482 Asyaka Cults Leader 4

    The cult's leader used his [Aura's barrier] and ignore the incoming spell. He let the barrier took care of the spell.

    The cult's leader swung both of his arms diagonally in turn. Auron was too close to dodge the sword. Hence, Auron raised his dagger to block the attack. He could stop the first sword. However, the second sword came and hit him.

    However, Auron didn't give up. He quickly chanted another spell while backing away. Of course, the cult's leader would not let Auron moved away. He followed Auron closely.

    Auron stabbed his dagger in front of him. But, the cult's leader deflected the dagger easily. Then, the cult's leader attacked Auron.

    The cult's leader's strategy was to keep on pressuring Auron. He knew that Auron still had some potions. So, he had to prevent Auron from using those potions.

    Auron felt overwhelmed by the attack. However, he had no choice but to keep defending. Auron was still looking for a chance to counter-attack. He knew with the disparity in their power, he only had one chance to turn around.

    If he was careless and wasted that one chance, Auron was 100% sure that he would be the one that lost.

    However, to find that chance was not that easy. The cult's leader kept on attacking Auron like a madman.

    Left... Right... Left... Right... The cult's leader's sword kept on coming at Auron in turn. Auron blocked one attack but another attack coming at him.

    Three minutes from the start of this battle, Auron had taken more slash than what he had thought. Although all of it was a shallow wound, the number of injuries kept on increasing. Sooner or later, he would die. Moreover, he could not use any potions to recover yet.

    He had to do this now. That thought surfaced on Auron's mind. If this continued, he would die first before the cult's leader revealed an opening.

    Auron made up his mind. He tightened his grip on his dagger.

    The cult's leader moved forward and swung his sword. Auron raised his dagger and blocked the sword. Just like the previous encounter, the cult's leader other sword had already come towards Auron.

    At this time, Auron would get hit by the incoming attack. However, it was different this time. Auron used his swordsman's movement skills and moved forward. His speed increased and gone from his original spot.

    The cult's leader was not prepared for this. He had known that Auron weirdly had some high movement speed. However, he thought that all of that, thanks to the movement speed potions he had used.

    However, right now, Auron's speed had increased without using any movement speed potions. The cult's leader was taken aback. He was not ready.

    The cult's leader's attack missed the target. He quickly turned his body to face Auron once again. And, just like what he had thought, Auron was to his left. Moreover, he already jumped and ready to chop down his dagger.

    "You think you are strong?" The cult's leader scoffed at Auron inside his mind.

    The cult's leader crossed both of his swords above his head. He was ready to receive Auron's attack.

    However, when the cult's leader saw Auron, he was stunned. He saw that Auron's weapon was shrouded with a purple light. He recognized that purple light. To be precise, he knew what it was.

    It was the [Weapon's Aura] skill. However, the cult's leader never had thought that a mage could use it.

    Auron's attack was coming down. Bang... It was heavy. The cult's leader's knee bent a bit. This strength was not a mage's strength. All of this time, the cult's leader had never received such an attack from a mage whose level was lower than him. Moreover, a sudden movement speed increase and [Weapon's Aura] were a mystery.

    Some accessory could provide the user with some ability. However, such an accessory was very rare and would be very expensive.

    Auron had two such skills. "Does this mean he had two such accessories?" The cult's leader could not help but wonder.

    When he was deep in thought, the cult's leader saw Auron moved to his side. Then, Auron swung his dagger once again. However, it was not an ordinary slash. Instead, Auron had used [Bash].

    The cult's leader was too deep in his thought that he reacted late. Auron's dagger passed by the cult's leader's sword that he put to block the attack.

    Auron's dagger finally connected with the cult's leader's body. The cult's leader was in pain. But, that was not the only thing. His head was in pain and could not think straight.

    The cult's leader was stunned because of Auron's [Bash]. Auron saw this, and he immediately used this chance to widen his advantage.

    Auron chanted [Fire Lance]. As the spell flew towards the cult's leader, Auron followed up the attack with a stab to the cult's leader's stomach.

    The cult's leader got hit by the [Fire Lance]. However, when Auron's stab was about to hit his stomach, the cult's leader had been free from the stun.

    As soon as he got out of his stun status, the cult's leader quickly raised his swords and blocked Auron's stab.

    Although the cult's leader could block the attack, he still could not find out how Auron could simultaneously use swordsman's skill. However, he quickly got rid of that thought. He knew that he could find out about it when he defeated Auron.

    The cult's leader used his movement skill to rival Auron's movement speed. Then, he quickly swept his sword. Unfortunately, contrary to his expectation, Auron didn't charge forward. Instead, he moved back and used his last movement buff to make some distance.

    After moving away, Auron directly took out his health potions and movement speed potions and used both items.

    Auron's health was replenished. His speed also increased due to the movement speed. Unfortunately, he was not as quick as before since his movement skill's buff had ended.
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