The cult's leader had tried to shake Auron off. However, after escaping for 5 minutes, Auron still managed to follow him.

    Of course, during this chasing, Auron didn't stay idle. He kept on using his spell whenever he could. Unfortunately, hitting a moving target was really difficult. Moreover, the enemy had no intention to fight against the spell.

    The cult's leader was considering to fight Auron or not while escaping. He was worried that he did a mistake. Moreover, he had seen Auron's track record from the start of this battle. He had survived against the strongest demonic monster.

    Although the cult's leader also believed that he could escape against the strongest demonic monster, however, this was not the case if he had the same level and equipment as Auron.

    Auron's strength was really had to be measured. He seemed weak on the outside. However, there were many occasions that he could survive and showed a strength above his level. This variable that made the cult's leader hesitated in taking a decision.

    However, he could not hesitate for too long. In the end, the cult's leader gritted his teeth and stopped. He turned around and brandished his sword to deflect Auron's spell.

    Auron saw this and also stopped several distances away from the cult's leader. When Auron and the cult's leader had left the group, Auron was nervous. He also didn't have that much confidence to win a fight against the cult's leader alone.

    However, Auron tried his best to stay positive and believed in his power. To be more precise, he had to believe in his cheat.

    Auron knew that his cheat was the most effective weapon in taking down the cult's leader. He had also known that the cult's leader was hesitating in fighting him. This was also his hidden weapon.

    "You seem confident in fighting against me alone? Can't you see that your friend had long gone?" The cult's leader was mocking Auron. He wanted to provoke Auron so he could read Auron.

    However, contrary to his expectation, Auron was calm. He didn't get provoked and stayed silent.

    Auron chanted his [Fire Bolt]. He had deliberately used a low and simple spell. Of course, this simple spell could not hit the cult's leader. The cult's leader moved a step to his left to dodge the spell.

    The cult's leader didn't attack. Instead, it still tried to provoke Auron again. He tried to probe Auron to show his strange power to analyze. Previously, during the chaotic battle, he didn't have any time to analyze Auron. If he could see Auron used his trick once more, he believed that he could see Auron's source of confidence. This way, his chance of winning would rise.

    After several attempts, the cult's leader didn't see any progress. Auron kept on throwing simple and weak spells. Because he was afraid that Auron calling a reinforcement, the cult's leader didn't have any more choice but to fight head-on.

    The cult's leader dashed towards Auron. With a sword in each hand, the cult's leader looked deadly.

    However, Auron wasn't afraid. He calmly summoned [Earth Wall] in front of him. When the cult's leader broke through the [Earth Wall], Auron had moved to the side.

    Auron quickly swung his dagger vertically towards the cult's leader. The cult's leader spun his body and blocked the dagger with his sword. Then, he counter-attacked with the other sword.

    Auron swayed his body and dodge the sword attack. Then, a spell coming towards the cult's leader.
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